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Welcome. This newsletter is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain safer from a certain group of souls called the troph, the negs, the otros or the rogues. In the Bible, they are called Satan. They cause many problems on earth. For more details, read the Rogues.


THE COVENANT. I am told that these rules, taken together, form a new covenant with the Creator of all life. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth and the rest of our solar system. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. If the people follow the rules below, they will receive the protection of their Creator.

 1. Obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai and the Golden Rule.  The latter can be stated as: Think and behave toward others as you would have them think and behave toward you.

Clarification. The people are to follow these rules strictly.  To clarify, the commandment “Do not to bear false witness” means do not lie or exaggerate.  The commandment “Do not steal” means do not rape. The commandment “Do not commit adultery” means do not have sexual intercourse unless there is a marriage contract. 

2. The people are to learn and behave with the understanding that all beings are loved equally by their Creator.  All beings are also needed, and all beings are to be respected equally.

However, this does not mean to avoid eating meat or vegetables, since these involves killing. Some animals and plants have as their role to be food for others.  Killing them for food and eating them in no way damages the souls inside of them.  In fact, it helps the souls mature.

Also, if a being physically attacks another, it is acceptable only in this instance to kill in self defense.  This applies personally and in a situation of war. 

3. All beings are to develop themselves.  This means to follow a specific program of mainly diet and lifestyle.  This, and this alone, causes the unfolding of the full potential of each being.

The purposes of development are for one’s safety and to fulfill one’s full potential and the full potential of the planets.

The development program.  The development program, as described only on this website and not others at this time, is a rapid method of development.  Those giving this information require this method due to its safety and because it works well and fast.  For more details, see below.

 4. All beings are to seek out, and love, and speak the truth.  The only exception is in rare situations in which speaking truthfully directly endangers one’s life or the life of another.

A very damaging and false teaching on earth at this time is that there is no truth.  This is a pernicious teaching that needs to be exposed and stopped.

The original covenant in the Bible also includes at least three more requirements:

5. Everyone needs to follow the kosher food laws. We like these, but we recommend a few changes and have added to them with the development diet. At this time, we do not believe one needs two sets of dishes for meat and dairy meals or that these two types of foods must be eaten at separate meals. The Bible does not specifically say this. We believe these rules are interpretations that came later. For more details, read The Biblical Food Laws.

6. All male children needed to be circumcised. This is for the protection of women because it reduces rape. It is also for cleanliness to reduce the spread of disease. For details, read Circumcision.

7. All men need to marry. This is for the protection of women. This requirement is now less important because today women can live and work fairly easily on their own.

8. We agree to help rid the entire universe of the plague of the Rogues.


More About Development. Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet and lifestyle, and is greatly aided by taking certain nutritional supplements and doing certain detoxification procedures. We call this the development program on this website.

Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing methods - medical, holistic, naturopathic and others - may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we recommend them only rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For details about the development program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

Those in charge of this newsletter, we are told, are a group of souls who have lived on earth a long time. These souls are now able to make themselves known more directly through this newsletter and website.

The author does his best to relay information from them through this website and newsletter because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will occur.

Disclaimer. All information on this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.



A feature of

All information in this newsletter is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

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12/31/22. No frozen food. For some reason, frozen food interferes with development. It may be because freezing food bursts the cell walls of the vegetables or meat.

This applies to frozen vegetables, meats, dairy products or other frozen products. Thus, we find it is best to avoid it.

An exception is that coffee may be stored in the freezer. This does not appear to harm the coffee.

Canned food is okay. Canned food may not be as good as fresh food, but it can be used if necessary. For example, if the only vegetables one can find are canned, this is definitely better than not eating any vegetables at all.


12/31/22. We updated the Leaving The Cult – A Hair Analysis Pattern article, the Trauma Release article, the Trauma Retracing article and the Spiritual Diseases And Spiritual Retracing article.


12/30/22. When one follows the development program, most all symptoms that occur are not “diseases”, but rather retracing.

We need to return to this concept often in this newsletter because retracing is a prominent feature of the development program and it is so often misunderstood. I deal with this problem at least once a week.

We never tell people not to visit physicians. However, it is very rare for physicians to understand retracing. When retracing occurs, they usually misdiagnose the problem as an illness. This occurs because the symptoms of retracing can be exactly the same as the symptoms of illness.

Most physicians then recommend toxic products that slow down progress on the development program, sometimes by a year or more. The drugs, herbs or other products often do not even stop the symptoms, which the body needs to move through for the purpose of deep healing.

If you have symptoms during the development program, please submit a question to your Helper asking that I check to see if your symptoms are retracing rather than illness. This is almost always the case.

The exception is if your program needs updating or if you have not been following the program well enough. For details, read Retracing, Trauma Retracing and Spiritual Diseases And Spiritual Retracing.


12/29/2022. The most important decision anyone can make and must make is whether you will love God above all things (see Deuteronomy 6:5 or Luke 10:27).

This is not an easy decision because the decision to love God above all else means that you will have no other gods before the one God (see the Second Commandment in the Ten Commandments article).

At this time, this decision may make the difference between life and death. We do not say this lightly and we do not mean to scare anyone. However, the fate of the earth is hanging on this decision that each of the earth human beings must make.

For a few more details, read a new article, The Turning. There is also an older article on this topic entitled Metanoia.


12/28/22. We have recently become aware that regular use of coffee enemas causes very unusual subtle changes in the body and mind. We are calling this process the coffee transformation.

Changes. Regular, preferably daily coffee enemas: 1) have detoxifying effects upon the colon, liver and other organs, 2) have nutrient effects upon the entire body, 3) promote the process of development, and 4) have other genetic activation effects. That is, they contain nutrients and other qualities that activate certain genes. While not strictly causing development, this activation alters the body and mind in a wonderful and spiritual manner.

For details, read Coffee Enemas, The Coffee Transformation and Introduction To Development.


12/28/22. I am told that the information contained in the book called The Real Self is very important at this time. For details, see The Real Self.


12/27/22. The above are all manufacturing processes used in industry to strengthen, protect or otherwise alter materials so they function better. Our bodies can use these same methods to strengthen, protect or otherwise alter the body structure when the body is weak. This can often be observed on hair tissue mineral tests.

Alloys. An important nutritional concept in development science is that sick bodies form metal alloys. These are mixtures of metals in which the particular mixture gives the metal special properties.

Examples of common metal alloys are steel and brass. Steel is an iron alloy that is stronger and more flexible than iron. Brass is a copper alloy that is stronger and harder than pure copper.

Sick bodies use these for the same reasons that alloys are used in industry – usually to add strength to the body structure. The development program slowly undoes the need for alloys by strengthening the normal tissues of the body.

Hardeners. Sick bodies also use hardeners or plating to protect themselves. Examples of hardeners are chromium, nickel, iron, cadmium and calcium. For instance, a calcium shell seen on a hair tissue mineral test can be a hardener the body uses to protect itself.

The same method is used in industry to protect objects. For example, kitchen and bathroom faucets are often coated with chromium or brushed nickel to protect them.

The problem is that hardeners are all somewhat toxic and abnormal. The development program reduces the need for this abnormal method of protecting the body. Then the body will remove the toxic hardener or plating. For details, read Alloys and Plating, Hardening, Tempering And Lubricants.


12/26/22. Many packages of meat tell one to make sure it is cooked through at high temperature. However, for the best nutrition, meats should be minimally cooked.

In our experience, if it is good quality meat the bacteria count will be low and you will receive much more nutrition from light cooking.

Principles. For healthiest meat, cook with water and cook lightly. Cooking with water means braising, steaming, or pressure cooking. Braising and steaming are best. Pressure-cooking occurs so rapidly that it easily overcooks meat.

We do not recommend roasting, broiling, frying, baking or barbecue. These are okay occasionally. However, they are high temperature cooking methods that do more damage to the meat and generate toxic chemicals such as AGES, as well.

How to cook meat - braising. An excellent method to cook some meat is braising. This is excellent for ground lamb, ground turkey or ground beef.

To braise these, form the meat into a fairly thin patty. Then put a small amount of water in the bottom of a sauce pan, or I use my pressure cooker. Be sure the water covers the bottom of the pot.

Turn on the burner. Place the meat patty in the pot when the water is still cool and let it heat up.

Let it cook for about 15 seconds. Then turn it over and cook it on the other side for 10-13 seconds. Then remove and eat it with a little salt on it and perhaps another condiment such as a little mustard. The inside of the patty will be close to raw and this is okay. It should not be cold in the middle.

Cooking chicken. To cook a chicken leg, thigh or wing, slice the chicken into thin strips. Put some water into the bottom of a sauce pan or other pot and turn on the burner.

Place the chicken slices in the water and stir them around, letting them cook just until the chicken turns from pink to white. This will usually occur in 15 to 20 seconds. Then use a slotted spoon to remove the chicken and eat it with a little salt on it.

Cooking a steak or a lamb chop. Prepare the meat by putting few cuts in it so that it will cook through easily. Then place a small amount of water in a sauce pan or other pot that can be covered. Turn on the burner.

Add the meat to the water and cover up the pot. Allow the meat to cook in the boiling water for usually not more than one minute or so. The exact time depends upon the thickness of the steak or lamb chop.

Remove the meat and eat. The meat should not be dried out and should be juicy, and reddish in color in the middle.

We don't recommend eating fish other than sardines, which come cooked in the can. However, if you cook fish, you could do it the same way as cooking the steak or lamb chops.


12/26/22. We have previously reported that I am told that our solar system is on a journey moving “upward” through an absolutely huge being who lives in space. Upward means moving toward the head of this enormous creature, assuming that the creature is standing upright in space.

The biological concept of creation. The idea that huge beings live in and produce space is called the biological concept of creation. This idea is gaining support among astronomers. For details, read the Biological Concept Of Creation.

Fine matter beings. Beings in space are made of a much less dense form of matter than that of which our bodies are made. It is much lighter in weight and difficult for most people to see.

Fine matter creatures can tolerate the heat and cold of space. They also eat very little, do not need sleep as we do, and reproduce with live births or with eggs.

I am told there are trillions of fine matter creatures on earth and in space around the earth. Fine matter creatures include angels, elves and souls. While some fine matter creatures have a human-looking form, others resemble birds, fish, dogs or other creatures. For more details, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.


12/25/22. Proper interpretation of a hair mineral test involves a set of principles. A very important one is called the layers of adaptation principle. When one views a hair mineral analysis, one is viewing a layer or a state of adaptation to stress. This is part of the stress theory of disease.

The way illness really occurs is that starting at birth or even before, the body responds to stress by changing its mineral balance and more. This process is called adapting or adaptation.

The body adapts to nutritional imbalances, the presence of toxic substances, or mental or emotional stress factors. Other stress factors can be an infection, an injury, or being given toxic prescription drugs or vaccines.

Layers of adaptations. The adaptations occur in layers. This means they pile up one on top of another. As this occurs, illness follows. Here is an example that is taken from our files:

Meet Joey. Joey is typical of most babies and children today. All during his pregnancy, his mother was malnourished due to an improper diet. Her physician told her to eat a “balanced diet”, whatever that means, and gave her little other dietary advice.

As a result, Joey was born low in zinc, selenium, chromium and a dozen other vital nutrients. Joey's body had to adapt to this deficient nutritional state. Even if one eats only health food, the nutritional quality of our food today is at best mediocre and often poor.

The concept of preferred minerals. The way all bodies adapt to malnutrition is to absorb more toxic metals. This is called the concept of preferred minerals. The body would prefer the nutrient minerals, but it can live on inferior quality minerals, if needed. This is another layer of adaptation.

No development. One result of the malnutrition was that Joey was born at stage 0 of development. Development is an ancient idea, but it is not known or taught much on earth.

It is a genetic quality of the body that toughens it and causes much better health and a longer lifespan. The main requirement for it to occur in a baby is superior nutrition. For details, read Introduction To Development.

Cold or yin. The body of Joey's mother was also in a cold or too yin condition. Yin is a physics term that means cold, expanded, and out of balance in certain ways. Joey had to adapt to this situation, as well. It made his body too cold, as well.

Fearful, depleted and diseased. Also, Joey's mother had been beaten and raped by the alien group we call the Rogues. We now believe this occurs with all or most women on earth! For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet and Beating.

This weakened her nutritionally, made her very fearful, and left her with numerous sexually-transmitted diseases. Some of these were passed on to Joey at birth.

Most all children today are in this situation. The rogues attack women to weaken and frighten them as a way to control all the people of the earth. Joey's body had to change itself or adapt to this situation.

Most of the sexually-transmitted diseases produce few, if any symptoms. As a result, physicians pay little attention to them. Also, many are viruses for which there is no medical treatment. The development program slowly heals them, but Joey did not have good fortune to be placed on this program right after birth.

Vaccine Horror. Soon after birth, Joey was given the hepatitis vaccine, although it is quite unnecessary and toxic. All vaccines contain stray viruses and most are preserved with aluminum and/or mercury, two highly toxic metals.

Vaccination is an abomination! Even worse, there is currently an effort to condition people around the world to the idea that vaccines are the answer to our health problems. For details, read Vaccination and Vaccine Horror.

Now Joey's body had to adapt to another layer of toxins – the vaccines toxins. As a result, he developed eczema and often became sick with colds and flu.

Breastfeeding. Joey's mother breastfed him for a few months. This was helpful, but the milk was of poor quality because his mother's diet was inadequate. Mothers need to be on the development program to have healthy breast milk.

As a result of his mother's poor diet, Joey's body became more malnourished and had to adapt to this stressor. He would often become cranky and irritable for no apparent reason.

More terrible advice. At about age six months, a physician told Joey's mother that she had breastfed long enough and it was time to switch to adult food. This is very bad, disgusting advice! However, it is standard advice given by most pediatricians and other types of physicians! For details, read Breastfeeding.

In fact, most children we ask say they need some breast milk until about age three. Now Joey's body had to adapt to a new stressor – eating adult food long before his digestive system was ready for it. He became colicky and soon had food allergies and frequent stomach aches.

The Hunza people. Many years ago, I read The Wheel Of Health. It is about a wonderfully healthful group of people who live in Asia called the Hunza. They believe breastfeeding for three years is so important that in all cases they make absolutely sure it occurs. If the mother cannot do it, they find another woman called a 'wet nurse' to continue the breastfeeding.

Disease. Weakened by vaccines, poor quality and not enough breast milk, and medical drugs given for his symptoms, Joey got pneumonia at age four. This damaged his lungs. Now his body had to adapt to this stressor.

He survived, but his body also had to adapt to being filled with toxic antibiotics and other drugs he was given for the pneumonia.

Injury. At age six, Joey fell off his bicycle and injured his spine. It became misaligned and this was never corrected. His body now had to adapt to this new stressor.

We could go on, but I hope it is becoming clear that starting at or before birth, our bodies have to keep adapting to stressors of many kinds. Each one weakens the body and damages health. This is how illness really occurs – in layers.

The layers of adaptation principle applies not only to human beings. It is the truth about animals, plants, and fine matter as well as coarse matter beings. For details about body types, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

Fortunately, the development program slowly removes these layers of adaptation. It takes some effort and some years on the program to do this, but it is well worth the effort. Someday we hope all children and their parents will get better advice about health.


12/24/22. Helen is 10 years old. Her health was quite delicate. She was often very tired and had chronic sinus and yeast or fungal infections. Most sinus infections are fungal. She was sick more than most children.

The development program. At age 6 she began the development program. At first, there was little change in her health condition.

Fruit. A problem is that she likes fruit and feels strange if she does not eat it. The reason is that the sugar in fruit feeds yeast in her body, of which she had a lot from birth. The yeast produces alcohol that gives her a pleasant feeling.

If she stops eating fruit, which we recommend, the yeast dies, which shuts down alcohol production. This is not a pleasant feeling and is called a yeast die-off reaction.

Recent progress. Helen has been following the development program more carefully the past year or so. Recently, she had a dramatic healing. Her energy level improved a lot. Her sinuses are better and her overall health is more robust and steady. She is also happier and less prone to feelings of depression.

NOTE: The yeast condition improved without the need to give Helen any anti-yeast drug, herb or other supplement. A healthy body does not support yeast growth. Correction has to do with the metabolism of copper and other minerals. For details, read Chronic Yeast Infections.

Development. Helen is also developing faster. Development is an unusual set of changes in the body due to turning on genes that are normally inactive. Her body is literally more alive and her energy field or aura is brighter. This requires special nutrition, plenty of rest and a healthful lifestyle.

Most recent mineral analysis. Helen's new mineral analysis revealed a number of joy or development patterns:

- Double coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) and the second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc) all either increase or remain the same. This pattern is very positive and not seen often. For details, read Coming Alive Pattern.

- Perking up or on fire pattern. Phosphorus increased by three mg%. This indicates more rapid or otherwise improved biosynthesis. This is the production of all the body's chemicals that takes place in the nuclei of each cell. For details, read Phosphorus.

- Forward flip of the sodium/potassium ratio. This is present when the sodium/potassium ratio changes from low to normal or elevated. It indicates improved electrical balance of the body and other positive changes. Often, there is less infection in the body when this occurs.

- All-out or everything coming out. The levels of 13 minerals increased on this retest. This is quite unusual and indicates a significant detoxification of the body. Although it is a measure of minerals, usually there is also an elimination of toxic chemicals from the body. It is another very positive indicator. For details, read All Out Or Everything Coming Out Pattern On A Hair Mineral Analysis.

- Eight anchor patterns. Anchor patterns are present when the levels of certain minerals change very little or not at all. We are not sure why, but this mineral pattern is associated with deepening of the sulci or ridges of the brain. It is a very positive indicator of improved brain activity. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.


12/23/22. We greatly improved an older article about the Bible as a guide to development. This will be a new theme of this newsletter because it is a way to reach many people and it is a way to understand the Bible in a modern scientific way.

The Bible need not be understood as a book of miracles. It can be viewed as a scientific book about development. For details, read The Bible Is A Guide To Development.


12/22/22. A great legal advance that took place several thousand years ago is being reversed. In legal terms it is called the rule of law versus the rule of men.

The rule of men means monarchy, dictatorship or communism. It is basically a lawless society in which the rulers do what they please. The rule of law means there are set rules for everyone to follow, including the leaders.

Early sets of laws. One of the first of such sets of laws was the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Earlier than that were the Seven Laws of the Children Of Noah, and there were other legal codes on earth.

In America, the basic set of laws is in large part the national and state constitutions. However, these are being violated in many ways and it is time to return to the rule of law. Here are examples of how the American constitutions are being violated:

- Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are unconstitutional. They force people to hand over money to the government with no guarantee of return.

- The Federal Reserve financial system is unconstitutional. The constitution says gold and silver shall be the currency of the nation and that “Congress shall coin the money and fix the value thereof”. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by a few corrupt bankers. For details, read The Federal Reserve and Introduction To Banking.

- All the 47 or so national American government agencies and hundreds of state agencies are unconstitutional. Congress does not have the power to regulate the economy and nation in this way. The legislative branch of government is supposed to make the laws, not government agencies. For details, read The Regulatory State.

- Much of the national and state governments is unconstitutional. The scope and powers of government are carefully spelled out in the national constitution. For example, nowhere is the national government authorized in the Constitution to interfere in education, welfare, health care, or medical research.

- Occupational licensing, such as medical licensing, is unconstitutional. The people have a right to contract freely and to speak freely. These should not require licenses. For details, read The Case Against Medical And All Other Occupational Licensing.

- All “emergency powers” are unconstitutional. The Wuhan flu lockdowns were justified under these powers. The Constitution says the people have a right to assemble, to contract (run a business) and to worship. Nowhere does the Constitution say this is not subject to cancelation or suspension because there is a virus around.

If the government wants to wreck a business (which is justified if there is a need to build a road through the property), then it must compensate the person at full market value. This was not done during the Wuhan flu lockdowns.

- Executive orders are unconstitutional.

- Executive pardons of criminals are unconstitutional.

- Long election periods are unconstitutional. The constitution says there will be an election day, not an election month or two.

- Marriage licenses and birth certificates are unconstitutional. The government is not supposed to meddle in these areas.

- The Fourth Amendment to the national Constitution guarantees privacy in one's papers. There should also be medical privacy without government interference in the doctor-patient relationship. The idea of privacy has been completely obliterated today.

These are just a few of the most egregious examples of how America has deviated from constitutional rule. The corruption has occurred slowly over the past hundred and fifty years.

It amounts to degenerated into the rule of men (in this case mainly bureaucrats and agency employees) instead of the rule of law. It is time to return to constitutional rule!


12/21/22. We improved the important article about sexual and gender issues related to development. For details, read Development And Sexuality.


12/21/22. Yesterday's post about using more coffee for enemas was confusing because earlier I had warned that there was a toxicity problem with coffee and to limit the number of coffee enemas.

I apologize – I am told that there have been efforts to clean up the coffee so that it is no longer toxic. Therefore, it should be possible to use more of it.


