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Confusion About The Definition

The Bible And Homosexuality

Development Science Research
















The word homosexual can refer to a sexual orientation, identity, or behavior in which a person prefers sex with someone else of the same gender.


              Confusion about the definition. There is confusion about the definition of homosexual, in part intentionally promoted to confuse people:

- Some promote the false idea that if a person is not interested in sex with someone of the opposite sex, then the person is homosexual.  This is not true!

Some people are simply less interested in sexual relations than others.  This can be due to hormonal factors, childhood trauma, soul desires, or other factors.

- Some say that if a man is more feminine in his appearance, behavior or likes, or if a woman is more masculine in her appearance, behavior or likes, that these people are homosexuals.  This is not true.  Appearance and even one’s likes or dislikes can be due to hormonal factors, upbringing, or other environmental, soul or genetic factors.




Some will find this article objectionable and prejudiced.  However, it is not.  Its goal is to understand homosexuality from a practical and scientific point of view, and in terms of its known effects upon society.

Furthermore, it has nothing to do with liking or disliking anyone.  Our view is that all human beings are equal in the eyes of the Creator and of equal value.  The only question is whether certain behavior is helpful or harmful for society.




There is a powerful political agenda today promoted by the Rogues that homosexuality is “normal” and just an “alternative lifestyle”.  Therefore, it should be legalized and recognized as equal and just as valid as heterosexual relationships and marriages.

There is also a strong movement to label, disparage, smear and discredit anyone who disagrees with this point of view.  This is an attempt to silence people who don’t agree with their agenda. 

Please be clear - the radical homosexual agenda is an effort to destroy Western society.  We explain why this is so below.

The effort has been very successful!  Corrupt judges have literally legislated this agenda all over the world over the past 30-40 years.

This is called judicial activism, a corrupt aberration of the legal systems of the world.  Judges are supposed to decide if the laws of the land follow the constitutions of the nation.  They are not supposed to invent new rights, which they have done in the case of homosexuality and homosexual marriage.


            Development science findings.  A completely accidental finding involving the development program is that it tends to change one’s sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.

Over thirty years ago, I began receiving phone calls from homosexual clients – both men and women - that their development program was causing them to change their sexual orientation to heterosexuality.  Some were quite upset!

We now know that this change is common.  The change in orientation may have to do with improvements in the balance of zinc and copper, or due to the release of traumas, or it could be due to something else that we do not understand at this time.




The Hebrew and Christian Bibles are very clear that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination.  This is one reason some people don’t like the Bible.  We hope this article clarifies the subject and why homosexuality is a bad idea from a practical point of view.

No one denies that people can have homosexual thoughts.  This is normal, just as are thoughts, at times, that one wants to lie, steal, rape or murder.  However, the Bible admonishes that one should not act on any of these thoughts.

The reasons homosexuality is very harmful for individuals and society include:

- Cleanliness, in the case of male homosexuality.   The anal region of the body is not designed for sexual relations and is the filthiest area of the body.  Homosexual relations between men easily spreads hundreds of diseases.

- Subtle energy imbalance.  The energy field of a man and a woman blend well together.  We explain the power of this blending in the articles about Down Sex and Down Hugging.  This is extremely important for development and health.

 - Child-bearing and child-raising.  These are basic functions of society that are more difficult with homosexual relationships.

- To help preserve the sacredness of the family unit.  The relationship between husband and wife and the family unit are the basis of all societies.  Some don’t agree with this, but we do not think you can find an advanced civilization that does not endorse and support this idea.

Homosexuality seriously weakens tradition marriage laws and concepts, and therefore greatly weakens the fabric of society.  In fact, in earth history, any society that endorses homosexuality ends soon afterwards.  For more on this subject, read Why Not Homosexual Marriage?






The radical homosexual political agenda teaches that homosexuality is genetic in nature.  We don’t agree with this based on the fact that the orientation often changes if one follows a development program.

This program does not change one’s DNA.  It improves one’s nutritional status and balances body chemistry.  We explore possible reasons why this would change sexual orientation in the next section.




There is quite a lot of medical research about homosexuality.  The radical homosexual agenda does not want this research known.  A lot has to do with the effects of toxic metals and toxic chemicals upon the body.  Here is a sampling of this research:


1. Mercury toxicity.  Mercury toxicity is extremely widespread and a very serious problem everywhere on earth today. Research on birds indicates that when they become toxic with mercury, they begin to exhibit homosexual behavior.  Perhaps this applies to human beings, as well. 


Mercury Poisoning Makes Birds Act Homosexual

Male birds that eat mercury-contaminated food show "surprising" homosexual behavior, scientists have found.




Male birds that eat mercury-contaminated food show "surprising" homosexual behavior, scientists have found.

In a recent experiment in captive white ibises, many of the males exposed to the metal chose other males as mates.

These "male-male pairs did everything that a heterosexual pair would do," said study leader Peter Frederick, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

"They built their nest, copulated together, stayed together on a nest for a month, even though there were no eggs—they did the whole nine yards."

