by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. More Details About The Rogue Beatings

III. What To Do

IV. Other Topics




Beating the body includes any method of hitting, slapping, punching, or kicking a person. It also includes raping. Beating may involve the use of objects such as whips, rods, electrical probes, ice cubes, soldering irons, creatures or other things.

Its purposes are to inflict pain, frighten, humiliate, embarrass or otherwise harm, torture and brainwash a person. Other purposes are discussed below, such as removing souls and guide creatures, depleting nutrients and forcing a person onto artificial life support to better control individuals and society.

The rogues. Most beatings at this time are the work of a group of beings, not from the earth, who have had a lot of control of the earth for the last 50,000 or more years. They have many human agents, and speak our languages perfectly, so they often appear to be from the earth.

The Bible calls them Satan. For details, read the Rogues and other articles about them on this website.


- To let the rogues know that we will not keep silent and we will never give in.

- To bring the beatings to public attention so they will stop.

- To let women know they are not alone and millions have had the same experience as they have.

- To let men know what is going on. The beatings and rapes are purposely kept secret from most men because the men might rise up and help stop it. The men also need to understand why their wives, girlfriends, and female and some male associates and political and corporate leaders behave strangely and are corrupt, at times.


Very high-tech and secretive. The beatings to which we are referring are done very secretly. Those doing it use high-tech methods to hide their crimes.

They also tell their victims they must not tell anyone or they and their entire family and friends will be killed. The rogues have methods of hiding the effects of the beatings so that a person can appear okay afterwards when, in fact, they are exhausted, terrified and in pain.

One high-tech method to hide the damage from beatings is to implant tiny electronic devices in the body that are a form of artificial life support. These can keep a person alive and apparently well and functioning when the body is terribly damaged. For details, read Life Support.

Part of rapes. Rape, by itself, is a type of beating. However, during professional rapes, which is most of them, other beatings are often done to women.

A woman is ordered to undress and often raped first to subdue her, and then the beating begins. The rapes are disgusting and horrible, but the beatings are often even worse. For details about rape, read Rape, Healing Rape and The Rape Planet.


These include:

- To remove many advanced souls from a person, including the planning souls, mental souls and director souls. This leaves a person much less healthy, less happy, and less intelligent and grounded. For details, read The The Planning Souls.

- To remove guide creatures from a person. This leaves a person much more confused, less intelligent and more. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

- To remove specific minerals and other nutrients that are vital for health and life. Among them are calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, silicon and iodine.

- To damage the spine and other vital structures of the body.

- To damage the brain. Beatings can cause many types of brain damage, including flattening the sulci of the brain and what is called damage to brain architecture. For details, read Brain Architecture.

- To put people on an electronic form of artificial life support. This is an extremely effective way to control people. If the person ever disobeys orders, the rogues turn down the life support and the person literally feels and knows that he or she is dying. For details, read Life Support.

- To degrade and humiliate.

- To stop women from developing. For details about this important subject, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.

- To weaken and thus better control the future generations of people on the planet. The goal is to weaken, sicken and instill fear in all the women’s future children to better control planet earth.

The damage to the women includes instilling deep fear and hatred, depleting nutrients, putting toxic metals and toxic chemicals into the bodies, and wrecking their structural alignment. It also includes infecting the women with diseases that are difficult or impossible to heal with medical methods.

All of this damages their future children. The development program can help undo some of this damage, but very few methods can do this.


The beatings affect every aspect of a woman’s life. An overall effect is to degrade entire societies. They want to control the women on planet earth. They use this control to win elections, to turn women into prostitutes and rogue agents, to corrupt those in positions of power, to wreck marriages, to wreck the fabric of a free society, and more.


There are forces at work on earth who know about the beatings and are working to clear the planet of the rogue menace. It is a huge job and we hope it will be done. Here is what you can do:

1. Do at least two coffee enemas every day with at least two tablespoons of coffee in each one and about 2 cups of water. The coffee has remarkable healing and protective effects. The rogues will say one now smells bad and they often leave you alone.

2. Live a humble, spiritual and careful life. This may not protect you fully, but it definitely helps. This includes to pray often and sincerely for the demise of the rogues and the return of the earth to its rightful place as a peaceful and spiritual planet.

3. Learn courage. Don’t give in to the rogues demands. If you immediately tell your family and friends about a beating or rape, the rogues will usually not kill you or your family. Often, they will leave you alone! This takes courage, we know, and seems very risky. However, it often works.

The rogues like secrecy and don’t like publicity, dealing with the police, and public scrutiny. This is an important reason for this article, which is requiring courage to write.

4. Follow the entire development program. Following the program, we are told, will also give you some protection from the rogues.

5. Do your best to maintain very high moral standards in your life. We know this can be difficult as they force women to lie, and more.

This means do your best to practice the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule in all your dealings and in all situations – no exceptions!

It also means women must not use the body and charm to get things. Do not seduce, do not entice, always cover up and dress modestly, keep your hair short and avoid all sexy styles, behavior, speech and thought.

Watch out for selfishness, greed, lying, and other bad behavior. Also, watch your thoughts and keep them pure and uplifted. Sexy or gutter thoughts or gutter behavior seems to bring on the rogues!



Following the development program can bring up memories or beatings and rapes. While unpleasant, this is excellent and results in deep healing.

Symptoms. These can include trauma pain (not the same as disease pain), nightmares, feeling like one will die, extreme fear, extreme anger, horror, helplessness, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, feeling crazy and more.

While unpleasant when the symptoms arise, the effect of retracing the beatings is that one's health improves, often dramatically.

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