12/20/22. We recommend using two tablespoons of coffee per enema if you boil or pressure cook the coffee or three tablespoons of coffee per enema if you use a coffee maker.

However, we are experimenting with taking up to six enemas daily. This means using 18 or so tablespoons of coffee daily. It is working – causing faster development, more rewind, and offering more protection against the rogues.

This is not new. Dr. Max Gerson, MD used up to 18 tablespoons a day of coffee for enemas and used a coffeemaker to prepare it. In the coffee enema article, we say this is too much, but we see that we were incorrect. This much coffee is okay and indeed offers some benefits.

We will continue to report on the use of more coffee for enemas. If you have tried more coffee, please let us know the results.


12/19/22. We keep writing about the use of coffee enemas because, in our experience, all the bodies today are extremely toxic.

This vital fact is totally overlooked by most medical and often also natural healing personnel today. Sadly, most of their methods such as the use of drugs, surgery, herbs, homeopathy and chelators make the toxicity problem even worse!

Coffee also offers special nutrients and other qualities that protect one from harm and move a person ahead with development in a most wonderful way.

Cleaning enema equipment. Spraying enema tubing and the enema bag or bucket with plain white vinegar is a simple and effective method to keep them clean. A little vinegar can also be put into the enema tube to keep it clean on the inside. Leave the vinegar on and inside the enema bag and tube overnight to clean up the equipment.

By the way, cleaning up a latex enema tube is easier than cleaning up a plastic enema tube. The reason is that the latex tube is very soft and can easily by squeezed all along its length. When one does this, coffee residue often comes out of the tube easily.

However, one can the same method to clean the inside of plastic tubing that comes with many enema kits. The plastic tube just does not clean up quite as easily as does the latex tube.

Vinegar does not completely get rid of the oily residue of coffee, so it is still necessary to wipe equipment with a paper towel or use some soap, at times. However, vinegar is an excellent cleanser.


12/19/22. This is an addition to yesterday's message about the very unusual science of rewind. I am told that certain foods we strongly suggest everyone eat help the process of reversing and undoing traumas and other damage to the body.

These foods are plenty of cooked vegetables with each meal and having a few blue corn tortilla chips with each meal. Coffee used in enemas also help. We updated the rewind science article with this information. For more details, read Rewind Science.


12/19/22. We improved a basic physics article on the website about the ether concept. This directly relates to your diet, your lifestyle and your health. We changed the title from the Ether Theory to the Ether Concept because it is not a theory! For details, read The Ether Concept.


12/19/22. This is another unusual post about our planet. I am told that the earth and the entire solar system continue to move 'upward' through space.

I am also told that space is an enormous fine matter living creature within which we live. Moving upward means moving from the feet toward the head of this being. The living quality of space is called the biological concept of creation.

The goal is to find a safer area with less rogue infiltration. This group of beings have more difficulty functioning as one moves higher through space.

Movement is accomplished by the efforts of several large fine matter beings who fly around in space using a power unit located in the middle of their chest. This is a feature of all fine matter beings.

Angels and the shield. I am also told that at this time there is an effort to restore the shield that should protect the earth from outside invasion. The shield was breached and seriously damaged many years ago by the same group, the rogues.

Thousands of fine matter creatures who have the angel type of fine matter body are participating in this effort. Rebuilding the shield so far has not been easy.


12/18/22. Today begins the Hebrew holiday of Hanukah. There is a story of the holiday, but I am told that there is a little more to it. I am told it celebrates the use of a very unusual time reversal technology called rewind science.

The Bible story about this holiday makes no mention of rewinding. However, rewind science was used in the battle related to this holiday. The people rejoiced because many fallen warriors were brought back to life.

This was needed to keep the Hebrew people alive. Without it, we would not have Western civilization, or Christianity, or many other good things in our world.

For an introduction to rewinding, read Rewind Science. We just updated and improved this very important article.


12/17/22. I am told that the forces defending the earth have just found two beings locked in a prison in space whom the Native people of the world say are called grandfather and grandmother.

This is considered an excellent sign in the Native culture. Native people around the world hold these beings in the highest regard. They have not been seen for thousands of years and some said they had been killed.

The grandfather/grandmother are very large fine matter beings. They are almost as large as the earth. They are multi-colored creatures, which the Native people say is significant.

They help our planet in many ways, from protection to assisting all people on earth. The Native people say their return is very positive for the earth.

Teaching of the grandfather/grandmother. They say it is time for all the people of the earth to live correctly as sacred beings on a sacred planet. Not doing so caused all the problems on earth and in space, and it cannot continue without risking destruction of our planet.

They also say that the quality of most food on the planet is poor and this is an enormous problem. Everyone must stop eating the refined foods such as white flour, white sugar, white rice and table salt. These foods are damaging all of the bodies and causing shortened lives.

They also say that the practice of having slaves is completely wrong for the earth and needs to stop. While it has stopped in the Western world, it is still going on in parts of Africa and Asia.

They also tell us that women need to be revered and rape must be punished by death. The rapes of the women by the Rogue men need to be exposed and stopped at once. We know this is difficult, but very important.

We hope to report much more of the teachings of grandfather/grandmother in the future.


12/16/22. An Amendment to the American national Constitution has been proposed that would guarantee medical freedom. We urge you to support it and bring it to the attention of your state and national representatives.

It includes the right to choose the type of health care one wishes, the right to medical privacy, and the right to informed consent regarding all health procedures.

It is designed to prevent another disaster like the recent response to the Wuhan flu. The government lied to the people, pressured them into taking toxic experimental “vaccines”, tried to set up 'vaccine passports', and attempted to silence physicians and others who expressed opposing viewpoints.

In addition, state governors used illegal “emergency powers” to take away the right to assemble and the right to worship freely. They also violated the right to contract freely by shutting down and thus ruining thousands of businesses without properly compensating the owners.

Here is the proposed Amendment: "All people have the Right to secure their Health in the manner they choose. Congress, the President, State Legislatures and Executives, Governmental Agencies or Departments shall make no law or executive order that impedes the Individual's rights to informed consent nor right to medical choice nor freedom of medical choice. Nor shall the President, Congress, State Legislatures and Executives, Governmental Agencies or Departments make any law or executive order that impedes the Individual's right to medical privacy and freedom without individual and specific judicial warrant supported by Oath and affirmation of necessary cause to protect Society from Harm describing the Individual's condition and danger it presents."

We view the proposed medical freedom Amendment as a good first step. However, we think the Amendment should begin with the word Citizens, not people. In law, the words person and people mean corporations and trusts.

We also suggest more clearly listing the provisions: 1) freedom of choice in health care, 2) right to informed consent, 3) no forced medical procedures, and 4) the right to medical privacy between physician and client.

We think it should also say, or a separate Amendment needs to say: The rights of the Citizen's shall not be violated under any circumstances, including due to any so-called emergency. For more details and to support the Amendment, visit


12/15/22. Dr. Mercola just ran an article claiming there is widespread copper deficiency. We find this advice wrong and dangerous. The situation is not so simple.

Some people need to take a little bioavailable copper. This applies specifically to fast oxidizers and those with a low tissue sodium/potassium ratio.

However, in our experience, which is much more extensive than most others, most people have much too much copper in their bodies. For most people, taking more copper is not a good idea. In fact, it makes them worse.

What is needed is not more copper, which is widely available in some foods. The need is to make copper more bioavailable by improving the activity of the adrenal glands.

Then the symptoms of copper imbalance including anemia, yeast problems, premenstrual syndrome, headaches, skin rashes, adhesions, gas and bloating, lack of hunger, depression, insomnia, mind racing, panic attacks, anxiety, scoliosis and more go away. For details, read Copper And Copper Imbalance.


12/15/22. I am told that many more fine matter birds are being released from prisons in space and are returning to the earth. I am told this is very positive for our planet, although most people cannot see them.

Projects. Fine matter birds help with many problems on earth. Among their current projects are stopping rapes of women, assisting children on earth, ridding the planet of poisons, teaching one universal language to all human beings, stopping the Ukraine war, cleaning up the food supply, and correcting certain factual errors in our religions.

Birds are a very common category of fine matter beings in the universe. Thousands of types exist. They are of all sizes and shapes.

Each one has a role to play on the earth or in space around the earth. They help out with many activities from defense of the planet to assisting plants and animals, to communication.

All the birds have a keen sense of smell. Oddly, many communicate with each other telepathically using a language that is similar to modern English.

Many fine matter birds were taken away from the earth by the alien group we call the rogues. Some were taken thousands of years ago and others more recently. The forces defending the earth recently found some and are bringing them back to the earth.

Most are very weak because they were starved and beaten, so their rehabilitation will be somewhat slow. If they are able to stay alive and improve their health, we expect improvements to occur on earth. A few types of fine matter birds are:

Majestics. These are larger birds whose main job is to defend the planet.

Mentors. These birds do a lot of teaching of other creatures, including human beings.

Phenix (pronounced like the city of Phoenix, Arizona, USA). These are somewhat larger birds that have excellent vision and are part of the defense system of the earth.

Warbirds. These are much larger, fighting birds that do not live on earth. There should be millions of them patrolling space and keeping order. Most have been killed or locked up. Forces helping the earth recently found a few hundred who are being rehabilitated at this time.


12/14/22. This is a controversial topic because while it is well-known that angels exist, some are not beneficial. Therefore, one must exercise caution in regard to them.

An angel is a type of fine matter creature that has two lungs, two kidneys, one heart and looks somewhat like a human being. However, the legs are shorter and the head is often larger in relation to the rest of the body. For more details about fine matter bodies, read Bodies, Their Structure And Activities.

Types. There are two basic types of angels. Real angels are old, well-developed beings, at least 50,000 years old. They have many jobs or roles on and around our planet and other planets, as well. They are regulators, defenders, communicators and more.

Fake or false angels are beings who have lived a long time, but who are not developed. The only reason they survived was that they uses an electronic life machine that keeps the body going. They are controlled by the rogues and do a lot of damage.

Angles can be of all sizes - from tiny to enormous. The largest are larger than the earth and can only live in space. As with most fine matter creatures, angels can live a very long time – up to millions of years.

Return of the angels. The alien group we call the rogues do not like real angels because they are highly advanced spiritual beings. Many years ago, the rogues gathered up many real angels and locked them in prisons in space.

At this time, some of these angels are being returned here. We believe this will be positive for our planet.

Messages from the returning angels. Angels who are returning to our planet say the planet is not at all as it is supposed to be. They say it is a holy or sacred planet and that the human beings need to live a more spiritual and holy life.

They say we waste most of our time in pursuits that do not lead to a better life. Most everyone also eats incorrectly and very few develop themselves. The latter is very necessary at this time. They say they will help and are beginning to help change this situation. As we learn more about them, we will report on this interesting subject.


12/13/22. We have already written that it is best not to use organically grown coffee for enemas or drinking because the rogues poison it. They don't want us to have clean, high quality food.

We are now learning that they are poisoning all the coffee on the planet to some degree. They simply spray the fields from ships overhead.

This is beginning to affect some people. The coffee in the form of an enema is still very valuable. However, at this time we must recommend that you do no more than two coffee enemas daily.


12/12/22. We wrote a short article about types of stressors that we all deal with each day. They are arranged according to the 7 system. For details, read Stress – 1 Through 7.


12/12/22. We corrected and updated a short, interesting article about how one can understand God in terms of the 7 system. For details, read Seven Levels Or Understandings Of God.


12/11/22. This message is critical reminder to stay far away from the sauna bulbs sold by SaunaSpace, Rubylux and Thera. We found they actually give off some ionizing radiation. This is extremely dangerous and these bulbs should not be sold. Ionizing radiation cannot be felt, but it causes radiation sickness that shortens your life. It is quite an outrage!

It might seem impossible that this could be true. However, in reality it is not difficult to put a small device inside the bulb that produces some radiation when the bulb is turned on. Beware!!! For more details, read Where To Buy A Sauna and the newly updated article, Sauna Therapy.


12/11/22. If you have benefitted from the development program, or our free email support program, or the articles on this website, or this newsletter, please donate to The Center For Development.

The Center For Development has as its main activity to assist children and young women to pay for the development program who cannot afford it. We check recipients to make sure they need the assistance.

I have told some of you that the income of our foundation was reduced by two-thirds to three-quarters last year and has remained low this year. I live on social security income and a small inheritance and take no salary or income from the healing work. However, the work of the foundation is very important and needs your help this Christmas season. Thank you in advance! Click here to donate.


12/11/22. A very simple way to feel much better each day is to do hand reflexology one to three times daily. The hands have a wonderful reflex system that is easy to access yet very powerful to balance and heal the body.

Even better, you can do the procedure while resting in bed, sitting and reading, watching television, speaking on the phone (provided you don't need to hold the phone), or even during a meal in between courses. I often use this procedure during a meal if I have some discomfort from overeating, for example. It usually works!

The procedure. The procedure, press deeply into all parts of each hand. You might begin with the palm. Move across and down the palm.

Then go to the fingers and press all around each finger. Be sure to do the finger tips and base of the fingers.

Then move to the back of the hand, which has the reflexes for the energy centers and energy meridians, among many things. Spend a little more time on any area that is tender or painful.

Then switch hands and do the same on the other hand. It is possible to overtreat with reflexology, so limit the duration of a session to a total of about two to three minutes on each hand.

This is somewhat different that reflexology on the feet. There a reflexology session can last longer – up to an hour for a general session with spot therapy, as well. For more details, read Foot And Hand Reflexology For Healing.


12/10/22. One of the main reasons to follow the development program is to receive help from guide creatures. These are very advanced fine matter creatures who arrange themselves around the body and assist healing.

I am told they are helping some of our clients in amazing ways. The most important requirement to receive help seems to be to follow the development program as well as you can.

We believe a few of the guide creatures are described in the Bible in Ezekiel 1, also called the vision of Ezekiel. For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


12/9/22. Muscle cramps are a common symptom, and one that can occur during the development program. Common causes are:

- A need for water. If you are already drinking 2-3 quarts or liters of water daily, it is possible that the water you are drinking is not hydrating you adequately and you need to switch to a different brand or kind of water. For details, read Water For Drinking.

- Imbalance involving calcium, magnesium, or potassium. This usually won't happen if you are eating a lot of cooked vegetables and drinking enough water. However, now and then can occur. We don't recommend drinks like Gatorade, which are mostly sugar. Eating correctly and drinking enough water usually corrects the problem.

- Impaired circulation. This can occur from lying in a position that cuts off your circulation or it could possibly occur due to very tight clothing. It could be due to other causes, such as an injury or a blood clot blocking an artery.

- During the development program, a release of toxins from the legs, for example, can cause muscle cramps. This is somewhat common and goes away on its own when the toxin elimination is over.

- Chest pain. Especially during the development program, this is usually due to muscle cramps in the small muscles between your ribs. It can be scary because it can feel like a heart attack, but it is benign. It is called chest wall pain and it is easy to test yourself for it.

For more details, read Muscle Cramps, Leg Cramps and Chest Wall Pain.


12/8/22. December 7 is an important day in world history. On December 7, 1941, 81 years ago, the Japanese attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It surprised the Americans and caused many deaths.

It caused America to enter World War II on the side of Great Britain, France and many other European nations and against Germany and Japan. America had already been helping the European nations with supplies, but had not formally declared war.

The dictatorship nations of Germany, Japan and Italy were called the axis powers and the Americans, British, French and other European nations were called the allies.

Winning that war kept democracy and the free enterprise economic system alive. If the other side had won, we would all be under Nazi rulership with their concentration camps and many other horrors.

Importance today. This date is important because we may be watching the beginning of another world war in Ukraine. This time the aggressor nations are communist dictatorships Russia, China and Iran.

Once again, America has so far not become too deeply involved. In fact, the American president tends to side with Russia, although he doesn't admit it. It may take an attack on American soil to convince people that this war needs to be stopped, as well. Life in Russia and China is as bad or worse for the people as it was in Germany or Japan.

A problem for America today that was not as bad 81 years ago is that the elections are completely rigged. As a result, electing honest and competent leaders is near impossible. Most people believe that Joe Biden cheated to win the 2020 election for president and that the Democrats cheated to win control of the Congress in 2020.

Over 100 lawsuits were filed about cheating on elections in 2020 and 2022. They were all basically ignored, a complete violation of our laws. As a result, the cheating continues. We pray that this situation soon changes.


12/8/22. In order to handle world events and sometimes personal events, as well, an old suggestion is to become emotionally detached. The Bible states, “Be in the world, but not of it”. One of my teachers, Bernard Jensen, said “Wear the world like a loose coat”.

The copper connection. If one does not detach emotionally from the world, copper tends to accumulate in the body. It has a similar effect, although it is an unhealthy effect. It is sometimes called being spacy. In more modern medical jargon it is called derealization/depersonalization.

The development program. The development program helps one to become stronger and more centered and grounded. This helps one to detach emotionally.

The pulling down procedure, in particular, move energy correctly through the body and has a powerful centering effect.

Life gets much better when the central channel or conception vessel opens. This is a milestone of early development that makes a person more centered in oneself and less influenced by events around oneself.

I learned about this about 40 years ago. It is one reason I followed the program and learned the pulling down procedure, and have kept doing it for years. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure, Introduction To The Development Program and Introduction To Development.


12/7/22. A theme of this newsletter is to discuss in a scientific way the idea of fine matter beings. The concept is found in the Bible and elsewhere in discussions of souls and angels, for example. However, most sources provide few details.

During the past week, I am told that a group of fine matter birds were found imprisoned in space. Some are from the earth and they are slowly being returned here.

Fine matter means the bodies are made of a very light weight type of matter that is much less dense than our bodies. For this reason, most people cannot see them.

Yet there are trillions of these creatures on earth. They actually run the planet. Some people call them elementals. They would like to tell everyone a little about themselves:

We are a group of at least 10 million fine matter creatures who belong on earth. We were taken from this planet at least 10,000 years ago by the group called the Rogues. They do not like us because we help keep the planet clean and habitable.

Description. We are about the same size as an adult human, or perhaps a little larger. The body is an angelic type, which means it has two lungs, one heart and two kidneys. We give birth through live birth and we nurse our young.

Work. Our work is to assist a large group of fine matter and coarse matter creatures who live on earth who take care of the planet. Each of us is assigned to an area of the earth, where we tend to remain and where we are happiest.

Twins. Each of us has a twin, which is another bird whose main soul was born together with and at the same time as ours. This is called a soul twin and we like being with this one. We were scattered in space, so not all of us are with our twin.

A holy planet. The earth is supposed to be a communication center within the body of a much larger fine matter being. This being lives in space and is literally our creator. However, the earth was taken from its correct location and filthed up so that it does not currently perform its role.

Coffee. We have learned that coffee is a special herb that is needed at this time to help clean up the bodies on earth. That is why this newsletter mentions them so often.

We know the coffee enemas are somewhat messy, but please do them each day and you will feel the effects in better health and clearer thinking. To be continued ...


12/6/22. A problem for many of our clients is that their digestion is very weak. As a result, no matter how well they eat, healing is slow because the body does not digest and absorb food well.

A solution that is messy, but effective is to rub food items on the skin for a while until digestion improves. Many nutrients can be absorbed through the skin.

For example, one can cook vegetables and then put them through a blender or champion juicer to make a paste. One can add ground meat, such as ground turkey or ground lamb.

Hints: #1. Mix the food with a little oil or butter. This helps absorption.

#2. You need not rub the food all over the body. You can just use it on the legs, for example.

#3. We are not sure how long the food needs to remain on the body. We say one hour in the kelp body procedure article, but this much time may not be needed.

We are researching this and will report upon it as we learn more. If you try it, let us know the results. What we do know is that it is a very rapid and effective way to renourish the body. For details, read The Kelp Body Procedure.

Intravenous feeding. Some medical and natural practitioners offer intravenous feeding. This is less messy but we don't like bypassing the body's natural mechanisms for balancing nutrients, so we do not favor this method. For more details, read Intravenous Nutrient Therapy.


12/6/22. By far, the most common cause of anemia today is a copper imbalance. The development program is one of the few ways to correct it.

Unfortunately, most physicians do not know about copper anemia. Even if they do, most do not know how to correct it.

With copper anemia, blood tests indicate a microcytic, microchromic anemia. This is identical to anemia from iron deficiency, so it is very confusing.

We wrote about this important topic in a post on 9/14/22. Here are a few more details:

How to tell if you have copper anemia. Often, answering a few simple questions is helpful. These are:

1. Do you eat 5 ounces of red meat at least twice a week and do you eat 3 or more eggs per week? If the answer is yes, you probably are getting enough iron.

2. Do you have very heavy menstrual periods? If you do, you could be low in iron. If not, most likely your anemia is not due to low iron, especially if you eat some red meat and eggs.

3. Have you tried taking iron pills? If so, and if they did not work, most likely your anemia is due to copper imbalance.

One needs to follow the development program for at least six months and perhaps a year or longer to restore the copper balance and end the anemia. For details, read Copper And Copper Imbalance, Anemia and Migraine Headaches And Copper – A Case History.