(Related: "Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate.")

Wild white ibises—among the most common birds in Florida's Everglades—are exposed daily to mercury through their diets of crustaceans and other small invertebrates.

The prey animals take up mercury that's long seeped into the Everglades as a byproduct of industrial processes such as waste incineration.

Recent pollution-control measures have "grossly reduced" the contamination, Frederick said. Even so, the new study shows that ibises experience "fairly major reproductive problems at pretty low levels of [mercury]."

Contaminated Birds Produce Fewer Babies

During the five-year experiment, Frederick and colleague Nilmini Jayasena...

Read the rest of this article on NatGeo.com.


2. Sexual fluid craving.  A common phenomenon today is that women, in particular, but also some men, crave sexual fluid.  If a woman craves female sexual fluid or if a man craves male sexual fluid, it easily makes the person think that he or she is homosexual.

The root cause of sexual fluid craving is nutritional deficiencies.  Trauma can be the trigger, but trauma always causes nutritional depletion.

For more on this interesting phenomenon, please read Sexual Fluid Craving and Rape on this website.


3. Distorted sense of smell.  Nutritional imbalances and rape seem able to alter a person’s sense of smell.  As a result, our homosexual clients tell us that men smell like women and women smell like men. 

This is terribly confusing for both men and women, and homosexuality is often the result.  This fact is not discussed very much.  This can switch after one has followed a development program for a few months or longer.


4. A biochemical imbalance involving copper and zinc.  The balance of zinc and copper in the body relate closely to secondary sex characteristics.  This includes one’s attitudes and feelings about sexual orientation.  Many, if not all homosexuals have too much copper and not enough zinc.

Many children today are born with this imbalance due to biochemical imbalances in their mothers.  This is seen on the hair tests of some children.  It is not well known among medical and psychological professionals, in part because they don’t use hair mineral testing to assess body chemistry.

This is not a genetic error, meaning it is not in the genes or chromosomes, as some claim.  Instead, it is a congenital abnormality. 

The word congenital means present at birth, but not genetic.  Congenital imbalances are mainly due to nutritional problems in the mother, or perhaps the presence of toxins in the mother’s body that affect the growing fetus.

This imbalance can explain how even small children can act and think in a homosexual or transgender way, and it may be corrected with a development program.


5. Soul issues. Our understanding is that the soul of a person has lived a long time, much longer than the body.  Souls can bring memories of past traumas and chemical imbalances that can cause homosexual tendencies, especially in children.  Children often have some memory of past soul experiences.

For example, let us say that many of the main souls or director souls of a person lived in a female body in the past, and now they are in a male body.  Memories or feelings from their past experience can cause the person to be attracted more to men than to women.  This may sound odd, but it is possible.  For quotes from the Bible on the subject of multiple lives or reincarnation of the soul, please read Soul Science on this website.




Traumas such as beatings, molestation and rape involving a parent or someone else can easily lead to homosexual feelings.  Emotional abuse can also affect sexual feelings.  This is well known in psychology, but few talk about it.

A development program can help to clear these traumas.  This can definitely cause a shift in a person’s sexual orientation.




Some believe that homosexual behavior among women is different than that between men.  Among the women, there is no penetration of the body, and it does not involve the anal area, an unclean area of the body that is not designed for sexual activity.

Based upon these differences, some say that homosexual behavior among women should be accepted better than that between men.

While there are these differences between male and female homosexual behavior, there are still problems with lesbianism (derived from name of the Greek Island of Lesbos):

- The orgasms still spin the energy centers backwards, which is harmful for health and slows development.

- There is often loss of souls and nutrients with sexual fluid loss.

- Energetically, the bodies do not complement one another.

- Down sex is not possible between two women.

For these reasons, we cannot recommend lesbianism.  Women who cannot find excellent men to marry are better off remaining single, rather than live in unhealthy or even dangerous marriages.  It is fine for two or more of these women to share a home as roommates.  However, it is best if the relationship does not turn sexual.




              Statistics indicate that homosexuality is associated with much more disease in the body, a shorter lifespan, and more psychological difficulties. 

Among the social problems are much higher levels of violence among homosexual men.  Also, children raised in homosexual homes have more emotional problems than those raised in heterosexual homes.

This important knowledge is deliberately suppressed by those pushing a homosexual political agenda.




Homosexual behavior is always harmful for development.  Development is the growth of the energy field of a person that brings with it much better health and a longer life.  For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

The reason is that the energetics of homosexual sex is incorrect.  Homosexual partners’ energy fields do not blend well.  This retards development.  A common homosexual habit of spilling sexual fluid also impedes development.

In contrast, Down Sex is very beneficial for development.  However, one cannot do this with someone of the same sex.

Other reasons.  Normal attraction between men and women produces a certain tension in the body that helps the process of development. This is a subject of research.