12/5/22. A large part of what occurs on the development program is a deep cleansing of the body. One reason we emphasize the use of proper diet, only certain supplements, coffee enemas, and the other healing procedures is that they are needed today for deep cleansing of the body.

We suggest strictly avoiding some other popular cleansing methods such as fasting, most herbs, chelation therapy and homeopathic remedies. We find these harmful and less effective. For details, read Fasting, Herbs, Chelation Therapy and Homeopathy.

Deep cleansing is not so simple. The development program uses over 20 methods at the same time to achieve it. For details read Toxic Metals and Detoxification.

Deep cleansing occurs slowly, at first, because the organs of elimination do not work well on most people. As a result, it requires years of following the development program. It needs to occur on many levels:

- Removal of toxic metals and toxic chemicals. Our planet is polluted. As a result, our food, air and water contain many toxins. This includes several thousand chemicals that are allowed to be added to our food.

Most everyone also needs to remove residues of medical prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and perhaps recreational drugs.

Most people also have autointoxication. This is the production of toxic chemicals inside the body, some of which are extremely poisonous. Most of this occurs in the digestive tract and these toxins also need to be removed.

- Removal of many infections. These include dozens of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections that most people have. Many of these are chronic and most people don't even realize they are present.

- Removal of emotional and mental toxins. These are also very common. Superior health requires making these toxic thoughts and feelings conscious and then letting them go, replacing them with more wholesome thoughts.

- Removal of memories and traumas related to relationships and interactions with other people.

- Removal of electronic implants and other devices from the body. Everyone has these today due to the rogue presence on earth. For details, read Implants.

- Removal of more subtle toxins such as curses, shapes and other forms of witchcraft. Everyone has these, also due to the presence of the rogues. Coffee enemas are one of the few ways to slowly remove them.


12/4/22. It is becoming easier to ask for guidance from the Father In Heaven. To do so, become quiet, sit with your back straight, pull or push energy downward from your head to your feet, and ask the Father In Heaven a simple question about what you want to know.

Then you must wait! The answer is not immediate. If you get an immediate answer, it is usually wrong. There is a checking process.

After at least 5 seconds and perhaps much longer, you will often hear a simple answer.

Tips. Asking simple yes or no questions is often best, but not necessary. Also, I always ask a number of times because there is often a lot of interference with guidance.

Also, following the development program is necessary for good guidance. Otherwise, the brain is too toxic and depleted.


12/4/22. The correct amount of the Epic Sriracha food bar is about ONE BITE PER DAY FOR ADULTS AND LESS FOR CHILDREN. Do not eat more than this! Never eat a whole food bar at a time. We are still researching this interesting new food for development.


12/4/22. There are three basic levels of healing. It is very important to understand this and the differences between them. It is also critical to understand that these methods exist on earth for specific reasons that the current rulers of the planet understand and want.

1. Suppressive. This is the level at which most of the medical and veterinary systems operates. It consists of the use of often patented toxic chemical substances, radiation therapy and surgical operations that mainly suppress symptoms. Once the symptom has been suppressed or 'killed', the person is declared 'cured'.

This system was put into place about 100 years ago in America with the establishment of the state medical licensing laws. In many other nations, it has been in place for much longer.

In our view, overall, this system is quite insane, does not work well, and is extremely costly and stupid. It prevails on earth because those in charge of our planet, the criminal group we call the Rogues, don't want deep, systemic healing of the humans, animals and plants on earth because they would be much more difficult to control.

We never suggest that one not go to a physician. However, most of the time we cannot recommend them or their methods because they tend to be harmful for overall health.

2. Local. This is the level at which most natural healing methods operate. It involves the use of remedies that seem less toxic than the patent remedies often used by medical personnel.

These include a variety of isolated nutrients, foods, herbs, hormone replacement, homeopathic remedies, chelation therapy, intravenous vitamins and some other remedies. These are used to alleviate symptoms, often by suppression but in a less toxic way. We do not recommend these!

Some of the so-called natural methods are somewhat less harmful, but still not very good and we cannot recommend most of them. Also, today the natural healing and most of the naturopathic professions have been taken over by the rogues and the practitioners are not who they seem. Visiting them can be quite dangerous.

3. Systemic. This is the level at which the development program operates. It does not primarily involve remedies and is not focused on relieving or 'curing' symptoms.

Instead, the focus is on the process we call development. This concept and how to do it has been understood by a few people on earth for thousands of years. However, it is not currently taught much because those in charge of the planet do not want it.

Also, the rogues have infiltrated this group of healers. As a result, many who offer holistic, integrated, or nutritional balancing are malicious and intentionally don't do it correctly.

It is a life path that mainly requires a special diet, lots of rest, about eight nutritional supplements and certain whole-system healing procedures.

Cleansing. Equally important is to avoid toxic exposures, most foods, most remedies and many so-called healing procedures such as fasting and the procedures discussed in the section above.

Nutritional restoration and balancing. It also involves the use of tissue mineral testing and a particular method of interpreting the test and balancing the levels and ratios of the tissue minerals.

When one does this, it activates a set of genes that toughen the body, heal most symptoms, and extend the lifespan. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

Implications. It is imperative to decide which method of healing you want and not to mix these up. Our clients mix them up often and it slows of stops development.


12/4/22. A recent incident convinces us that the veterinary profession has been infiltrated by the group we call the rogues. As a result, visiting them can be very dangerous for the health of your pets. We recommend generally avoiding veterinarians. Instead, put animals on the development program.

Animals will go through healing reactions that may be unpleasant, but they are part of deep healing . If one understands them, they need not be a concern.


12/3/22. Phoenix birds. I am told that as of today, some of the defenders of the earth are phoenix birds. These are spoken of in Greek Mythology and elsewhere, even in some Christian texts. I am told they are real and are fierce fighters for peace and justice.

I am told that phoenix birds are fine matter creatures, so we cannot see them. They are about 50 feet long with large claws.

The word phoenix means a purplish color. They are also often drawn with a halo around their head, indicating their spiritual nature. They have to do with renewal, resurrection, love and integrity. They appear at the end of an era on earth.

I am told that several thousand of them are now helping our planet. They can help clear the earth of the rapists, murderers and liars that are running many governments, companies, and other activities on our planet.


12/3/22. We recently had several cases of people on the development program who developed hemorrhoids. In each case, the person ate some fried or roasted food and this seemed to cause the problem.

Even too many blue corn chips could be a problem because too many can irritate the liver. Also, always be sure that blue corn chips, which are a wonderful development food, are not right at or past their expiration date. Supermarkets are not always careful about this and expired chips could contain rancid oil that irritates the liver.


12/3/22. One of our clients developed severe menstrual bleeding that did not stop for weeks after a shot of cortisone. This has occurred in others, as well. Beware that this is a dangerous drug.


12/3/22. We cleaned up and improved the article about digestive aids and the article about hemorrhoids. For details, read GB-3 And Other Digestive Aids and Hemorrhoids.


12/2/22. Reflexology is one of the basic healing and development procedures that is part of every development program. It is very wonderful and powerful, yet quite safe and easy to do.

Reflexology consists of pressing or tapping on various parts of the feet and hands. This improves the flow of subtle energy through the body. It is a very precise and effective method of healing.

The channel system. Reflexology works because it helps clear and heal the body's subtle energy channels. These run vertically through the body from the head to the feet. In acupuncture, they are called the meridians.

Everyone is born with some of these channels poorly developed, blocked, clogged or otherwise damaged. Healing the energy channels and increasing the flow of subtle energy or ether through them is an excellent way to improve one's health.

Types of sessions. One can do a general reflexology session in which one presses on or taps all parts of the foot or hand. The other option is spot therapy. This consists of just working on a particular area of the body such as the thyroid gland or liver.

Dramatic examples. #1. One night a friend called me at 1 AM and asked that I take him to the hospital. He was having severe abdominal pain. I dressed and drove to his apartment. We were about to leave for the hospital but I said let me try reflexology first. After about 10 minutes of a general session plus spot therapy on the abdomen, my friend realized he had food poisoning. He got up, threw up, and it was over.

Example #2. One day I attended a class. The woman sitting next to me suddenly fell on the floor, writhing in pain. She said it was her back, which went out of alignment at times. I reached down, pulled off one of her shoes, and started pressing on the spine area of her foot. Within five minutes, she was out of pain and feeling fine. She was amazed and said usually her back required several visits to a chiropractor to restore it to alignment.

Recommendations. We suggest doing a general reflexology session each day. You can do more if you have particular health condition or other symptoms.

You can press on the reflexes with your fingers. You can also use a foot roller or other reflexology tools to work on the feet or hands. Some practitioners also offer professional reflexology sessions.

Is there danger? Reflexology is very safe. However, it is possible to overtreat. Guidelines are that a general reflexology session can lasts for up to an hour.

For spot therapy it is best not to work on one spot on your feet or hands for more than about five minutes at a time. Then wait an hour before doing it again.


12/1/22. The First Commandment given to Moses was “I am the Lord, Thy God.” This is the idea that indeed there is a God.

I am of the view that if you don't believe in God, it is because you are brainwashed. The solution is to brainwash yourself again but do it correctly – that yes, there is a being who is in charge of our lives and there is a divine order to life.

You shall have no other Gods before me. The Second Commandment is one of the most difficult to keep. It can be stated as “You shall have no other Gods before me.”

The problem is that it is easy to place something or someone else first in your life above God and doing the Will of God. For example, it can seem correct to place your health or your work first (level 1), or your enjoyment or emotions first (level 2), or your reputation first (level 3), or friendship first (level 4), or your family first (level 5), or a belief or ideology first (level 6).

Temptations. All the above are temptations to violate the Second Commandment.

Fear. A common error is to place the emotion of fear (level 2) first in your life and to live from this perspective. One of my teachers said, “Many people are willing to give up their donuts, but few are willing to let go of their fear.”

Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added to it. - Matthew 6:33. This statement is another way to express the Second Commandment. It is a reminder that if you want your health, prosperity, enjoyment, control over life, friends, family, and a satisfying intellectual life, place God and doing the Will of God first and the rest will be added.

Does this mean one should neglect other aspects of life? Definitely not. However, it means that one needs to place seeking truth and doing the Will of the Creator first. Then the rest of your life will fall into place.

Mysteriously, you will be taken cared for. You may not have all that your ego wants, and the timing may not match your view of how things should unfold. That is because we may not really know what we need and God does not necessarily work on our schedule or timing.

Integrity. Following the Second Commandment is the secret to living a life of integrity. Integrity means that all aspects of your life line up together and work together harmoniously. This can only occur when you place God first. Please think about this a lot each day.


11/30/22. We have written previously that our planet and solar system are on a journey through space (see the post of 11/27/22). Today I am told that our planet has crossed into a different realm or area within space. I am told it is better. However, it requires a change in the bodies and that this is going on at this time.

This change may cause fatigue for some people. This is nothing to worry about and it will pass. As I learn more, I will write more about this transition.


11/29/22. We find that doing daily coffee enemas is extremely helpful for one's health. Doing two or more daily also gives anyone much greater protection from rapes and many other problems having to do with the group we call the rogues.

While it may sound unusual, we find it is best not to use organically grown coffee for coffee enemas. The reason is the rogues tend to poison it more than they poison standard commercial coffee.


11/29/22. We find that shining a reddish lamp on coffee for about five minutes just before using it for a coffee enema helps it work better. Please try this addition to the coffee enema procedure. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


11/28/22. A deep teaching is that each of us is the love of the Creator in physical form.

What does this mean? It means that our true role is to be the love that we are. In other words, as we act out our roles during the day, we should do everything with love. As we do this, we will feel better because we are acting from our true nature.

How to love yourself. An important person to love always is yourself. This is sometimes difficult because the body may be old, deformed, beaten or otherwise damaged. However, even in these instances, one is to love the body and use it to express love as best one can.

How to love others. This requires always being a protector of others. A protector is one who always has the other person's best interests in mind. It means never to take advantage of another in a sexual way, a financial way, or any other way.

This is a tall order because selfishness is rampant today. The Bible can help because it teaches the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

This simple rule has large implications. It is always worth saying to yourself, “How would I behave if I were the other person, or if the situation were reversed?”.

The answer is usually not flattering. It is to look out for the interests of others in all cases and make sure your behavior comes from integrity, honesty and sincerity. Such thinking would revolutionize the world!


11/2822. Anemia is a very common health condition. Most often it is due to a copper imbalance. However, this is not known by most physicians.

Physicians often give people iron for anemia when iron is not the solution. Taking iron when it is not needed always makes one's health much worse, so beware.

We updated and improved the article about anemia. For details, read Anemia.


11/27/22. I am told the earth and the solar system are continuing on a journey in which they are moving “upward” through space. This means they are moving higher or toward the head within an enormous fine matter body that lives in space. For details about fine matter, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

Today, I am told, we moved to a safer area of space. This means an area that is less infested with the group we call the Rogues. This is making the journey go faster and it is less hazardous. The higher realm or area is still infiltrated by the rogue presence, but there are fewer of them.

Importance. The journey is important because higher up in space the ether is stronger and purer. This helps all bodies to function better. Some can feel a change in the body and more people will feel it in the future.

The journey is also important because it marks a great change in the earth's healing. It has been difficult, if not impossible, to heal our planet because there were so many of the rogues present. We are hoping that with today's transition there will be fewer of them and the healing of our planet can proceed more quickly.


11/27/22. We made a few corrections to the article about the projection creatures. This is an interesting type of fine matter creature. For details, read The Projection Creatures.


11/26/22. Samantha is 68 years old. When she began the development program her symptoms were hair loss, anxiety, anger, excessive plaque on teeth, osteoporosis, constipation, intestinal gas, frequent infections, fatigue, high cholesterol and insomnia.

Progress on the development program. About three years ago, Samantha found the development program. She has followed the program very faithfully. Slowly, all of her symptoms have improved and most have gone away completely.

Most recent hair analysis. Samantha's most recent retest mineral analysis reveals many joy or development patterns.

NOTE: The following patterns are only valid if one is following the development program with one of our Approved Helpers.

- Coming alive. This is present when all of the first or second four mineral levels increase or remain the same. It indicates better vitality.

- Hill. This pattern is a low calcium/magnesium ratio combined with a high sodium/potassium ratio. It indicates excitement and celebration.

- Forward flip of the Na/K ratio. This is present when the ratio of sodium to potassium increases and changes from too low to normal or high. It indicates an improvement in the electrical balance of the body and more.

- Seven anchor patterns. Anchors are minerals whose level changes little or not at all within certain criteria. They indicate healing of the sulci of the brain.

This is a very positive pattern and difficult to achieve. Rapes and beatings flatten the sulci, so anchor patterns indicate a reversal of these traumas.

- Perking up. This pattern is present when the phosphorus level increases on a retest. In this case, it rose 2 mg%. It indicates improved biosynthesis, which is the production of all the chemicals the body needs to operate and maintain itself. This is an excellent pattern and a necessary step for deep healing and development.

- Everything Coming Out. This pattern is present when at least six mineral levels increase on a retest. It indicates significant detoxification, and is another excellent pattern. Samantha had 10 minerals coming out, which is very good.

- A huge copper elimination. The copper level on this retest increased by a factor of 12. Copper toxicity is common and associated with hair loss, osteoporosis, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms. A rise in the copper level of this size indicates a significant elimination of copper from the body.

- New person pattern. The combination of the above patterns is called a new person pattern. This is a term used by the souls and means a significant improvement in overall health.

Cancer. We find that most people over age 40, and often younger, have some cancer in the body. The bodies are so malnourished and toxic today that we find many children have some cancer, as well.

Usually, it goes undiagnosed until it has been there for at least 10 years. Having root canal-filled teeth makes it worse, as does radiation exposure, hurried lifestyles, and improper diets.

The development program helps reduce the amount of cancer. I am told that Semantha's cancer level is much less than it was three years ago. Copper toxicity, other toxic metals in the body, and a low sodium/potassium ratio are all associated with the presence of cancer. For details, read Cancer And Alternative Therapies.


11/26/22. We updated and improved two articles. For details, read Down Walking and Massage.


11/25/22. This post is somewhat esoteric, but quite interesting. The process called development is associated with certain movements of subtle energy. To develop quickly, it helps to visualize all of the movements.

We mostly focus on moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet because this is often the most difficult and most important of the movements. However, all the movements are important.

The marlin. On November 4, 2022 I wrote about a new visualization that I am using to do the pulling down procedure. It is to visualize being pulled through the water feet first by a large fighting fish such as a marlin.

I clarified and improved the post about the marlin of November 4, 2022. Click here to read this post.

Many movements of development. I realized the reason this visualization may work well is that it moves subtle energy not just downward, but it can also move subtle energy 1) inward, 2) spin right, 3) relax, 4) back and forth wobble, 5) impact, and 6) up and down wobble. These are the other basic movements associated with development.

For details about these movements, read The Seven Movements Of Development.

NOTE: For this visualization to work, one cannot focus on the feeling on one's skin of being pulled through the water. One must focus only on a very thin fishing line that pulls on the feet and also pulls down between your legs. This creates a vacuum that pulls subtle energy downward from your head to your feet.


11/24/22. We recently found a new food that is helping move people along the path of healing and development. It is an ancient preparation of ground chicken mixed with sriracha sauce (a spicy Thai sauce).

The company that makes it is Epic, who just calls it Chicken Sriracha. It looks like a protein bar and is not expensive. It will keep for a while in the refrigerator.

Where to buy it. Some health food stores sell it and it is available from at

How much. At this time, we recommend eating just one small bite of this food bar each day. It is easy to slide the bar out of its wrapper, take a bite, and replace the bar in its plastic wrapper.

It is spicy and tasty, so don't overdo! We will be researching it more and we plan to update this recommendation in the future.


11/24/22. Children and adults often wrongly learn that Thanksgiving is a harvest festival that the early settlers of America celebrated with the Native people who lived near them.

This is not true. In fact, thanksgiving celebrates the idea of private property and free market economics. The true story is that in the colony of Jamestown, the founders first set up a system of communal ownership of the land. Everyone was supposed to help out tending the land and growing the crops.

The system did not work. What happened is that some were lazy and did little work. People also argued about which crops to plant and there was much discord and strife. As a result, for several years the people went hungry and the communal system nearly destroyed the colony.

Finally, they decided on a different system. Each family was given a plot of land and it was theirs to do as they wished. If they were lazy or sloppy, they would starve.

We know this system today as free market capitalism or the free enterprise economic system. It worked beautifully. That year there was a bountiful harvest of food and the people held a celebration that we call Thanksgiving.


11/23/22. Many people are quickly forgetting the legal and constitutional horror that occurred during the past two years in America and in other nations. It is critical to recall these legal violations so that it does not happen again.

Some people rightly call the past two years “a dry run for the establishment of the police state”.

People were ordered to stay home, and businesses, schools and churches were shut down, all by “executive order”. People were forced to wear masks and some were forced to take dangerous vaccines to keep their jobs. Thousands lost their businesses and thousands lost their lives due to the vaccines, though this is under-reported.

Most important is that none of this is legal in the United States and some other nations. However, there was very little protest from the legal community or anyone else.

I was particularly disappointed that all the conservative and libertarian organizations I checked, and most conservative commentators, went right along with many of the violations of the law. Let us review the laws:

- Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Declaration Of Independence uses these words. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes leaving your home and conducting a business. This is basic for economic survival, as well.

- The right to speak, worship and assemble. The First Amendment to the national and state constitutions say that no law shall be passed that abridges the right to assemble (to leave your home), the right to speak (includes commercial speech) and the right to worship.

- Power of Congress to intervene in health issues. Article I, Section 8 lists the powers delegated to the national government. Similar sections of the state constitutions list the powers delegated to the states by the people. Getting involved in health care at all is not among them.

- The unconstitutional emergency powers acts. The covid-19 actions were justified under the Emergency Powers Acts. These are laws passed over the past 80 years or so that give the state governors and president dictatorial powers in the event of an emergency. They are thoroughly unconstitutional because there is no basis for them in the constitutions.

They also include presidential executive orders and presidential pardons of criminals. These need to stop, as well.

- The unconstitutional police powers doctrine. The emergency powers acts are based on an older phony legal doctrine called the police powers doctrine. This rogue doctrine arose in the 1800s in America and is also thoroughly anti-constitutional. It is found nowhere in the constitution and directly opposes the constitutions.

- Corrupt judges at all levels. The above is pure corruption of the American legal system. The justices of the Supreme Court and judges in lower courts became corrupt soon after the nation formed and have upheld these unconstitutional laws. This needs to change.

- The rogues. We have to keep repeating that there is a specific group of beings that is not from this planet that is responsible for this. They use very high-tech methods and are very secretive. This is not conspiracy theory or paranoia.

We call them the Rogues on this website. The Bible makes reference to them as Satan, but gives few details about them.

(I am told that the word Satan means full of himself. It is related to our words satiate, sated, saturate, satisfied and satrap. Its opposite is to do the Will of God, which is an emptiness of self or self-will.

This is stated in the Bible as “Of myself, I can do nothing... I seek not my own will, but rather the Will of the Father...” - John 30-32. The Jeshua material says “Empty of self, empty of striving, I am one with God.” The Pulling Down Procedure is this same emptying process, which is why we recommend it.)

- The fully informed jury. There needs to be restoration of a critical legal concept in America called the fully informed jury. It is the concept that a jury of citizens may not only determine innocence or guilt, but also may nullify a bad law. This is very needed today to get rid of thousands of bad laws.

- The right to contract. State constitutions say the government shall pass no law abridging the right to contract. Conducting business is contracting with others and is a right that cannot be taken away unless the business itself is illegal.

- The takings clause. The constitution states that the government may not take the property of the citizens without just compensation. Also, property may only be taken for a public purpose such as a need to build a highway through your property. This is called the concept of eminent domain.

Shutting business and churches is clearly taking the property of the citizens because they cannot make use of the property. Yet there was very little or no compensation given to the business owners and the takings were not for reasons of building a road or something similar.

- The Fourth Amendment and the right to privacy. This has been violated for years in many ways. It became worse in the past two years with talk of 'vaccine passports' and other invasions of personal privacy.

- Forced medical treatment. In America, the government may not force medical treatment on the people. Your right to your property includes a right to protect your body as you see fit.

Yet the govenment did exactly this with vaccine “mandates” for government workers and others. Businesses are not allowed to do this either, but they got away with it and corrupt judges allowed it.

- Dr. Fauci's violations. Dr. Fauci was head of the National Institutes of Health Infectious Disease Division. There are about 27 of these health institutes in America. These institutes are thoroughly unconstitutional since health care is not listed as one of the areas in which the national government may intervene.

Dr. Fauci is not an elected leader or representative of the people, is not accountable to the people, and was not the surgeon-general of the United States (although this may be an illegal position from a constitutional standpoint). Yet the president and media gave him tremendous power.

- Censorship. Meanwhile, opposing views by private physicians and others were either ignored or worse, suppressed. This included the use of simple drugs such as Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, the use of nutrition and nutritional supplements, and opposition to the extremely dangerous covid “vaccines” (which are not vaccines).

The opposition was and is called “covid misinformation” and censorship was used to silence it. Censorship abridges the right to speak freely and needs to be stopped wherever it appears.

- Collusion between the government and big tech such as Google, Facebook, media outlets and more. The government colluded with these businesses to censor and otherwise silence opposition to their policies.

- Mr. Trump's violations. Mr. Trump went along with Dr. Fauci's recommendations and appeared with him on television on many occasions. The president also failed to inform the people of their rights and how they were being violated.

- Mr. Biden no better. The current president is no better and worse in some ways. He also took power while there were numerous pending Supreme Court cases challenging the validity of the 2020 election – an extreme and treasonous violation of the law.


11/22/22. Coffee enemas are extremely important and helpful at this time in history. We cannot say this often enough. Ideally, do two or more each day. Reasons for using them are to:

- Provide nutrients not found in other foods.

- Detoxify the liver, kidneys, heart and brain. This is needed today by everyone in an ongoing fashion thanks to widespread poisoning of our food, water and air.

- Greatly improve the activity of the large intestine. This organ does not function properly in most people and is one of the most diseased organs of the body. This is due to improper diets, stress, traumas and other factors.

- Excellent for the skin and all skin conditions. In part, this is because the body uses the skin for detoxification when the large intestine does not function well. As one heals the colon, the burden upon the skin is less.

- Helpful for pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic syndrome.

- Helpful for all ovarian, testicular, vaginal and uterine conditions.

- Have an astringent quality that helps heal all the tissues.

- Move subtle energy downward through the body from the head to the feet.

- Make the body more parasympathetic.

- Make the body warmer or more yang.

- Cause rapid development. Along with superior nutrition, lots of rest and the pulling down procedure, coffee enemas are a powerful method for causing a wonderful genetic and energetic shift in the body.

Development used to be known and taught widely and we are bringing back this knowledge of how to dramatically improve health and lengthen the lifespan. For details, read Introduction To Development.

- Contain very smart and very caring souls that do many jobs in the body. For example, they are excellent healers and even are able to remove unusual toxins that everyone has today such as curses and other witchcraft used by the Rogues.

- Contain ferments. These are special organisms that make various nutrients and help the body in many other ways, as well.

- Contain other tiny fine matter creatures who help with healing and detoxification. For example, they help the body to remove toxic iron, toxic manganese, aluminum and many other toxic minerals.

- Help rid the body of infections, cancers, and parasites that most people have and which shorten one's life.

- As a form of psychodrama for problems of the lower body. This is a powerful psychological healing method. For details, read Psychodrama.

- Help rid the body of traumas to the lower body. For details, read Trauma Release.

- Help heal the so-called upper bodies and other subtle anatomy of a person. For details, read The Human Energy Field Or Aura.

- They are the best method we know of to protect oneself against rapes, beatings and other tortures perpetrated the alien group called the rogues, also called Satan in the Bible.

- While it may unusual, use of coffee enemas are assisting our planet at this time. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


11/21/22. Francis is 74 years old. About fifteen years ago she developed a severe thyroid imbalance. Blood tests indicated a very low thyroid condition and she was constantly tired.

It worried her doctor enough that at one point he recommended hospitalization to run more tests and attempt to figure out the cause. However, Francis preferred not to take medication and instead to pursue natural methods of healing.

The development program. About ten years ago, Francis discovered the development program. She began slowly with mainly the diet and supplements. Her living situation prevented her from following the program completely.

Correction has been slow, but is proceeding very nicely without a need for thyroid replacement hormones. In most all cases, the thyroid glands today are depleted of nutrients and toxic with copper, mercury and the iodine antagonists – chlorine, bromine and fluorine. For details, read Thyroid Disease.

A deceptive case. At first glance the most recent mineral test does not look very good. The test reveals a four lows pattern, a bowl pattern and a trauma or death pattern. This would seem to mean the person is quite stuck and in a difficult situation.

Joy or development patterns. However, upon closer examination, Francis has a number of joy patterns. These are indicators of progress and more specifically indicate a degree of development.

Development is an overall toughening and strengthening of the body that involves turning on certain genes that are not usually active. It requires special nutrition and plenty of rest and sleep. For details, read Introduction To Development.

This case emphasizes the need to look for the joy patterns and not simply look at imbalances on tissue mineral retests.

Most recent hair mineral test. Joy or development patterns on this test are:

- Coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four or second four minerals all increase or remain the same. It indicates an increase in vitality and life force.

- Out of the pit. The test changed from a low four lows pattern with a sodium/potassium ratio of 1 to less of a four lows pattern and a sodium/potassium ratio of 1.67. This may not seem too impressive and visually it is hardly noticeable. However, it is a significant improvement.

- Nine anchor patterns. Anchor patterns are mineral levels that change little or not at all within certain criteria. They indicate deepening of the ridges or sulci of the brain. This results in much better thinking ability. Nine anchor patterns on one retest is excellent and called a wise person pattern.

Traumas such as beatings and rapes flatten the sulci and impair one's ability to think clearly. Impaired cognitive ability is common today and not easy to repair with most healing programs.

Correction occurs easily, however, with the development program. We believe the reason is a combination of 1)deeply renourishing the body with the cooked vegetable diet, 2) detoxification of several dozen toxic metals (not just one or two), 3) making the body warner or more yang in macrobiotic terminology (see Yin Disease) and other effects of the program.

- A three amigo dump. This is an increase in the levels of iron, manganese and aluminum all at the same time. It is an elimination of toxic oxide and carbonate compounds of these minerals.

The oxides and carbonates are in part compensations for an acidic condition of the body. However, they irritate the tissues and are very pro-inflammatory. They cause oxidant damage.

Rather than give a lot of anti-oxidants, the development program is able to actually remove these mineral compounds. People feel much better when they are gone and the body is much healthier. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Others.

- A standard surge. This is an increase in the hair tissue sodium and potassium levels. It is associated with a better energy level and better vitality.

- Everything coming out or all out. This is an increase in the levels of at least six minerals on a retest mineral analysis. If a person is following the development program, this pattern indicates a significant elimination of toxins from the body. It is an excellent detoxification indicator.

NOTE: If a person is not following the development program, none of the patterns on retests are necessarily valid.

- Leaving the cult. This is an elimination of certain toxic metals that are often acquired during traumas such as beatings and rapes. The way it works is that trauma causes a rapid loss of vital minerals from the body. This is part of the fight-or-flight response of the autonomic nervous system.

Then, toxic metals are quickly transferred from the body of a rapist through sweat, saliva and other means and replace the nutrient minerals. As a result, a person feels strangely ill after such a trauma. The cause can only be understood biochemically.

- Maturing. The test indicates the elimination of some of the 'child minerals'. These include toxic potassium, nickel, copper and mercury. These minerals have a curious effect on the brain and tend to keep a person somewhat childish in certain ways such as feeling dependent upon others.

Eliminating of ‘child’ minerals, as occurred on this retest, improves one’s personality and results in feeling more independent and whole. It can occur at any age. Some of our clients who are babies eliminate them by age two. They often announce to their parents that they are no longer babies!

- 'Turning a corner' and 'new person'. These terms indicate significant overall improvements in a person's health and well-being. They are due to a combination of the other patterns above.


11/19/22. One way to understand maturity is that it is living mainly from your seventh energy center and not mainly from any of the lower energy centers - one through six.

What is living from the seventh center? Living from the seventh center is learning to tune into God, the High Self, the souls, the Source or the Creator. From this source of information, one can and will receive guidance as to how to conduct your entire life in the best way possible.

Learning to live this way is not easy. Everyone's seventh energy center is damaged by poor nutrition, toxic metals and toxic chemicals, rogue brain implants, and traumas such as accidents, beatings and rapes.

Living from the other energy centers. Living from the first center is focusing mainly on one's physical life. It is associated with living to make money, to eat food, to exercise or do other physical activities. Many people make this the center of their lives.

Living from the second center has to do with focusing on one's emotions, on sex and on sexual relationships. This is also a common focus of many people.

Living from the third center is focusing on the ego and living in a way that gives one power and control over self and others. Living from the first three centers is very selfish and causes many problems in society.

Living from the fourth energy center is focusing your life on your friendships and family.

Living from the fifth energy center means focusing on life on one's job, career or other work or creative activities.

Living from the sixth energy center is placing one's focus on one's intellectual life and on one's ideology and beliefs. This can include religious beliefs.

Focusing one's life on these lower energy centers may produce a “successful” life in worldly terms, but it does not cause maturity as well as living from the seventh center.

The development program helps undo the damage to the seventh center so that one more easily live from this energy center. The healing procedures done every day such as the Pulling Down Procedure and Coffee Enemas are particularly helpful.

For more details, read Maturity for Women and How To Mature Quickly. We just improved the second article.


11/19/22. Certain toxic metals and toxic forms of nutrient minerals keep a person less mature, and thinking and behaving more like a child. We call these child minerals. This is an important concept in development science and for the health of all societies on earth.

The group we call the rogues or Satan in the Bible want the people of earth to behave like scared, angry and dependent little children. One way they achieve this is to bring to the earth certain toxic metals and toxic forms of nutrient minerals. These minerals affect the personality in specific ways to keep a person immature and childish.

The rogues spread these minerals on the food crops, in the air and in the water supplies. They include copper, mercury, toxic potassium, toxic iron, toxic manganese, aluminum and nickel.

The development program in one of the very few ways we know of to remove these minerals from the body. They are replaced with minerals such as zinc, selenium and better forms of other minerals that produce more mature and more spiritually-minded people. For details, read the updated Child Minerals article.


11/18/22. Back hugs are a method of hugging that is not commonly known. However, it is very effective for healing and development.

Down hugging. One of the most powerful methods of healing and development is down hugging. This is basically a prolonged hug between a man and a woman. Due to the special blending of their energies, this arrangement of the bodies rapidly moves both the man and the woman forward in their healing and development. For details, read Down Hugging and Down Sex.

Back hugging. This is a variant of down hugging. The most common hugging position is to have the front of both bodies facing each other. However, another very powerful type of hug is to have the bodies face the same direction with one body in front of the other. This is called a back hug or a love hug.

Advantages. Advantages of this hugging position are: 1) all of the body organs and their associated energy fields line up perfectly. This does not occur with a front-to-front hug.

2) The back hug position is less sexy. This may be less fun, but it is more relaxing and feels much safer for some people.

3) Back hugging is a more comfortable position for sleeping together. The blending of energies and the healing will occur during sleep.

One can do back hugging while lying down, sitting or standing up. We highly recommend down hugging and back hugging. We will add back hugging to the Down Hugging article.


11/17/22. I prefer to write about the development program – an extremely positive topic. I also enjoy writing about the cleanup of the earth, which I am told is moving ahead at this time. Today's messages are related to maturity and development.


According to the Hebrew calendar, we are nearing the end of an important period of time that the Bible calls the sixth day. It is an important time. For details, read The End Of The Sixth Day.

I am told that deeper causes of problems around the world at this time include apathy, ignorance, cowardice and selfishness or lack of love and gratitude. I am told that these are at the heart of present-day world problems. Correcting them in yourself is most important.


11/17/22. The group we call the rogues remind me of the Biblical “tree of knowledge of good and evil”. The rogues are extremely smart and seem to know a lot about many subjects. This includes how to hurt people with weapons, poisons, beatings, rapes, torture and much more.

The Bible says to stay away from this and to eat only of the “tree of life”. This, to me, is to do the will of the Creator in all things at all times. It is associated with an active seventh energy center.

One might say that this idea conflicts with the post just above that suggests that people suffer because of ignorance, which is lack of knowledge. However, the two are not in conflict. If one tunes in properly, one will be given knowledge when it is needed.


11/17/22. There was massive cheating in the recent American election. We have written before about this problem.

Voting machines and mail-in ballots are invitations to cheating. Lax voter identification, such as requiring only an electric bill in your name, are so easy to fake it is ridiculous.

Also, most women are raped and beaten, and told to vote Democrat or liberal by the group we call the rogues. The rogues control the Democratic Party, which today is a left-wing, communist political party.

We also wrote about how the rogues send in thousands of people to our state who vote in multiple states, a serious violation of our laws. These are just a few methods used to cheat on elections.

In our state, lawsuits were filed regarding the election. According to the law, the election should have been stopped until the cases could all be heard and decided. Instead, the secretary of state just went ahead and certified the election results without waiting for the cases to be heard and resolved. This is also thoroughly illegal.


11/16/22. Max Gerson, MD, popularized the use of coffee enemas for healing more than anyone else. His book, A Cancer Therapy – Results Of 50 Cases, includes the case of a two-year-old child who recovered from cancer using daily coffee enemas.

For us, coffee enemas for children is a research area. However, so far the enemas work very well and there are no problems associated with them. Many children would benefit from them because many are born with a toxic liver and other health conditions that benefit from coffee enemas.

Procedure. Prepare coffee the same way as for an adult. The amount needed depends on the size of the child and varies from about ¼ cup for a two-year-old to two cups for a large teenaged child.

The easiest way to give a coffee enema to a baby or young child is to place the child on his stomach on a bed or massage table. Small-sized enema tips are available that fit on a standard enema bag or bucket. Alternatively, one could use an eye dropper to insert coffee into a baby. Older children can do enemas exactly the same way as adults.

For details, read the updated article, Coffee Enemas.


11/15/22. As one continues to do the pulling down procedure each day, I am told that one moves through four stages:

1. SLUDGE. In the beginning, moving energy downward through the body from the head to the feet is difficult. It may even seem impossible, at times. This is because many of the energy channels are damaged and blocked. It is like moving water through mud and sludge.

I call this the clogged toilet syndrome. It is as if one is trying to flush a toilet, but the toilet is clogged so it is difficult to get it to work.

As one continues, one will have better days when the energy flows a little better, and this can keep one doing the procedure.

2. MOVEMENT. After several months up to a year or two of doing the pulling down procedure, most people report that the pulling down procedure becomes a little easier. At least one can feel some movement of energy downward through the body when doing the procedure.

In this stage, some of the energy channels have unblocked and more ether flows through the body. The 'flow' often begins in the neck and moves around to various places in the body.

Many of our clients say at this stage that they like the exercise and they know it is working. It will bring up one's issues and it heals many health conditions in the body. This helps keep one doing the procedure.

NOTE: Just keep pulling downward. Do not be tempted to move the energy in directions other than downward. Other directions are not safe.

The milestone. A wonderful day occurs when the central channel or conception vessel in acupuncture opens. Etheric energy flows down the middle of the body from the head to the feet. This feels very good. One becomes much more centered and grounded.

The words and actions of others have less effect. One becomes more centered in oneself, which is not the same as self-centered or selfish. It just means one is more in control of oneself and events and other people are less in control.

Coffee enemas. As one continues with the procedure, one will feel the energy move downward through the chest, abdomen and into the pelvis and the legs. This is a lengthy process of healing and open millions of tiny vertical energy channels all over the body.

The entire program helps the process, and particularly the coffee enemas. We are not sure why, but it must provide necessary nutrients or a needed energetic quality.

This is one reason we now suggest doing at least two enemas daily. Another reason is for protection against the visits and other horrors from the 'men' we call the rogues who beat and rape people.

Diet. At a certain point, a dietary change is needed. One will need to eat some nuts, especially almonds. Also, as digestion improves, one can eat whole almonds and does not require almond butter.

Broadcasting. One also begins to do more broadcasting. This is wonderful, although at first one may not be aware one is doing it. One basically begins to heal the entire world.

If you a client, we will let you know when this occurs. For details, read Broadcasting and Maturity For Women (And Men).

3. FLOW. Reaching this stage requires 25 to 50 years of pulling down for most people. Suddenly one day the energy flows fairly easily all the way down and through the body.

It is a wonderful feeling. The body feels more transparent, lighter, and more empty. One is becoming more of a light being and less of a dense, physical being.

Diet. Dietary changes are needed at this stage with less red meat. One cannot digest red meat as well. There is something about heme iron found in abundance in red meat that is less compatible with the body. One also needs a little less food.

Fun. At this stage, the pulling down procedure becomes a lot more fun and exciting. Health is better. Unusual abilities often appear and one can help others tune up and develop rather easily.

Energy. In this stage, one's energy level improves. One usually moves into stage four of energy production.

Most people do not realize that our bodies have a number of methods of converting food and beverages into ATP or usable energy. Some of the methods are well known such as the glycolysis and Krebs cycles. However, there are more advanced methods, as well, that provide even more ATP and lead to better health. For details, read The Seven Energy Systems.

4. JOY. This is a very advanced stage. The ether flows effortlessly through many open channels. The body is much more at one with the entire universe and feels much lighter and happier.

I am told that reaching this stage requires years of doing the pulling down procedure. However, it will occur quite naturally if one just persists with the procedure and the development program to provide the nutrients that development requires.

The four stages of the pulling down procedure correspond to the four steps of any action. For details, read The Four Steps To Action.


11/14/22. For coffee enemas, definitely avoid light roast coffee. It is toxic and the toxicity is subtle. When one uses it, one may feel better for a while. However, it will cause liver toxicity and it is not good for development.

We also suggest avoiding any company that is promoting light roast coffee. They are either ignorant or malicious.


11/14/22. Clark Engelbert and Lynda Cross are no longer working with us. We have removed their names from the Helper list.

If you are one of their clients, we strongly recommend that to receive the best advice from Dr. Wilson and our healing team, find a new Helper from the list of Helpers on the Find A Helper page.


11/14/22. We added the case history below to a new article about colitis. For details, read Colitis.


11/13/22. Virginia is 53 years old and has had severe colitis ever since a series of rapes and beatings that we call the rape process that occurred when she was a teenager.

Symptoms. She has had flare-ups of severe diarrhea on and off for over 30 years that nothing will stop. When they occur, she is basically tied to her home and must remain near a bathroom at all times.

The diarrhea is bloody and painful, and it feels as though her insides are coming out. She has hemorrhoids and has had rectal prolapse, as well, from the severe diarrhea.

She was also weak at all times, tired, achy, depressed, anxious, often mentally confused and irritable.

She visited many physicians and tried many medications. None helped much and several of them made her quite ill. One made her think she would die. It was a sedative and it was too powerful.

She also followed almost two dozen diets, with very little success. Some made her feel better for a short time, but then they stopped working.

Natural therapies. She also tried many natural therapies such as probiotics, prebiotics and more. Her tests showed her intestinal flora was incorrect with a lot of yeast and e. coli.

However, none of the methods she tried corrected the flora. This was very frustrating for her and her physicians. They did not understand why she did not respond.

The development program. About three years ago she came across a case history on our website, so she decided to try the development program.

The diet. At first, the development dietary program was a problem because it contained so much vegetable fiber. However, by cooking the vegetables thoroughly she found she could eat quite a few.

The other foods did not bother her much, and this was good. She did not experience immediate relief, but she felt stronger after following the development diet for about three months. This would be a key to her healing!