Certain hair mineral patterns are more common in those who exhibit homosexual behavior.  Hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate results.  At this time, we only recommend using Analytical Research Laboratories for hair testing, as the other labs are not accurate enough.  Common patterns associated with homosexuality are:


1. Calcium/magnesium ratio greater than 13.5.  This pattern is called spiritual defensiveness.  It indicates a lifestyle imbalance of some kind that is interfering with one’s health.  The pattern is seen with homosexuality, drug use, extreme job stress, in some cases of poor quality relationships, or if one has a bad attitude of some kind.  For more information, please read Spiritual Defensiveness.


2. Copper level greater than about 3 mg% or hidden copper toxicity.  Elevated copper can affect hormone levels and is associated with secondary sex characteristics.  Primary sex characteristics are one’s anatomy and physiology, whereas secondary sex characteristics have to do with one’s sexual attitudes and sexual preferences.

Note: Many conditions can be associated with an elevated copper level, not just homosexual behavior.


3. Sodium/potassium ratio less than 0.9.  With this pattern, fast oxidation is also often present and the calcium/magnesium ratio may be normal or a little low.  This is an extreme chronic stress pattern, and sometimes associated with trauma and abuse.  This mineral pattern may also occur with chronic infections or other conditions, but often it is associated with homosexuality, especially in men.




Today, more children seem to be born with homosexual leanings.  Most doctors and therapists believe this is “genetic”. 

Our experience with the development program completely discredits this idea.  We find that these leanings go away in almost all cases if a child or adult follows a development program.  This would tend to prove that the situation is not genetic.

One must ask, why would babies and young children have homosexual leanings?  In fact, the reasons are not difficult to find.  We will divide them into three categories:


I. Congenital chemical imbalances in the children today.  Most babies are born today with significant biochemical imbalances.  These are usually very easy to see if one performs a hair mineral analysis on newborns or young children.

These imbalances are called congenital, which means present at birth.  They are directly caused by chemical imbalances in the mothers.  They do not involve the DNA, so they are not “genetic” in nature. 

However, they can affect RNA production, transcription and protein biosynthesis.  As a result, they may show up as genetic defects on genetic tests.  For details about this problem, read Genetic Testing.


II. Biochemical insults to children occurring after birth.  The other cause for homosexual leanings that affect babies and young children occur in most children after they are born.  The sources for these include:


1. Vaccination.  This introduces toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury into young, extremely vulnerable bodies.  It also introduces stray viruses and other toxic chemicals into young bodies.  For much more on this subject, please read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination and other articles on vaccines on this website.


2. Low quality breast milk.  Sadly, the impact of a sick mother does not end at birth.  Most breast milk today is low in zinc and too high in copper, among other imbalances.  Most breast milk (and other milk) is also contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals, as well.

Breast feeding is still important, but all lactating mothers need a development program, or their breast milk will be of inferior quality.  All babies need a little cooked vegetables after about the age of 1, and they all need a little egg yolk starting around the age of 4-5 months.

Most breast milk alone today unfortunately will not nourish babies adequately and can lead to many problems of babies and children.


3. Poor quality formula. Many babies are given standard commercial formula that does not supply even the basics of excellent nutrition.  This is a horrible crime, in fact.


4. Atrocious diets after weaning.  Many babies and young children are given soda pop, white bread, sugar, honey, fruit, fruit juices and chemicals.  This is all extremely harmful! 

Babies and children are also often not given plenty of fresh, cooked vegetables that they desperately need and are today essential for health.


5. Use of pharmaceutical drugs.  The ‘antibiotic routine’, as some call it, often begins during the first year of life and never stops.  This is just one class of toxic drugs that we find are very rarely needed if a baby is nourished and cared for properly. 

The medical drugs damage the liver and kidneys and cause many health conditions.  Few doctors realize that there are alternatives because they receive little or no training concerning nutrition.  We do not recommend most herbs or homeopathy for children!  For details, read Herbs and Homeopathy.


6. Other chemical exposures.  Babies and children are today often exposed to hundreds of toxic metals and chemicals through the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food they eat, and what they touch with their hands and their skin.


III. Past soul experiences that are carried over into this life. The soul lives for thousands of years.  At times, it can become confused or traumatized and this can carry over to the present body the soul inhabits. 

The combination of all the above seems to be what causes the homosexual leanings in children and adults, not genetics.  If homosexuality were genetic, it would not respond to a nutritionally-based program, such as that which we offer.

Note, however, that few if any other nutrition programs can reverse these leanings because they do not go deeply enough to correct the causes.




Some people say that taking the medical drug Lyrica may kill homosexual desires.  We don’t know why it works, but it can. 

Problems with taking Lyrica are that it is toxic and may have significant side effects.  It also does nothing to correct one’s body chemistry and build health.  In fact, it makes the body more toxic.

The fact that a simple medical drug may change one’s sexual preference would tend to indicate that homosexuality is not genetic, but rather is a biochemical imbalance.



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