The supplements. She has had a difficult time with a few of the supplements, so she does her best to take them when she can.

Procedures. The idea of doing coffee enemas frightened her so she has never done too many. However, she has been surprised that she can do them when her intestines are not too irritated.

The pulling down procedure has been very helpful and easy to do at all times, even during a flare-up. The other procedures – the spinal twists, pops, pulls and kicks and foot reflexology have always made her feel better, and she can do them at any time. The reddish heat lamp therapy has also been calming any time she does it.

Mineral analysis results. The development program is the only one Virginia tried that offered tissue mineral testing. She found this unusual, since minerals are basic for life.

Toxic metals. Her hair tissue mineral tests over the past five years have consistently shown high levels of mercury and other toxic metals. At first they were present as poor eliminator patterns, so other physicians probably missed them. These patterns are very low levels of the mineral.

Mercury. Mercury is one of toxic metals that started out extremely low. We know this is not a good sign.

Mercury kills some germs, but not others. We believe the high mercury and other toxic metals made it impossible to correct Virginia's intestinal flora. On the development program, the toxic metal levels have slowly normalized. As they have, Virginia has felt better overall.

Other changes. She also noticed that she looked better and spoke better. She was less afraid to go out, a problem for people with colitis and sometimes a sign of mercury toxicity. She was also less irritable and easier to be around.

Chelation. Before finding the development program, Virginia tried chelation therapy for toxic metal poisoning, but it did not work.

We think it was not nearly powerful enough and it caused other problems. It further unbalanced her body chemistry and she felt worse after doing it. For details as to why we do not recommend chelation, read Chelation Therapy. This is very important because many physicians think this is a good therapy, but it is not.

Trauma retracing. Releasing trauma was a key to Virginia's healing. About two years into the development program, Virginia started to have flashbacks about several filthy, disgusting rapes and beatings. These were intense and scary. For details, read The Rape Planet, Rape and Beatings.

However, she had read about retracing and that it was a feature of the development program. She also read that most women have been beaten and raped severely, starting in late childhood by the group called the rogues.

When the memories arose, she cried a lot but was able to handle them and wanted them to surface and be released. This is a very unique aspect of the development program that she did not understand and no one could seem to understand how it worked.

HOW IT WORKS. Retracing with the development program occurs for a number of reasons: 1) improving the adaptive energy level and efficiency of the body, 2) balancing the major minerals, 3) a return of thousands of souls to the body thanks to the diet.

4) Making the body warmer and more compact. These are physics qualities that are very important. For details, read Yin Disease.

5) “Updating” the minerals in the body (very, very important). For details, see the post of 11/10/22, 6) using God's method to heal the body (explained below),

7) “Emptying the body” using the pulling down procedure and the reddish heat lamp. For details, read the post of 11/9/22.

8) Opening subtle energy channels using reflexology and the pulling down procedure. For details, read Channel Therapy,

9) “Wake up”, which means starting the amazing process called development,

10) More rest. Rest is a huge part of the development program, such as going to bed early and sleeping up to 12 hours daily, if needed. Other programs did not emphasize this key to healing.

11) The parasympathetic or “down” lifestyle of the program. For details, read Downward Movement Of Energy And Healing.

12) More love (Virginia's Helper and Dr. Wilson have a love that she has not found among most physicians.)

Recent mineral test. Earlier this year, 2022, Virginia was still having flare-ups, but they were less frequent. In the past few months, however, they suddenly stopped except for a few very mild ones. Virginia's most recent mineral test showed a number of important healing or joy patterns:

A goalpost. This looks like two spikes - a little like the goalposts of an American football stadium. The pattern indicates reaching or achieving a goal.

Coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four or the second four minerals on an ARL chart all increase or remain the same. The pattern indicates more vitality.

Nine anchor patterns. These are mineral levels that remain the same or similar on a retest. For some reason, they correlate with a particular type of healing of the sulci of the brain and nervous system. Nine anchors on one retest is called the wise person pattern because it indicates a lot of brain healing.

A 'three' dump or three amigo dump. This is an increase in the level of iron, manganese and aluminum. This is a significant healing pattern. Often a person with this pattern feels significantly better, with more energy.

When the patterns above appear together, the souls often call the situation a new person.

What is meant by God's method to heal the body? The method used to balance the minerals on the development program appears to be the work of William Albrecht, PhD and Dr. Paul Eck. However, a few years ago I began to be able to tune into the souls. They say this method is ancient and the one they use. They call it “God's method”.


11/12/22. I am told that space is not empty. It is filled with a special energy. More precisely, space is filled with high-energy particles that are called the ether. For details, read The Ether.

Space also contains many small and large living creatures. We have reported on this before and will continue to do so.

I am also told there is a war in the heavens at this time between the beings that live there and a group of very technologically advanced beings. On this website, we call them the Rogues. The Bible calls them Satan.

Movement through space. I am told that our planet and solar system are currently moving to a different location in space. I am asked to report this, although I cannot confirm this or feel the movement.

This movement cannot be seen in the sky yet because many planets are moving with us and because it takes light a number of years to reach us from distant stars.

The biological concept of space. I am told that outer space is actually the body of an enormous fine matter being. Inside this huge being are many smaller, but still very large fine matter beings who form the organs and tissues of the enormous being. To understand fine matter, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

I am told that this is the basic organization of space. Some call this the biological concept of space.

Restoring the earth. I am told we are moving to a 'higher' part of this body - toward the head. I am told that the solar system belongs there and was moved downward thousands of years ago. So it is a process of restoring the earth to its correct location.

The pineal gland. I told that our solar system belongs in the head of a large, female fine matter being. She is one of the smaller beings inside the extremely large being that is all of space.

We are in the area of the brain known on earth as the pineal gland. I am told that our planet should function as part of this gland.

The pineal gland is not well understood by earth scientists. It has something to do with sleep and it is found at the base of the seventh energy center. It secretes the hormone melatonin. I am told it secretes other hormones, as well.


11/12/22. We are learning that the rogues use rape as part of a process of beating, poisoning and conditioning women in order to control their thoughts and actions. Many women experience a series of rapes, at least 12. Each one is carefully designed to move the woman along a path of conditioning and brainwashing.

During the rape process, women are given strict instructions not to discuss their rapes with others, how to behave, how to vote, and even how to kill other people. It is done with deep hypnotic and high-tech methods so that many women do not consciously remember it.

We know this sounds awful and it is. Apparently, the rogues find this necessary to control our planet. We are learning this as a cleanup of the earth slowly proceeds.

This is very important information because the rapes and beatings leave many women mentally impaired. Some are completely unable to function well.

Others experience very disturbing flashbacks or post-traumatic stress symptoms. This can occur during the development program and causes a few women to abandon the program.


11/11/22. I am understanding the pulling down procedure much better. Here are the elements of it:

- Effort. It requires a mental effort. It is truly a mental “workout”. It is not exactly relaxing or meditative. It causes relaxation later because it heals the body, but the exercise itself is not relaxing.

In fact, the procedure may bring up thoughts or feelings that are unpleasant, at times. That is okay. They will pass, no matter how disturbing they may seem. I call it going to the movies and I am the subject of the movie.

Doing it gently does very little. The harder or more forcefully one does it, the better! After a while, you build up your “mental muscle”, which feels very good.

- Active prayer. The pulling down procedure a form of active prayer. It is quite powerful.

Many people tell me they don't do the pulling down procedure because they pray a different way every day. However, when the guides check these people, they are often not healing as well as those who regularly do the pulling down procedure. I do both types of prayer.

- An aspect of wisdom. The subject of development and the use of the pulling down procedure is part of living wisely. Some do it instinctively and one can easily make it part of one's lifestyle.

- Two basic ways to do it. Both require moving your attention to below your feet. Then, one basic method is to create a vacuum underneath the feet. This creates a pull. One creates a vacuum by imagining under the feet a vacuum cleaner, or a magnet, or a black hole of space, or a powerful machine gun that sends a blast downward out your feet.

The other method is to imagine a very thin wire connected to your spine or stomach area that is pulling downward on the body. The wire needs to be just one electron wide. If you do this correctly, you will feel a speedup of downward energy.

- Emptying. To do the exercise correctly, you need to feel that you are emptying out the body through your feet. At one level this is absolutely true. You may not feel it at first, but it is a goal and a feeling. You empty physical toxins as well as mental and emotional toxins and traumas, too. For more details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


11/10/22. A way to understand the development program is that it updates the minerals in the body. It is like replacing lower-quality parts in a car with better quality parts. Updating your minerals causes much better health.

Older and newer minerals. The souls use the words older and newer minerals to describe minerals in our bodies. Older minerals include toxic metals and more toxic forms of nutrient minerals.

The latter include oxide and carbonate compounds of iron, manganese, and many others. They cause hundreds of health conditions or 'dis-eases'. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Others.

The medical and natural health professions give the health conditions fancy Latin names. They don't realize that most are just the result of toxic conditions and nutritional depletion of the body.

Newer minerals include iodine, zinc, selenium, silicon, good quality manganese, and a few others. We also call these the spiritual minerals. When one replaces the older minerals with the newer ones, health improves dramatically.

All the bodies contain too many of the older minerals. We are born with them today because our mothers have them. There are too many around because the group called the Rogues, also called Satan in the Bible, want it that way.

The rogues bring more of them to the earth. They also remove the newer minerals from the earth and store them away from the planet. This may sound outrageous, but I am told it is true. There is currently an effort to return the newer minerals or spiritual minerals to the earth.

Preferred minerals. Replacing minerals is part of the concept of preferred minerals. It states that a number of enzymes and structures of the body can use various minerals. However, some are preferable to others.

For example, cadmium can replace zinc in some enzymes. Cadmium atoms “look like” zinc atoms because their outer electron shells are the same. This gives cadmium certain qualities that are similar to zinc. Cadmium is found just below zinc on the periodic table of the elements.

Similarly, lead can replace calcium. Mercury and arsenic can replace zinc and selenium in some enzymes, and so on.

Development. Development is the activation of certain genes through proper nutrition and using the pulling down procedure. It produces a tougher and longer-lasting body. Development requires replacing the older minerals with the newer minerals.

Development is well known among some Native groups on earth such as the Bushmen of the Kalahari. It should be common knowledge in the Western nations, as well. However, at this time it is not taught except in a handful of monasteries.

The reason is that the rogues do not want it taught. For some reason, we are able to teach it. For details, read Introduction To Development.


11/10/22. Recently, we wrote to stop using a red heat lamp to activate coffee before using it in an enema. That was incorrect.

The idea of 'charging up' coffee by exposing it for about five to ten minutes to the rays of a reddish heat lamp is a good one. It is a little more effort, but is not difficult.

I place the measuring cup containing coffee under a red heat lamp while I do a plain water purge before doing a coffee enema. When I am finished with the purge, the coffee has been sufficiently charged up. The coffee enema works better this way.


11/10/22. America and other Western nations are at war with China, but the media rarely reports it. It has been going on for at least 40 years.

The real perpetrators are not the Chinese. This nation, along with a few others such as Russia, is just being used by the group we call the rogues. It is time people realize the truth and that the Western nations take steps to stop it.

Manufacturing has slowly been shifted to China. The communist Chinese have also infiltrated all our government agencies. They also control the cell phone system, the media, most universities, many companies, satellite technology and much much more.

I am told they are also secretly landing thousands of soldiers all over America and parts of Europe, in preparation for a military invasion. Meanwhile, the American military has been torn apart and is in bad condition. It is all done quite secretly and using very high-tech methods.

Some are aware of the problem and are taking steps to stop it. However, everyone needs to know what is going on because it helps explain cheating on our elections, violations of our laws, problems with our food and other products, and more.


11/9/22. The basic healing principles of development science include making the body more yang, moving subtle energy downward, making the body more parasympathetic, relaxing the body, renourishing the body, and detoxifying the body. When one does these correctly, deep healing occurs.

EMPTYING. Another, more subtle principle, is emptying the body and mind. It is a “negative” principle because it is not about adding anything. It is purely a principle of removal. Here are more details.

The physical aspect - detoxify. To apply the emptying principle, it is necessary to detoxify or remove toxins and waste products deeply from the body and the mind. Coffee enemas are excellent for this purpose because today everyone's intestinal elimination is sluggish.

The red lamp sauna helps because most everyone's skin does not eliminate as well as it could. Nutrition, especially eating a lot of cooked vegetables, is essential because otherwise the body cannot eliminate many kinds of toxins.

Vegetable fiber safely carries away toxins while other chemicals help the body change toxins into forms the body can eliminate and shepherd them out of the body safely and easily.

The correct supplements are important because they balance the body chemistry and thereby increase energy efficiency. Lots of adaptive energy is needed to detoxify. For details, read Detoxification.

The emotional aspect – letting go. This is a deep psychological principle. Most people collect and then worry, ruminate and judge events, thoughts and more. This is incorrect from the emptying perspective.

The correct attitude is don't hold on to thoughts, feelings or anything. When they come up, allow them, watch them and let them go. Imagine they are like clouds in the sky or the wind. They come and they go.

This takes practice and becomes easier as one does it more. For details, read Letting Go.

The emptying lifestyle. Live in the present by dying to the past in each moment.” One must let go of all that has occurred in the past in order to live fully in the present, where all healing takes place.

This does not mean to deny or suppress what occurred in the past. It means do not rehash, worry or focus on the past. By doing so, the past slowly loses its energy and its hold over you.

The spiritual aspect. Empty of self, empty of ego striving, I am one with God.” This is a statement from the Jeshua material and is in the Real Self book.

The lower or ego self collects earthly experiences. What some authors call the real Self lets them go so that it can be “one with God” or “dwell in the House of the Lord” or “live in the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Reading – J. Krishnamurti. A way to help get the feeling of letting go and emptying is to read any of the books by author J. Krishnamurti. He lived about 100 years ago and understood the emptying principle well. Reading his books definitely influenced me.

The only problem is he did not describe a spiritual practice to help and remind one of the emptying concept. For this, the pulling down procedure is the answer.

How to empty - the pulling down procedure. The correct understanding of the pulling down procedure is that it directly empties the body and the mind. It is the main healing procedure that causes emptying. The other procedures help in various ways. Pulling down does it directly.

Nature abhors a vacuum is a statement of physics. The right way to do the pull-down procedure is to create a vacuum under the feet. The result is that the body and the brain begin to empty of all that is not of God. This, in turn, 'makes room' for something new to enter.

Application of the emptying principe – trauma release. A good way to view all traumas including rape is that they are examples of toxic 'additions' to the body or toxic yang effects. To undo them, one needs to empty the body and mind. As one does this, the toxic additions slowly go away.

This is a powerful bioenergetic method of trauma release. It is energetic because it frees and releases certain energies and allows healthier energies to enter.


11/8/22. Whenever you hear a voice in your head telling you anything of which you are unsure, always ask for a second opinion. This is especially true if you hear any kind of threat or sharp tone with the guidance.

Questioning is required because at this time the alien group we call the rogues have placed electronic implants in all of us. Through these, they can speak directly to our minds.

They use the implants to influence us in hundreds of ways. They tell us what to do, where to go, and with whom. It is quite amazing technology!

If you just go along, your life will often be miserable, unsafe, and often horrible. Many people think there is no alternative because the rogues also threaten to rape or kill if you don't obey their orders.

The alternative. The answer is the second opinion! Whenever you hear “orders” in your head, stop, relax, straighten your spine and pull energy downward from your head to your feet.

Then ask sincerely, Father in Heaven, is this true guidance?” At times, I ask, Is this the absolute truth?”

Often you will hear a NO. You may hear more than this, such as 'you do not need to obey'. You may need to ask for more details, such as “Will they hurt me if I do so and so?”

I ask this way in prayer a number of times each day. It is a little tedious and frustrating. However, I see no alternatives right now. And so far it is working! Life is interesting, and I am becoming healthier and developing.

I also ask that my rogue implants be removed. Some have been removed. However, I still hear the voices and must ask often for a second opinion.

Intensity. The process of asking for guidance is intense. This is because I believe following the correct guidance is critical for my safety and happiness.

I am not sloppy about it and I do my best to follow the guidance of God, Holy Spirit, Radiant One or Highest Level to very best of my ability.

What if I ask for a second opinion and hear nothing? I have this problem, at times. Have patience and ask again. You may need to ask a number of times, especially if the subject is important. If it is a major decision, I will often ask a dozen times or more.

Courage. This method requires courage. First, the rogues don't like people questioning their guidance. Second, if you hear that you do not need to follow their guidance, you still need to decide what to do and which guidance to follow.

I feel deeply that my safety lies with God or the Father, not with the rogues. I am very clear about this. You, too, must decide who will be your master.

One of my teachers, Roy Masters, said that each person must choose their master. He said we are never our own master. That is always an illusion. We are either led by God or by the darkness or the rogues.

We are like railroad cars that are not powered. They must hook up to an engine or power source. The only question is to which power source will you connect?

In my experience, the rogues are terrible masters. They want us enslaved, sick, depressed, discouraged and perhaps dead. But you can make up your own mind.

If you have chosen to obey them in the past, you can choose again. So remember, if you are not sure about your guidance, always ask for a second opinion.


11/7/22. We live in the century of toxicity! Coffee enemas are needed.

They continue to do more than help nourish and detoxify the body. They are also protective against Rogue “visits” and I am told they somehow move a person to a higher level of creation.

Ideally, do two to four of them each day and do not make excuses why you don't want to or can't do them.

If coffee enemas seem to cause headaches or other symptoms, temporarily reduce the amount of coffee, rub your feet or toes, or do two enemas back-to-back. Do not just stop the enemas! That is what the rogues want you to do. Contact us if you still need help.


11/7/22. In an earlier post, we recommended using up to a teaspoon of mustard daily. We are finding this is too much and is toxic. if you want to use it, limit it to ONE TEASPOON PER WEEK.


11/7/22. The completely disgusting Russian military invasion of its neighbor, Ukraine, continues and is in its 257th day. Ukraine continues to resist. Please keep praying for an end to this conflict.


11/6/22. It seems like people are deleted from this newsletter email list without our permission. If that occurs, let us know and we will put you back on the list.

Some people also tell us they cannot reach us by email or telephone. We pray daily that our world improves!


11/6/22. Many people ask what to read to learn more about development. One easy-to-read book is The Mutant Message From Down Under by Marlo Morgan (1991).

This short book is a true story of an American woman who spends time with Aboriginal people of Australia.

I found The Mutant Message quite enlightening. Perhaps you will, too. For more details, also read our short review of The Mutant Message – development reading.


11/6/22. We updated the article about the goalpost or window pattern on a hair mineral analysis. We added the idea that the pattern can consist of more than two “posts” or higher mineral levels.

The joy patterns. The goalpost pattern is one of the joy or development patterns. Looking for these patterns on retest mineral analyses is the key to understanding retest hair mineral tests. This is a departure from the way we formerly interpreted retest mineral analyses.

In the past, we looked more at the imbalances present on a retest. However, much more important is to assess progress on the path of healing and development. These patterns tell us about this progress. For details, read The Goalpost or Window Pattern On A Hair Mineral Test.


11/6/22. We improved the retesting article. For details, read Retesting The Hair Minerals.


11/5/22. Every bodily activity depends upon having enough energy. This is a basic truth about how our bodies operate.

An analogy. The body is like a newer car – everything is powered!. For example, most cars now have power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, and power door locks. If anything happens to the power or electricity, it affects all these systems.

A secret of the development program and a defect in medical thinking. A central idea in development science is to increase the body's energy production. This is a great secret of the success of the development program!

This method works, no matter what health condition is present. One of my teachers, Dr. Bernard Jensen, said “fatigue is the basic disease”.

Most people today are in an energy crisis. It has nothing to do with oil production. It has to do with what they eat and their body's ability to convert their food into usable energy. Even some babies today have low energy. We call them burnout babies.

Drug problems and more. Many health problems, including drug use, are related to people's need for energy.

How energy production works.

The energy pathways. Energy production in the body requires a number of biochemical steps. Together these are called the energy pathways. Nutrient deficiencies, toxic metals and toxic chemicals block the energy pathways.

Balancing the oxidation rate. High energy also requires that the body be in tune, or properly adjusted. This is like running a car engine at the right speed and tuning up the motor.

In the body, this requires balancing the oxidation rate and balancing critical mineral ratios such as the sodium/potassium ratio. It also has to do with restoring nutrients and removing at least two dozen toxic metals from the body. For details, read The Oxidation Types – Fast, Slow, Mixed And Four Lows.

Restoring the balance of the forces of heat and cold in the body. Excellent energy production requires balancing basic physics forces. This is a very ancient and important health concept that is not well known. For details, read Yin Disease.

Opening and healing the energy channels. Excellent health also requires opening thousands of tiny channels through which flows ether or chi, a subtle type of energy that our bodies require. These channels run vertically through the body.

For details, read The Channel System. Several of the development procedures specifically help restore the energy channels such as the Pulls, Pop, Twists and Kicks, Reflexology and The Pulling Down Procedure.

The seven energy conversion systems. Our bodies are capable of using seven methods to convert energy into a usable form. Some of these are well known such as the glycolysis cycle and the carboxylic acid or Krebs cycle. However, the better methods of energy conversion are not well known because few people achieve them.

The lower levels are associated with fatigue, burnout, poor health, and a short lifespan. However, for excellent health, one needs to heal and use the higher level energy production systems. For details, read The Energy Conversion Systems.

Mineral testing. Hair mineral testing is a fast and simple way to assess the body's energy system and guide its correction. For details, read Burnout Indicators On A Hair Mineral Test.

You can see from the above that energy and energy production is a large topic. For more details, read Restoring The Body's Energy, Fatigue Attacks, Adrenal Burnout Sundrome, Vitality, and Hypoglycemia.


11/4/22. I am using a new visualization to do the pulling down procedure. It may sound unusual, but it is working well. You may want to try it.

The Marlin. Imagine you are on a fishing boat in the ocean. A marlin (a very large fighting fish) bites your fish hook. Somehow the fishing line becomes tangled in your feet and you are pulled overboard.

As a result, you are pulled through the water by the marlin - feet first, at high speed. At first, this is scary, but then you relax and enjoy the ride. The pulling down energy applied to the feet is very intense and somewhat jerky as the marlin swims back and forth!

NOTE: The fishing line connected to your feet must be made extremely thin. Also, it pulls from the bottoms of your feet and it pulls from between your legs, as well. It creates a vacuum in these areas that pulls the subtle energy downward from your head to your feet.

If you don't know much about marlins, here are photos: Marlin photos. To understand more about the pulling down procedure, read The Pulling Down Procedure. This procedure seems very simple. However, done repeatedly, it will slowly heal most problems in the body.

Women have more difficulty doing the pulling down procedure. However, we just found some of the reason for this and we will write more about it soon.


11/4/22. A common and serious error people make on the development path is to put their trust or faith in signs of various kinds. These can include patterns of numbers, daily events such as whether you find a parking space or meet an interesting person, and much more.

Problems with signs. The most serious problem is the Rogues can and do use signs to mislead and even kill people. It is quite easy for them to set up events to their liking.

Other problems with signs are they waste your time and can definitely distract you. Please stay away from the habit of looking for and listening to signs.

Stay in the path. Instead of looking for signs, set your mind on your path (hopefully the path of development). Keep the path in mind at all times.

Periodically, review your life, check your goals and check if you are still on the right path. For details, read The Path Concept and The Path of Development.


11/4/22. The criteria for this important tissue mineral pattern have changed. Here are the new criteria:

New person pattern. This is a general term that means a lot of healing has taken place. It requires a combination of several joy patterns to be present at the same time on one retest mineral analysis.

For example, it often includes ten or more minerals increasing on a retest (everything coming out pattern) combined with other joy patterns such as a hill pattern AND/OR coming alive pattern AND/OR perking up pattern AND/OR out of four lows.


11/3/22. We received the following email:

I am a 44-year old woman and have followed the development program for 9 years...

Symptoms. When I started I had insomnia, constipation, anemia, missing periods, feeling cold always, weakness of the body, and copper toxicity. My depression had reached the level that I asked God to take me from this world or do something because I couldn't handle this life situation on my own anymore...

On the development program. It was very easy for me to follow this "regime" because I have already tried on myself every diet possible. They all don't work and will make you sicker! The development diet, however, worked well...

Slowly, the program removed a selfish, worldly energy and more of "love of God" energy was able to flow in. All health issues vanished within five years.

It was tons of work making cooked vegetables, but it was worth the effort! Today I feel a way that words can't explain. It is a constant bliss and joy!...

The path of development is easy and accessible to all that are ready for this adventure.”


There are about 100 ancient and well-known stories about development. But they are not taught much today. Here is one of them:

One day, a couple was exploring a rather large cave in the mountains. Suddenly there was a rumbling sound. It was a rock slide that blocked the door of the cave. The couple was trapped inside.

They yelled for help. Someone heard them, and said they would clear away the rocks, but it would take weeks or months because there were many rocks blocking the doorway.

The couple thought they would die, but then they heard a soft voice. It said “You will be fine. Just do what I say”.

They looked down and there was a small turtle. It looked quite healthy. And so began their development journey.

Food and water. There was a hole in the roof of the cave where sunlight and warmth came in. The light shined on some mossy plants and grasses that grew in the cave.

The turtle said the couple needed to live on these plants along with some other food the turtle knew about. It was a mixture of some seeds that were growing and some bugs that the turtle caught and smashed up.

The turtle also said they needed to cook the food. Fortunately, someone had left behind materials to build a fire and a small pot. They also needed to drink the water that dripped from a few places in the ceiling. It all sounded awful, but the food actually tasted okay.

The neck pull. The turtle said it is not enough to eat the food and drink the water. You must also move your neck the way turtles do – in and out.

For humans, this means lie down flat on your back without a pillow. Relax, breathe deeply, and then stretch out your neck until you hear a little pop. Do that often all day long.

This is called The Neck Pull Procedure. I learned it from reading the turtle story. It moves a lot of energy downward through the body from the head to the feet.

The couple thought it was crazy, but they began the new regimen, including the neck pull. Within a week they noticed they felt better. After a few weeks, their aches and pains disappeared, their skin became clearer, and they had more energy. They started to feel better than they had in years.

The turtle taught them many things about life which we will discuss in other installments. To see a photo, click here.

NOTE: About thirty years ago, I was fortunate to swim with giant turtles. Someone knew where to find them near the ocean shore in Hawaii.

They were bigger than me. But I thought they were vegetarians so I would be safe around them (they are not vegetarians – they eat fish and sea vegetation).

I was told they would help heal my body, which needed it. I was told to just grab one of them – putting one hand on each side of their huge shell. When you do this, they take you for a ride, swimming fast and gracefully near the ocean shore. If it gets too scary, you just let go.

Turtles are the longest living creatures on planet earth. Many live to 1000 years of age. The little ones make very good pets – quite cute, easy to care for and fairly clean and healthy.


11/2/22. As we learn more, here are new recommendations for coffee enemas:

- Do not retain a coffee enema for more than 15 to 20 minutes. If you retain the enema longer, the coffee picks up many toxins and becomes toxic for the body.

Try to notice if you get a slight headache if you hold an enema for longer than about 20 minutes. Some people need to retain the enema for even less time. On “heavy toxin” days you may need to expel coffee after only five or ten minutes.

- Do not expose coffee for an enema to a red heat lamp. We formerly recommended this. However, we are noticing some negative effects, so we no longer recommend it.

- For maximum protection against the “visits” of the rogue men (the rapes and beatings), three or four daily enemas is best. We formerly reported that two enemas were sufficient. However three are better. There is something about the smell of coffee on your body that they don't like.

- Use a strainer instead of coffee filter paper when making coffee. It makes a less pure liquid, but we believe it works better for healing.

- Allow the coffee liquid to sit in the strainer for three minutes before lifting the strainer out of the coffee. This allows healing substances in the coffee grounds to be transferred into the liquid.


11/2/22. We are surprised how well the development program works on people 50 years of age or older. This is not true of most health programs.

Problems of older people. Older people tend to have less vitality and more health problems than younger people. Drugs tend to be more toxic for older people because their kidneys and liver are more compromised.

Why does the development program work well for older people? Possible reasons are:

- The program requires self-discipline to follow the diet and to do the procedures. Older people have often learned more self-discipline than younger people.

- The development program is unusual in that it causes a shift away from the purely physical level of existence and toward a more etheric or mental level. Older people are already moving in this direction just to stay alive. In this regard, older individuals are more suited to the program than younger people.

- Older people have often been raised on better quality food than younger people. According to government records, the nutrient content of our food has declined severely in the past 100 years. This is due to chemical agriculture, sometimes called the green revolution. It produced a lot of food, but the nutrient quality is much lower. For details, read Empty Harvest by Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson.

- Older people were raised with many fewer vaccines, all of which contain toxic metals and other toxins. When I grew up, there were three vaccines. Today, a child often receives 50 shots or more by the age of about six!

- In the past there was much less electromagnetic stress from computers, cell phones, and cell phone towers in every neighborhood. This is a terrible hidden problem today that weakens the bodies.

- Older people grew up with less ionizing radiation. This dangerous technology is now widely used in food irradiation, medical scans, and nuclear power plants. Irradiated food is not required to be labeled. This is outrageous, but understandable because no one would want it.

All the above causes the bodies of older people to be stronger and warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology.

In addition, older people often have more time to do the program. Younger people are often busier raising children and working.

Program problems for older people. The main problems we run into for older people occur if they are disabled and unable to shop and cook for themselves. Another problem occurs if one is unable to move about enough to do the healing procedures.


Some men and women have the problem of excessive sexual desire. Here are suggestions:

Moving subtle energy downward is definitely best and less sexy, so that is where to focus. Live the “down” lifestyle with the development diet, lots of coffee enemas and lots of the pulling down procedure. For details, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing and The Science Of "Down".

Do not listen to anyone who says energy must move upward. I assure you that as you move energy downward and continue to develop, the whole pelvic area relaxes and opens in a beautiful way.

Coffee enemas and the pulling down procedure help reduce sexual arousal in most people.

The cause of the problem may be a toxin which hopefully the program will eliminate. Also, keeping your thoughts on other subjects and staying busy with a job or other non-sexual matters is also excellent. For more details, read Masturbation.


11/1/22. Our website contact email is not working. If you have tried to contact us and I did not respond within a few days, try this email instead: Contact Us.


11/1/22. Today's message is an essential part of your legal education. While not directly part of the development program, we all need this legal knowledge to maintain our nation.

The fourth Amendment to the US Constitution is one of the most abused. It reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,

and no (search) Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the person or things to be seized.”

Explanation. The idea of this Amendment is to protect privacy and prevent the government or others from snooping on people. It is a key to a free society. Let us explain the terms above:

Probable cause”. This means that in order to search a place or a data base, the government must show that there is a high probability that a crime was committed. In other words, it is not okay to just collect data about law-abiding citizens.

In reality, the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty has been turned on its head. Today, everyone is presumed to be guilty – another terrible violation of our laws.

Supported by oath or affirmation”. This means that the government must go to a judge and he or she must agree to and sign each search warrant. A warrant is permission to search a person's house, business, records or data bases. Just a letter saying we want this or that information is not enough.

Particularly describing the place to be searched or things to be seized.” means the government must be very specific about what they are looking for. There can be no “fishing expeditions” where the government just tells individuals or companies to hand over all your data.

Today, this Constitutional Amendment has been completely thrown into the trash. It is violated daily in dozens of ways.

The government and private companies are allowed to collect and keep all sorts of data about people from tax forms, purchases, credit cards, and much more. Companies are forced to share private information with the government even though no crime has been committed and the government has not obtained a proper search warrant to obtain the information.

For example, in the health care field, the HIPPA law forces doctors to share private patient information with 45 government agencies. For details, read HIPPA, The Privacy Scam.

Computer companies are forced to put “back doors” in all computers. This allows the government and other websites to illegally spy on your computer and steal anything they want.

How did this happen? For years, judges, including the entire US Supreme Court, have been corrupted by the high-tech alien group we call the Rogues. Otherwise, hundreds of bad laws such as HIPPA would be struck down as clearly unconstitutional.

The surveillance state. The result is a surveillance state – a high-tech totalitarian state in which there is no privacy. Most people are now conditioned to accept the no-privacy policy without question – in full violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The social credit system. One result is called the social credit system. This is in full swing in Communist China and spreading fast.

The way it works is that if you agree with government policies, the government rewards you with a bigger apartment, a better job, ability to travel, ability to own a car, or other perks. If you oppose the government, you are denied these or other things.

Here in America, a few years ago, our website, which opposes vaccination, was censored by Google, which works closely with the government.

The lack of privacy is often taken for granted, which is even worse. I went to a dentist a few years ago and was told they needed to see my driver's license. I have no idea why, but I am guessing they are forced to report my visit to the government.

The last time I went to the Microsoft website was to buy a word processor program. To do so, I was forced to enter a phone number. It had to be a cell phone number. Then it asked for an email address. At that point, I decided I'm not interested. None of their snooping has anything at all to do with word processing.


An election is about to take place in America. This post is a reminder that the election system is completely broken in America.

To fix it, there need to be no voting machines, which are easily rigged. There need to be no mail-in ballots, which are also easy to fake. There needs to be one election day, as the Constitution specifies, not an election month or two. And there needs to be strict voter identification, not the use of an electricity bill, for example, which is very easy to fake.

Also, sadly, women cannot be allowed to vote. The reason is we have learned that all of them are beaten and raped, and told to vote Democrat or they will be beaten worse. For details, read The Rape Planet and Rape.

Until these steps are implemented, the system is full of cheating that is wrecking the nation.


10/31/22. In the unusual times in which we live, it is most important to keep your mind in a loving place. Many aspects of our politics, economics and more are completely out of alignment with reality and with the wishes of the people. It is easy to become discouraged and want to give up.

Staying “in Love” means to remain in a loving space at all times, no matter what is going on around you or even within you. I have to remember this often, and I am sure others have the same problem.

A small book that may help is called The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, a well-known Christian scholar. Near the end of the book is a dialogue between a man and his wife who is now in heaven. She tries to explain what it means to be “in Love” to him.

An article that explains this in more detail is What Is Fear? Fear Is A Dwelling Place.


10/30/22. We updated and greatly improved the article about the use of a single reddish heat lamp. Its use is one of the five basic healing and development procedures. It is excellent for everyone, even young babies.

A nutrient therapy. This therapy needs to be viewed as a type of nutrient therapy. It supplies certain frequencies of light that everyone seems to need and that one cannot obtain from sunbathing or the use of other therapy lamps.

A single reddish heat lamps can also help with purification reactions during the development program and with other health symptoms. For details, read Instructions And Cautions For The Use Of A Single Reddish Heat Lamp.


10/29/22. This is a recent article from Imprimus, the newsletter of Hillsdale College. It is excellent! I am reposting it on our website. For details, read Politicization Of The Justice Department. To subscribe to this excellent free publication, go to To read another good article about justice, read Equal Justice Or “Social Justice”.


10/28/22. There are indicators that let you know you are developing. Here are a few of them:

- The body smells better. This begins to occur soon after beginning the program. It is due to a combination of less autointoxication (production of toxins inside the body) and a change in the intestinal flora. At times, it is also due to toxic metal removal.

- More relaxed. This usually takes a few years on the program. It is due to balancing the autonomic nervous system and removing irritants from the body.

- Happier. This can occur quickly, but often requires a few years of following the development program. It is due to renourishing the body and balancing and strengthening the energy centers of the body.

- Better thinking. As the nervous system relaxes, most people notice they are able to think faster and more clearly. Their memory also improves.

- Easier to do the pulling down procedure. Some people love this procedure from the first time they do it. However, for others, this procedure seems unusual when starting out.

After a few months to a few years, it slowly becomes easier. The reason is one is cleaning out energy channels. As one does this, the subtle energy flows more easily through the channels and the exercise is easier to do.


10/28/22. Learning a few unusual habits leads to rapid development. These are:

- The coffee enema habit. While somewhat messy, getting into the habit of doing ideally two coffee enemas or more each day will greatly speed up development. It also seems to offer women protection from the 'visits' of the rapists. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

- The vegetable habit. Eating plenty of cooked, preferred vegetables with each of three meals every day is another habit that results in rapid development. At first it can seem quite tedious. However, as it becomes a habit it just becomes part of one's daily routine. For details, read Food For Daily Use.

- Early-to-bed habit. If one is in the habit of staying up late, going to bed early is difficult at first. However, with practice it becomes a new habit that builds health and causes much faster development. Staying up late tends to stop development. For details, read Rest And Sleep.

- The down sex habit (if sexually active). Down sex and down hugging are absolutely among the most powerful of the development procedures. They are quite amazing in their healing effects.

At first, they may seem unusual. Soon, however, they become a wonderful habit that helps a marriage and causes deep healing and rapid development. For details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.


10/27/22. To succeed with the development program one must shift the way one thinks. Standard medical thinking is that you will live to 70, 80 or perhaps 90 years of age. Long life thinking is that I should live much longer.

This is not a new idea. The Bible mentions that some people lived a long time. But it does not explain how to do it. I don't think it was supernatural.

The ancient people may not have known about coffee enemas. But I believe they knew how to eat and how to do the basic development procedures such as the Pulling Down Procedure. These are the basics of life extension!

For many more details, read Life Extension And Anti-Aging. Many other articles on this website help explain the ideas in this article. To link to all the articles, go to Read All Articles.

10/26/22. There was a message posted about a large being that was supposedly found. However, I realized I am unable to confirm the message, so I deleted it. I apologize for this error.


10/25/22. This procedure is new for us. However, it is an ancient and powerful healing method used by a number of Native groups around the world such as the Australian Aborigines and the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert in Africa. Please try it with a friend or partner and give us feedback about it.

The procedure. The procedure involves two people. One person acts as the comforter. He or she sits cross-legged on the floor, perhaps on a cushion for comfort.

A second person places their head in this person's lap with the body extended away from the person. There is something very healing about the positioning of the two bodies.

The person lying down often begins with the arms at the sides and legs together. During the session he or she might change positions such as assuming a more open position.

Although it will work with anyone, the comforter procedure often works best if one person is a boy or man and the other is a girl or woman.

Activities. In this position, the one sitting moves subtle energy downward while talking with the other person. The one sitting also 'shines their light' on the other person. One imagines a light bulb in the middle of the chest that radiates light energy outward in all directions.

The one sitting needs to relax as much as possible!

The one lying down can request at least 20 activities. These may include just talking, praying together, laughing together, or asking the one sitting to just listen for a while.

Other activities the one lying down may request are having the sitting person rub one's head, hair, face, back, shoulders or neck, or even adjusting the spine using the head reflex system. One may also want to hold hands with the other person.

The rules. The main rules are to always allow the person lying down to direct the activities. Also, always move slowly and gently. Also, both people need to relax at all times.

The one sitting always needs to move subtle energy downward through the body and through the body of the other person. Finally, always keep it fun and light-hearted.

How long and how often. Sessions usually last about one hour. It can be done as often as one wishes, though usually not more than once a day.


10/24/22. An unusual nutritional concept used in development science is that one always eats in ways that bring special souls. Also, one seeks to maximize the number of souls one brings into the body through one's food.

Ways one does this are:

- Eat fresh, high quality food. This always has more souls than older, less fresh food. Correct cooking does not reduce the soul content of the food. At times, it increases it.

Leftovers, and eating frozen and some canned food are not good dietary habits because they have fewer souls. The only canned foods we recommend are sardines, Cole's Trout, and an occasional can of beans.

NOTE: Avoid S&W canned European Soldier beans at this time. They contain a toxin.

- Eat certain foods that are high in special souls. At this time, this includes spreadable goat cheese by Laura Chenel, Athenos Feta Cheese, Sauerkraut, Blue Hill Bay Pickled Herring in Dill Marinade, and even such foods as butter.

Other soul-rich foods are blue corn tortilla chips and all cooked vegetables.


- Too yin in macrobiotic terminology. This is true of ALL nutritional supplements and most herbs. This is one reason we never recommend large supplement programs.

- Toxic in some other way. The food may contain a toxic metal, or upsets the balance of the body in some way.

- Difficult to digest. This applies to nuts when one is just beginning development. Later o during development, nuts are easier to digest.

- Contains the wrong form or compound of a mineral. For example, to obtain selenium, one can eat Brazil nuts or corn silk tea. However, we find that during early development, these foods contain the incorrect compound of selenium.

In contrast, blue tortilla corn ships, toasted almond butter, and roasted sesame tahini are excellent selenium-containing foods. Eating a small amount of good quality sauerkraut also supplies a very good form of selenium.

- Missing synergistic factors. This is quite complex, but some nutrients need other chemicals to be present in order for them to be absorbed or utilized properly. For example, having the proper bacteria to improve the bowel flora helps make a supplement or food easy to absorb.

- Contains mineral antagonists. These are substances that block the digestion, absorption or metabolism of the supplement or perhaps the supplement antagonizes the rest of the diet.

- No or few good souls are in the supplement. Some supplements are excellent such as kelp because they contain a lot of souls. However, many other supplements contain very few souls or very damaged souls. (See the newsletter post above for more about souls in foods.)


10/23/22. In order to stop the current disaster in America that is the presence of the Rogues on our soil, the people of America must return to Biblical values.

The true origin of America. Most people do not realize that America was founded upon the principles of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. The nation depends upon these, more than other nations. America was only given permission to exist in a world filled with monarchy and horror because of its dependence upon the love of God for its existence.

Today, many people have forgotten or never learned this fact. That schools don't teach it is criminal. We bring it to your attention because it is so vital for the future.

One of the very few true historians who focus upon it is David Barton at He is accused of all sorts of nonsense. In fact, he is one of the most brilliant, knowledgable, kind and thoughtful people alive today. Please pray for him and visit his website to learn the truth!

What to do. It is not enough to become wealthy, for example, or to have excellent health or to just follow the development path. None of this is enough.

One must also learn and practice religious moral precepts such as the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments given to Moses. We also add two more commandments – Never Rape and Never Start Wars.

You don't need to attend church or synagogue services each week, but it is very good to support religious organizations. Most important is to live the moral life.

No other options. These principles are not options today. So please reread the articles: The Ten Commandments - Plus Two More and The Golden Rule. They are not easy to live by! Few people live by these principles and not doing so ruins your life and that of everyone around you.


10/23/22. Don is 50 years old and works doing home repairs. When he was 40, he got into a fight and was beaten until he lost consciousness and was sure he would die.

The memory of this incident was always present. At times, it surfaced and he would shake with fear and terror. This is called post-traumatic stress disorder.

Other physical symptoms were low energy, cold all the time, dry and cracked skin, waking up tired, Reynaud's syndrome (very poor circulation), painful feet, and a dry scalp. Other mental symptoms were brain fog, memory loss, trouble concentrating and general unhappiness.

The development program. Seven months ago Don found the development website. The program made sense so he began the free program. He felt better almost immediately, so after a month he decided to embark on the full program.

Initial hair mineral test. Don's initial mineral test revealed several trauma indicators:

- The tissue sodium/potassium ratio was less than one to one in a slow oxidizer. This is somewhat unusual and is called a trauma Na/K. It can also indicate that one feels like a victim.

- A double low ratio pattern was present on the second four numbers. This is a serious illness pattern also often associated with trauma.

- Many poor eliminator patterns. The mineral readings for iron, manganese, lead, cadmium, and nickel were too low. These indicate Don was unable to eliminate these minerals, including toxic forms of the nutrient minerals iron and manganese.

This results in toxicity that can cause many health conditions. Traumas can cause poor eliminator patterns.

Improvements. Six months later, Don reports the following:

Most of the symptoms have disappeared. A blockage of the fourth energy center is now gone. Knots in my feet are gone. I do foot massage with a foot roller after shining a red heat lamp on myself and this gave me a new pair of skin is nicer than many women's skin. My face is radiant and God's glory shines in it. I feel lighter, stronger and happier.”

Recent mineral test. Don's new mineral test reveals:

- Coming alive. This is present when the first four or second minerals all increase or remain the same. In his case, all four of the first four mineral levels increased – the most powerful expression of this pattern.

- A Surge. The above is also called a big surge pattern. It indicates more life in the body.

- Seven anchor patterns. These are mineral levels that change very little on a retest within certain criteria. Anchor patterns indicate restoration of the sulci (deep ridges) of the brain. Seven of them on one test is called a new brain.

- Hilling. This is present when the mineral ratios indicate one is moving toward a hill pattern. A hill pattern is an achievement and celebration pattern that is very positive.

- Improved sodium/potassium ratio. This is a general indicator of better health.

- Reduction of the double low ratio (or serious illness) pattern.

- All-out or everything coming out pattern. Eleven mineral levels increased on this retest. This is unusual. It indicates much improved elimination of toxins from the body.

This website contains more details about each of these mineral patterns. The hair mineral test, when performed and interpreted correctly, offers a wealth of information about both physical and mental health. We hope someday others will use this test as we do to help even difficult health problems.


10/22/22. The 'Find A Helper' page was down on our website yesterday. It is back up and working correctly. We apologize for any inconvenience.


10/22/22. Zinc is a wonderful and very necessary supplement. We include it in every development program, either by itself or combined with other nutrients.

A recent trend in health food stores and supermarkets is to add copper to zinc supplements. Also, the label is unclear and the large print may just say 'zinc'.

Adding copper to zinc supplements is usually a very bad idea! Today, most people's bodies are loaded with biounavailable copper. Taking copper will make this condition worse. So beware! For details, read Copper And Copper Imbalance.

The exceptions. A relatively small number of people need some bioavailable copper as a supplement. Some are in what is called fast oxidation or an alarm stage of stress. Others have a low tissue sodium/potassium ratio. Both these conditions require a tissue mineral test to identify them. Even in these instances, buying a zinc tablet that contains copper usually won't provide the correct ratio of zinc to copper.


10/21/22. High-purine and high-pyrimidine foods are important for development. I am told they also have the unusual property of being communicators that help one contact higher levels of reality.

They include sardines, blue corn chips and goat cheese such as feta cheese and chevre (soft goat cheese). For details, read the new article, Purines And Pyrimidines.


10/20/22. The full development program requires retesting of the tissue mineral levels every three to six months. The reason is to maintain the homeostasis of the body.

NOTE: Testing the blood or urine doesn't work for this purpose.

When one retests and alters the program properly, an amazing thing happens. Healing occurs at very deep levels. Symptoms and diseases disappear on their own, often in mysterious ways.

Homeostasis is a word from general systems theory. It means maintaining a delicate balance of millions of factors. This is necessary for the health of the complex, regenerating system we call life.

The word homeostasis is also used in the stress theory of disease. This is a modern understanding of illness and health. We hope someday the medical and natural healing professions will learn it.

An analogy. A good analogy is that when pedaling a bicycle that has multiple gears, one changes the gear based upon riding conditions. For example, if one is climbing a hill or becomes tired, one may shift to a lower gear to give the bicycle more power or to relax. When descending a hill or if one is in a hurry, one may shift to a higher gear for more speed.

Vehicles with internal combustion engines do the same thing – shifting gears based upon driving conditions. The idea is to maximize energy efficiency at all times. This is a way to understand why retesting and changing the program periodically is so important.

Maintaining homeostasis is the healing method used by the body. However, it is not the method currently used by the medical and natural health practitioners. Their method is the cookbook method.

The cookbook or remedy method. Medical and natural practitioners read and study books that list thousands of symptoms and diseases. When one visits one of these practitioners, he or she consults the “cookbook”. This means that depending upon the symptom or disease, the practitioner recommends a “recipe” or remedy for the problem.

An example. If one is tired, a cookbook practitioner may suggest taking a stimulant drug, an herb, a vitamin, or perhaps replacement thyroid hormones. These are standard remedies for fatigue.

In contrast, with the development method, if one is tired one embarks upon a special path to balance the homeostasis of the body. The path includes a healing lifestyle, a diet, a few very targeted nutritional supplements, and several healing procedures that balance and strengthen the whole body system.

Initially, this is more effort. However, because it is the system used by the body, it is much safer, much more effective and, in the long run, much less costly than the remedy or cookbook method.

Problems with the cookbook method. These are

- Hit or miss. This means the practitioner must use guesswork because there are hundreds of reasons for fatigue.

- Unbalancing the entire body system. This slowly produces much worse overall health.

- Adverse effects of all remedies. One reason for this is that all remedies unbalance the whole body system. However, other causes are toxicity, making the body too yin, creating nutrient deficiencies, and more.

- The need to stay on the remedy, perhaps for years.

- Often much more cost in the long run. This is due to the cost of the remedies, and even moreso because of worsening overall health.

- Stops development. The cookbook method slows or stops the wonderful process of development. Most people have never heard of this important genetic concept. For details, read Introduction To Development.

- A great discouragement. Cookbook practitioners subtly teach that the body is defective or lacking in some way and that one cannot survive without the help of doctors, hospitals and remedies. This is discouraging and at one level, quite incorrect.

They assign people negative labels such as “hypertensive” or “diabetic”. These become new negative identities that often last a lifetime.

Dr. Alexis Carrel, the Nobel Prize-winning French surgeon (1873-1944), expressed this problem very well. He was an establishment physician who saw the shortcomings of his profession and had the courage to write about it.

In his excellent book, Man The Unknown, he wrote that medical and natural practitioners offer artificial health based upon the use of remedies.

He said what people really want is a high level of health in which one does not need cookbook recipes or remedies. This is possible with the development method.

Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, expressed the same idea when he wrote “let food be your medicine”. The Pulling Down Procedure is another important part of this whole systems method of healing.


10/19/22. Over the past few days we have come across fine matter beings on earth whom the souls call the motors. They would like us to tell you more about the mselves.

Details about the motors. The motors are about the same size as a human being. However, their bodies are made of fine matter, so most people cannot see them.

This is a similar type of body as found in angels, elves and souls. All of these and many other fine matter creatures are difficult for most people to see, but they are real. For details, read Bodies In Space And Their Activities.

The motors are similar in their function to some cells in our brain called motor neurons. These are cells that control movement in our bodies. About a trillion exist.

You might ask, what kind of movement do the fine matter motors on earth control? They tell us that the earth is part of a very large female, fine matter creature who lives in space. The motors help control her movements.

We know this may sound rather crazy, but this is what I am told.

Abuse of the motors. The group we call the Rogues or Satan in the Bible have beaten, poisoned, irradiated and raped the motors almost to death. Some of their body parts have also been removed so that they are hardly alive.

We are rehabilitating the motors using methods very similar to the development program. As we do so, they are helping more and more with the cleanup of the earth.


10/19/22. Most people have heard of irradiating food to preserve its shelf life. To irradiate food, one either shoots the food with an x-ray machine or exposes the food to uranium 235 or another radioactive element.

The ionizing radiation kills bacteria, viruses and fungi that may grow on the food. This can help preserve food.

Problems with food irradiation. These are:

1. Irradiation always damages the food. The extent of the damage will vary, but it is always harmful to the food.

2. The food may become slightly radioactive. This is a horrible type of toxicity that damages and weakens the body.

3. Food companies are not required to label the food as irradiated. This is a complete outrage because it means that one cannot easily choose whether or not to eat irradiated food. Also, it is not easy to learn what has been done to your food.

Examples: #1. Several years ago I bought a package of lamb. It contained a thin little unmarked red packet. Our guides analyzed it and said it is a source of radiation that was irradiating the lamb.

#2. I switched to buying ground lamb. I just found out that the packaging itself is slightly radioactive and effectively irradiates the lamb. It also irradiates any food placed near the lamb in the refrigerator or elsewhere.

Lamb is a powerful development food and we believe the rogues don't want high quality lamb available on earth.

The unlabeled radiation of lamb is a horror. We are still researching whether to eat lamb, most of which appears to be irradiated and needlessly so.

#3. Some delivery companies x-ray all packages. This may or may not be noted when a product is delivered.

#4. Recently, I was buying nutritional yeast in bulk. Next to it a store employee was filling a bin with walnuts. The large box she was holding said “Irradiated Walnuts”, but the store did not inform customers of this fact. The label only said walnuts.

#5. Today, I bought a package of all-natural Country Archer Turkey Jerky. While eating some, I noticed a little blue packet inside. The label said “Absorbs oxygen- do not eat.”

I asked the guides what it was and it was a source of radiation, also completely unlabeled. In fact, the packet is made of lead shielding and inside is a little radioactive uranium. This is a complete horror.

We think all of this is very illegal. It violates food labeling laws and endangers everyone's health.

What to do. Be careful and, if you can, stay away from food that contains little packets. (Some packets are just used to dry food and that should be okay). Also, we all need to complain to markets about unlabeled irradiated food.

The process of development and especially the red heat lamp sauna, coffee enemas and eating kelp help remove radiation from the body. However, it is still a horror. We hope to keep you informed as we learn more about secret food irradiation.


10/18/22. The following is a simple way to fall asleep faster and sleep better. The method is to put yourself in a particular position when you want to go to sleep.

To get into the sleep position, do the following:

1. Use the bathroom just before going to bed to empty the bladder. Also, wear comfortable sleep clothing and be sure you are warm enough.

2. Sit on the bed and pull your bed clothing up at the back of your neck. This will assure that the clothing is not tight against the front of your neck.

3. Lie down on your back. Lie with legs extended, knees are straight and near to one another.

4. Check to make sure your clothing does not restrict your movement. If it does, adjust it.

5. Do a basic spinal twist. This means to lift one leg in the air and then swing it over the other leg. Then do the same with the other leg.

6. Pop the toes. Do this by pushing down firmly on the top of the toes, one foot at a time. When you do this, you may hear a distinct popping sound. This is good and relaxes the toes.

7. Then put at least a sheet or blanket over the body. Make sure you cover up your shoulders.

8. Pull the sheet or blanket down, away from your neck, so that it does not touch the neck. If it touches your neck, it may tickle you while you sleep.

9. Put your arms and hands inside the sheet or blanket and bring them to rest at your sides. Do not bend the arms.

10. Turn the palms of your hands so the palms are facing upward. This opens the body a little and helps posture.

Do this each time you lay down to go to sleep.


10/17/22. Communists, a fancy word for authoritarian dictators, took over mainland China in 1949 in a thoroughly brutal war. Mao Tse Tung and his gang murdered roughly 60-70 million Chinese who did not want to go along with the thugs. A few escaped to the Island of Taiwan, which is a very small democratic Chinese nation.

Communist China today is a totalitarian dictatorship and by far the most dangerous regime in the modern history of the world. They have basically enslaved their own people and those of neighboring nations such as Tibet, Mongolia and Hong Kong. There is almost no personal liberty in China and there is tight central government control and surveillance over all areas of society.

This is the exact opposite of the vision of the founders of America. They set up a nation based upon the dignity of the individual, limited government, self-government, and the role of government as the protector of the rights of the people, not their “ruler”.

Communist China, Russia and the Arab states are the main stooges of the group we call the Rogues on this website. China controls the cell phone system, which is a worldwide spying and brainwashing system on a scale never before seen on earth.

The Chinese communists have also infiltrated the American and other governments and spread their horror worldwide. In May of 2019, their main propaganda outlet, The People's Daily, declared a “people's war” against the United States.

For 70 years, the Chinese government subsidized businesses that would set up factories in China. As a result, many of our products are made there. This technique is called crony capitalism. It is not an honest or fair trading policy.

There is a need to unhook from China and bring manufacturing back to America and the other nations from where it was taken. People also need to wake up and realize that Communist China is a mortal enemy and nothing but a transnational criminal organization. The Democrat Political Party in America is their friend. For details, go to and


10/17/22. At times, we like Dr. Mercola because he writes correctly about the vaccine problem and a few others. However, he is extremely wrong about dietary matters and about near-infrared saunas.

His “sauna expert” is not an expert. He is someone I helped set up in business a few years ago. He is not a physician or any type of health professional.

I can no longer even recommend his saunas because his heat lamps give off harmful electromagnetic energy. I wrote the Sauna Therapy book about this type of sauna in 2003, long before his “expert” became involved with it. We researched this sauna and continue to do so, not him. For details about which saunas we recommend, go to Buy A Sauna.


10/16/22. A new method that is helping our clients and assisting others is that while you hold a coffee enema, visualize radiating light or energy to others in all directions.

An easy way to do this is while holding an enema, visualize a powerful light bulb in the middle of your body that is shining outward in all directions. When you do this, you will broadcast or radiate the energy of the coffee you are holding in your colon.

This method is quite powerful and helpful! Millions of people, even children and babies, need coffee enemas but don't know about them. Broadcasting your coffee in this way actually helps them. It is also very beneficial for you to help others in this somewhat unusual way.

Enhancements. To make the effect stronger, you can add the following enhancements.

NOTE: I have listed many enhancements. If they seem overwhelming, begin with just one of them and slowly add others. It is not that difficult once you are accustomed to them:

- Do a plain water purge before doing your coffee enema. Put some filtered tap water in an enema bag and insert it. Then, within two minutes or so, expel it. This will clean the colon, make it easier to hold the coffee, help with dehydration, and make the coffee work better.

- Charge up the coffee. Before putting the coffee inside, shine a red heat lamp about one foot away from the coffee for at least five minutes. This activates the coffee and it is more effective. (You can charge up the coffee while you do the plain water purge).

- At the same time you do a coffee enema, do the Oral Coffee Hold. Put a little coffee in your mouth and hold it there. When you expel the enema coffee, also spit out the coffee from your mouth. It is also okay to swallow the small amount of coffee in your mouth after holding it 15-20 minutes.

This will radiate even more coffee to the world.

- When you first begin holding the enema, do a spinal twist and perhaps other twists to align and relax your spine. For details, read The Pulls, Pops, Twists And Kicks.

- When holding an enema, position yourself so your pelvis is a little higher than your head. This will help the coffee to stay inside you. It also helps the coffee to contact the top surface of the transverse colon, which is the reflex area to the brain. This is helpful for healing the brain.

To do this, put a pillow or rolled up towel under your pelvis. If you use a bed or massage table to do your enemas, adjust the legs of the table to tilt the table so your head is lower than your feet.

- While holding the enema, put your body in the open position. This means put your arms out to the sides or above your head, with fingers and wrists open. Legs can also be spread apart.

Also, arch the body a little both from left to right and from top to bottom. The procedure above (putting a pillow under your hips) will help arch the body.

The open position procedure will radiate coffee better and has other benefits for you. NOTE: At first, you may find this position scary, but with practice most people like it a lot. For details, read The Open Position Procedure.

- While holding the enema, do some deep breathing. A good way to do this is to do the three-part breath. For details, read Breathing.

- All during your enema, do the Pulling Down Procedure. It is definitely easier to do while holding a coffee enema. It will radiate a lot more coffee and has many other benefits.

NOTE: At first, doing two visualizations at the same time (1) radiating the coffee to the world and 2) pulling down) is daunting. However, with practice it becomes much easier.

- Do a second coffee enema right after the first one. Doing back-to-back coffee enemas is more powerful for healing, for development, and for broadcasting.

- After a coffee enema, do a Genital Bath. The easiest way is to take a shower. Sit down in the shower and position yourself so that tepid or cool water runs on the genitals for 10 minutes.

This is a very powerful healing procedure. It will radiate even more coffee to the world and you will heal faster.

A few people are so sensitive in the genital area that they can't tolerate water running on this area. In this case, put on a pair of underpants and you may be able to tolerate the water on the genitals.


10/15/22. Dark meat chicken is a wonderful food. Cooking it properly is important. For the purpose of development, most people overcook meats. Here are some guidelines:

- If possible, buy good quality, naturally-raised, free-range chicken. Most chickens today spend their entire lives in small, crowded cages. They can't move around or choose their food. They are just fed corn or soy beans their whole lives. This is called CAFO or feedlot chicken. CAFO stands for concentrated animal feeding operation.

Free range means the chickens were allowed to roam around a pasture and eat what they wanted. This is much better.

Less disease. An advantage of naturally raised and free range chicken is it will have a lower bacteria count and you won't have to cook it as much for safety reasons. A problem with CAFO meats is they have a higher bacteria count and one must overcook them for safety.

- A cooking method we recommend is to slice dark meat chicken (thighs or legs) into thin slices and put it in a pressure cooker. Usually, as soon as the pressure cooker reaches operating pressure, the meat will be cooked enough to eat. If it is pink, it needs a little more cooking.

If you buy chicken wings, you don't have to cut them up. Just put them in the pressure cooker whole.

- Another method is to cut up chicken into small pieces and stir-fry the pieces just until they are not pink. Then remove them from the wok or frying pan.

A problem with this method is it involves a lot of oil and higher temperature cooking. However, one can substitute water for the oil and essentially boil the chicken in a little water in a wok or frying pan.

- Another method is to buy ground chicken or grind your own. Form the ground chicken into patties like hamburgers and braise them. This means to cook them in a little boiling water lightly on one side for only 5 to 7 seconds. Then turn them over and cook them for 5 to 7 seconds on the other side. The middle can stay a little pink. This is safe if you use good quality chicken.

- Problems with other methods. Cooking whole chickens by baking, boiling, broiling, grilling, deep frying and barbequing is not as good for development. It often subjects the meat to high heat.

Also, often the outside is overcooked while the inside may not be cooked enough. For these reasons, we don't recommend these cooking methods.

- Skin and broth. When eating chicken, we don't recommend eating a lot of chicken skin. It is not very nutritious. We also do not recommend chicken or any meat broths. They also contain toxins and are not nutritious.


10/14/22. Millions of people today have an addiction to sugar. The reason is simple. To understand it, one needs to know that human bodies have at least seven methods to generate energy. For details, read The Energy Conversion Methods And Implications For Diet.

In many people, however, only the poorest quality methods of energy generation are operative. These involve sugar as fuel for the body. The higher level energy generation systems do not work well.

The cause. A lot of the cause is the rapes, beatings, poisoning and tortures of all women and future mothers by the alien group called the Rogues on this website. We talk about this group a lot because they are real, very secretive, and few talk about them.

The beatings, rapes, and poisoning severely damage a person's nutritional state, including that of all babies born in the past 80 years. This is all it takes to inactivate most of the energy generation systems of the body.

Other causes of the problem are nutritionally depleted food, poor quality diets, use of vaccines, too many medical drugs, and bad eating habits.

What is left is that one can generate energy only from eating sugar or starches. Starches such as bread and potatoes turn into sugar when digested.

Correction. Correction is not easy. Drugs, herbs, random vitamins and most nutrition programs are not of much help. Many of these just stimulate the body, which does more damage in the long run.

Correction requires deep remourishing and detoxification of the body. In our experience, it requires the healing process called Development and The Development Program. Although many people notice more energy quickly, some need to follow the program faithfully for 5-10 years or longer to have their energy return.

In the meantime, it is important to be honest about it. Also, do your best to avoid sugar, bread and other foods that you know are not correcting the problem.

In addition to proper diet, healthy lifestyle and the correct nutritional supplements, the development procedures help a lot. These include Coffee Enemas, Red Heat Lamp Therapy, Foot Reflexology, the Pulls, Pop, Twists and Kicks and particularly The Pulling Down Procedure.


10/14/22. I live near the main road out of our city. The past few weeks, there has been a steady line of cars entering the city, many from out of state.

I tuned in and asked what is going on. I am told the people are coming from other states to fraudulently register to vote in the upcoming November election.

When they arrive, they are usually raped and then given fake identification and told where to register to vote. After registering, they leave and go to another state. They vote by mail or in person in up to 20 states. It is massive election fraud!

Just one of many election frauds. We have written about other election frauds (see the post of 9/26/22). They include all use of mail-in ballots, all use of voting machines, and the unfortunate fact that women should not vote because they are all beaten and raped and told they must vote Democrat to avoid even worse beatings.


10/14/22. I hope everyone remembers that the American constitution was egregiously violated during the wuhan flu outbreak (it was not a pandemic). Unconstitutional emergency powers acts were used to illegally shut down parts of the economy “in the name of health”. There is no provision in the American national or state constitutions that authorizes this under any circumstances.

The emergency powers acts. These illegal laws are justified by corrupt courts based upon a false legal doctrine called the police powers doctrine. This completely fake and thoroughly illegal doctrine arose over 100 years ago in America. It is also the basis for the occupational licensing laws such as medical licensing, another thoroughly illegal situation.

Sadly, none of the conservative talk show hosts, constitutional legal foundations, or Mr. Trump have spoken out against this horror. Indeed, they have all gone right along with it.

I formerly enjoyed conservative talk radio. Lately, I enjoy it much less. Instead, do more of the development program and I pray more for help for our nation and our world.


10/13/22. We added two short sections to the coffee enema article in Chapter 12. The first discusses ways that coffee enemas automatically act as psychodrama. The second section is about the deliberate use of coffee enemas for psychodrama. For details, read Coffee Enemas.


10/12/22. Silicon is one of the spiritual minerals and extremely important for development. Most everyone is low in this advanced female mineral.

Getting enough silicon is one of the major reasons for eating the development diet. Onions, goat cheese (chevre), sardines, almond butter, sesame tahini and blue corn chips are among the most important silicon-containing foods.

We updated and improved the article about silicon. For details, read Silicon – A Spiritual Mineral.


10/11/22. Turkey is quite a delicate meat. One result is that it is very easy to overcook it. This applies especially to ground turkey.

How to cook ground turkey. Ideally, buy organic or natural ground turkey. The reason is that it will tend to have a lower bacteria count.

This is important because braising meat leaves the meat in the middle very rare, and this is excellent when eating turkey. However, some people will be nervous that they will undercook the meat and become ill. Meat with a lower bacteria count is safer to eat rare.

Braising. The method we recommend for cooking ground turkey properly is to first form the turkey into patties, similar to hamburger patties. They can be as large as you wish, and best to be about 1 cm or ½ inch thick.

Now put a very small quantity of water in a frying pan or sauce pan. Cover the bottom of the pot, but more is not needed. You can use tap water for this purpose.

Add the turkey patty to the water. Once the water is close to boiling, let the meat cook for only about five seconds. Then turn the patty over and cook for about five seconds on the other side. Then take the patty out of the water and serve. Put some salt on the turkey for flavoring.

NOTE: The inside will still be pink. However, it should not be cold. If the inside is cold, it is not cooked enough. If the inside is hard and whitish, the turkey is overcooked.


10/11/22. We are learning that especially as one develops, one can eat good quality beef and turkey jerky. Jerky is a method of preserving meat by mixing it with some spices and perhaps a little sugar. Then the meat is dried to age it.

In this process, certain microorganisms grow on the meat that “cook” and preserve the meat. If done correctly, it is quite nutritious and it will keep for a number of months.

Brands. There are many brands of jerky available in the markets. We are checking on them and will report on them.

Making jerky yourself. This is quite a lot of work and it must be done correctly. For these reason, we don't recommend making your own jerky. It could be quite toxic.


10/10/22. Time-restricted eating, also called intermittent fasting, is the idea of eating only during certain hours of the day, such as from noon to 7 PM. It is not a restriction on what you eat, but only upon when one eats.

We consider time-restricted eating very dangerous and very foolish. It is a form of starvation that some use to lose weight and to save time. Sadly, Dr. Mercola and the talk show host, Dennis Prager, both recommend it at this time.

The problem with time-restricted eating is that even the best food today is of mediocre nutritional quality. This is well-documented in books such as Empty Harvest by Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson.

As a result, it is very difficult to get enough nutrients even if you eat three meals a day spread out properly. If you skip one of the meals, as is done with time restricted eating, you will definitely not get enough nutrients. This will stop development. It is weight loss by starvation and quite foolish.

What to do. To lose weight in a healthful way, eat three meals and eat plenty, but eat mainly cooked vegetables. Then you will obtain the nutrients your body needs, which causes healing and development. For much more details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Foods.


10/10/22. When one expels the coffee solution after an enema, there can be certain odors. At first, the body expels the coffee that is in the transverse and descending colon. This may have some odor, but usually it is not a strong odor.

After this, the body eliminates coffee from the ascending colon and this may contain material from the liver, pancreas and small intestine.

This material will often have a stronger odor. It often includes the odor of bile or pancreatic secretions.

It may also include odors emanating from residues of medical drugs, food chemicals, other toxic chemicals one was exposed to, and even odors associated with toxic metals.

Eliminating all these toxins is wonderful. It is the goal of the coffee enema. So do not worry about the sometimes foul odors that come with it.


10/9/22. This message will sound very unusual! If it does, you can skip it.

I am told there is a journey of our planet and many surrounding heavenly bodies through space at this time. You won't notice it for a while because it takes time for light from distant stars to reach the earth. Here is what I am told we are finding.

The large fine matter beings. Space is not empty! It contains a number of objects, including some very large, fine matter creatures. Most people cannot see these creatures because their bodies are made of a much finer material than ours and that is difficult to see.

Space also contains some fine matter food creatures and water that the large beings feed upon. There is also some “air” or certain gases that they breathe.

The fine matter bodies can tolerate the heat and cold of space, though they don't like the cold temperature of space. This is unnatural and caused by the group called the Rogues. They destroy many stars that should warm up space.

The radiant queen. The large beings in space have names, just like we do. Theirs have to do with their activities. We believe we have found the being within whom we are supposed to be. She is a female, fine-matter being called a radiant queen.

She is quite beautiful and colorful, with a sort of mane like a horse that is reddish in color. Her arms and legs look fairly human. Her head is also very human-like, except it is larger than ours in relation to the size of the rest of the body.

She glides through space using a “power unit” that is located in the middle of her chest. This is a type of propulsion system that generates a thrust in whatever direction she wishes to move.

She reproduces using eggs and her entire physiology is similar to ours, but not quite the same. I am told we found her tied up in space and starved by the group called the rogues. We untied her and are feeding her. As we do, she is regaining strength.

She, in turn, lives inside of an even larger being who is called a “universe”. This is much larger than she and includes millions more planets and solar systems. He, too, is tied up and starved by the group called the rogues. We will soon untie him and help rehabilitate him, as well. This is the sad picture of outer space I am being given.

Our task. I am also told there is a task before us. It is to rehabilitate the beings of space. This will take some years. We are being given lots of help in order to stop the activity of the rogues, which is destructive.


10/9/22. We live at a time when rogue forces are attempting to undo Western civilization in a thousand ways. One way they do it is with ballot initiatives.

These are proposed Amendments to the national and state constitutions, or proposed new laws. While it may sound harsh, these days the best policy is often to vote against all ballot initiatives. Three reasons for this are:

1. Most increase the power of the government. This is usually a bad idea, no matter how good the plan sounds.

2. At times, the idea of the ballot initiative is okay or even good. However, if one reads the fine print there is something wrong with the way the new law will be set up. This is a tricky way to subvert the nation.

About voting. I just received our “Voter Pamphlet” for the upcoming election. The cover featured a lady mailing in her ballot at a mailbox. This is unconstitutional! The national constitution of the United States says there will be “a voting day”. With mail-in voting, there is effectively a voting month or perhaps even longer. Cheating is almost guaranteed.

We have written a number of times that the election system in America, and probably elsewhere, is completely broken. Besides the problem of mail-in voting, voting machines are quite insane – much too easy to tamper with.

Also, rogue operatives beat and rape all women today and tell them how to vote. As a result, women should not be allowed to vote until the rogues are gone from our planet.

Also, voter identification is deliberately very inadequate. In Arizona, as identification they will accept an electricity bill with your name on it. We don't think this is valid identification. It is much too easy to forge.


10/8/22.I am told that there exists a very large living being in space who created our world and everything within it. I am further told that our solar system helps coordinate and direct events within this being. This is most interesting and indicates that our planet is perhaps a very special place. We will write more about space tomarrow.


10/8/22. We apologize for this post because we like to keep the newsletter upbeat and positive. However, we have become aware of a terrible trend. We want everyone to know about it in order to stop it.

There is an effort to make beatings and even rapes a “normal” part of life. Here are examples:

- In order to work at a prestigious hospital, a physician we know was forced to sign a contract that included a clause that if he disobeyed the rules, he agreed to be beaten.

- A number of children have reported that they were beaten at school. They were told they must not tell their parents or it would be worse next time. If parents inquired about marks on the body, the children were instructed to say they were in a fight.

- Evidence is surfacing that most all women are beaten and raped a number of times starting in early childhood. They are also conditioned to accept rape and beatings as “normal” and even “fun”.

This is part of the rogue plan to control the earth. Some women are aware of their conditioning, while others are not. For details, read The Rape Planet and Rape.

- Evidence is also surfacing that rogue operatives beat many boys in early childhood and occasionally later. Very few boys and men are aware of what occurred. The rogues use advanced technologies to cause the boys to forget.


10/7/22. The following is a conception of life that I find helpful and useful. You are welcome to disagree with it. I am told it is true. Some day we will know for sure.

The Creator being. I am told there exists in space a huge, very old living being who is our physical creator. This being is both male and female (hermaphroditic). He/she has literally given birth to our planet and everything upon it, including our bodies and minds.

The source of this being is a mystery.

What is love? This being also thinks. His/her thoughts create a special type of energy. This energy or radiant force is love. This love powers everything in the universe. For details, read Love As Radiance.

This love is not a feeling or an ego preference such as “I love blue corn chips or sunsets”. No. This love is a pure energy coming from the creator being to us.

Receiving the love. This love is always here and always available to each person in unlimited amounts. However, one must make a decision to receive it.

This might sound unusual, but it is true. Some people decide to receive a lot of it. They become happier, healthier and more loving people.

Many others deprive themselves of this love, either out of ignorance or they reject it. They are less healthy, less happy and less loving people to be around.

They may have been taught that they don't deserve it because they “failed”, “have too much karma”, “are not smart enough”, “not wealthy enough”, “not good enough looking”, or some other reason.

The key. The key to health and happiness is to decide to receive a lot of the love of the creator. (This makes him/her happy, too.) Then your life will work and flow easily.

Self-love is also not indulging the ego or just making oneself feel good. It is not selfish or self-centered.

Actually, it is the opposite. In order to love others, you must first have some of the love yourself. You can't give away what you don't have.

It is just common sense. You need love and it is there for you, so accept it! You can say “yes” to it at all times. It is also nice to say “thank you” for it often. This is self-love.

How to receive the love of the creator being.

1. Decide mentally to receive all the love you can. Once again, this is not selfish! It is just a good idea, lots of fun and you can help others and the planet with it.

The love is there for you, so take it in. Love waits upon your welcome of it. That is how it works!

2. Visualize about receiving the love. Perhaps visualize sitting under a waterfall or shower and the love comes down and enters and surrounds your body.

3. An excellent way to bring in the love is the Pulling Down Procedure. Sit or lie down comfortably and imagine pulling an energy into your body through the top of your head. To do this, put your attention just below your feet and pull downward, like having a magnet or vacuum cleaner at your feet.

You can push the energy downward, but that usually causes a headache and is not as powerful as drawing the energy downward from your feet or from just below your feet. For many more details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

4. Another excellent method is to extend yourself to others in some way that is safe. This is loving others. It is the life of service. You might be of service to your family, to a friend, or though a business or other activity. You could decide to love animals, plants, or perhaps the whole planet.

When you do this, it creates a need for you to have more love to give. It creates a type of vacuum and if you do it right, it will cause you to receive more of the creator's love so that you can give it to others.

5. Another excellent method is to decide to love God. You can believe and know that God gave birth to you and you can be grateful and thankful for this. Loving God also creates a type of vacuum and you will receive more love so that you can give it to God.

6. Watch out of the negative thoughts that stop the flow of this love to you. They include “I don't deserve it”, “maybe it is not there for me”, “God hates me” and “I'm not enough, such as smart, nice, honest, healthy, attractive, talented, spiritual, religious, etc., etc.

These thoughts are love killers and they are all false. The love is always there for you. It does not discriminate or judge. It is not conditional except you need to decide to receive it. It also does not compel. It is just there for the taking in unlimited quantity.

Another love killer is to love only part of yourself. You might say, “I'm a pretty good person - except for ______.”

Don't think this way. Accept ALL of yourself, with all your imperfections, even if you don't understand why they are there.

For many more details, read The Real Self. This book is also available in hard copy.


10/6/22. A new article in the Journal Of Insulin Resistance 2022:5(1):a71 by a heart specialist reviews vaccine data from around the world. It is quite shocking. The Wuhan flu-covid vaccines are extremely dangerous wherever they are used. The physician-author says they should be stopped immediately.

With censorship, this article is likely to be taken off the internet quickly. Please use your good judgment and stay away from the vaccines. We help people get exemptions if you are told you must have the shots. Dr. Mercola's newsletter highlighted this article, but his articles are taken down quickly so I don't know if it is still there.


10/6/22. We updated and improved the Iron article. Iron is required to transport oxygen in the body, for energy production in the electron transport system, and for some enzymes. However, too much iron is very harmful.

Especially as people age, most people accumulate toxic forms of iron that are oxides and carbonates.

Iron overload causes heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, and more. It is easy to get too much, it often does not show up on blood or other tests, and it is difficult to eliminate from the body.

Ways to get too much iron are:

- Eating too much meat, especially red meat. We only recommend two portions of lamb and one portion of natural beef per week. Portion size for adults needs to be 4-5 ounces, and not more. Children need less depending on their size and weight.

- Eating too many eggs. Egg yolk is a good food, but it is high in iron. We find women should not eat more than six eggs per week and men should not eat more than eight eggs per week.

- Eating white flour. This terrible junk food is “enriched” with iron. White flour is found in bread, pasta, pastries, sauces and more.

- Covid vaccines. These contain iron.

- Eating fast food. Some contains added iron today.

- Taking iron pills or infusions. Be extremely careful with these. Many doctors recommend iron pills for anemia when, in fact, the anemia is not due to iron deficiency although it may appear that way. For details, read Anemia.

Beware that prenatal vitamins are high in iron. Some women take these after pregnancy – a very bad idea.

In general, the only people who need iron supplements are some women at the end of pregnancy, some women with very heavy periods, and some vegetarians.

The development program is one of the few ways to eliminate toxic iron. It works beautifully!

Doctors recommend giving blood to get rid of iron. This is only fair.

Problems with giving blood are 1) you lose some good quality iron, which is not good, 2) you lose many other nutrients, 3) it does not remove all the toxic iron, and 4) it is not that safe today. For example, the author once got an infection from giving blood for a blood test.

For details, read Iron And Iron Overload and The Amigos - Iron, Manganese and Aluminum and others.


10/5/22. Some women are reporting unusual healing reactions. They suddenly have flashbacks to beatings and rapes that occurred much earlier in their lives and often of which they were totally unaware.

While disturbing, this is actually positive. We believe that these traumas are coming up because they are being unwound at this time. For details, read Trauma Retracing, Trauma Release, Rape and The Rape Planet.


10/5/22. Here are simplified rules for the development diet:

1. Eat three meals every day. Also, if possible, do not snack between meals.

2. Eat at least one and preferably two to three cups of cooked, preferred vegetables with each meal

3. Do not eat fruit or any sweets. Exceptions to this rule are:

- Adults may eat up to three black kalamata or botija olives per week. Olives are a fruit.

- Green beans are partly fruit and they are a wonderful preferred vegetable to eat daily.

4. Cook your food each day. Do not live on leftovers except occasionally. You can cook just once a day or preferably twice or three times per day.

5. Avoid vegetarian diets. Each day eat at least one and preferably two small (4-5 ounce) portions of lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, soft goat cheese, goat yogurt or sardines.

6. Eat up to 8 or 9 blue corn tortilla chips with each meal. We know they are fried in oil and some are salty. However, they provide certain nutrients not found in other foods at this time. Do not eat much of other grains and do not eat bread.

If we find a substitute for corn chips, we will let you know immediately.

7. For adults, each day eat two tablespoons of roasted almond butter, two tablespoons of roasted sesame tahini, and a teaspoon of nutritional yeast. If you don't like tahini, alternatives are 1) grind up roughly the same amount of sesame seeds in a coffee grinder and eat it, or 2) eat four tablespoons of hummus daily.

8. Eat protein first, followed by vegetables, followed by a few blue corn chips. Ideally, wait a few minutes between these courses.

Is it a lot of food? Yes, but you will lose weight on this diet and we find it is necessary for rapid development in our toxic world of depleted food. Hopefully, the food will improve some day and the diet won't need to be so strict.

9. Use sea salt on your food, including on your meat, vegetables and other foods. Do not eat refined 'table salt' or any white foods – white flour, white rice or white sugar.

10. Drink close to 96 ounces of spring or carbon or sand-filtered only tap water daily. Do not fill up on herb teas or other beverages. No coconut water! 10-12 ounces of carrot juice is fine, however, but not more.

Do not drink more than a few sips of water with meals. Wait an hour after meals to drink water and after drinking water, wait ten minutes before you eat a meal.

11. Vinegar foods. These are a new addition to the program and quite helpful for some people. For those who are less developed, a little sauerkraut, pickled herring, butter and goat cheese are excellent. When developed (50-60 years on the program), you can add a little kosher dill pickles and some nuts.

Oxidation. Adults whose body chemistry is in fast oxidation need two additional tablespoons of fat or oil with each meal.

Children. Children above age about 3 to 4 need proportionately less of the same diet based upon their weight and size.

For many more details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Foods.


10/5/22. We are learning about the use vinegar foods for development. It is a fascinating subject.

Not only does vinegar preserve foods, but it supplies special souls and special nutrients. We just improved the vinegar article. For details, read Vinegar.


10/4/22. This is an update regarding our client, Daniel. He was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at age four months. This is a genetic condition that causes many symptoms. The worst are painful attacks that often require a hospital visit for medication. The disease also shortens one's life and causes many other health problems.

Daniel is now 10 years old and has been on the development program for almost 8 years. Daniel suffered with the painful flare-ups of his illness for several years. He was also always tired and often irritable.

At this time, Daniel has no symptoms whatsoever. He goes to school and plays normally like all other children. In fact, he is now smarter than most of his friends and is rarely sick for any reason.

We would like to work with more cases of sickle-cell disease. It affects over four million people world-wide and causes much suffering. If you know of anyone with sickle-cell disease, please tell them about the development program. For details, read the improved, updated article, Hope For Sickle-Cell Disease – A Case History.


10/3/22. The greatest check on government power is a fully informed jury with the power to get rid of bad laws. Yet today, if a jury decides to nullify a law, the judge will ignore it and perhaps tag the perpetrators for punishment.

Jury nullification. In America and perhaps elsewhere, the ultimate power is supposed to rest with the citizens. Yet governments pass bad laws every day that remain on the books often for years.

Jury nullification means that a jury has the power not only to determine whether a person is guilty or innocent. They can also nullify or knock out the law under which a person has been charged with a crime if they believe the law is unconstitutional or just unfair.

The effect. This power formally acted a powerful check on government power. The government knew they could not pass bad laws because they would be quickly nullified by juries.

Loss of jury nullification. However, over the past 100 years, fewer and fewer judges inform American juries that they have the power to nullify bad laws. As a result, today bad laws abound. Getting rid of them is slow and difficult.

What to do. Please read several times our newly updated and much improved article, Juries And Their Ruination – Preventing And Stopping Bad Laws.

It is vital to realize and tell all your friends that the media and the schools are not teaching the truth about the role of juries and about the justice system in America and in some other nations. Here is an analogy that may help:

An analogy - a bad immune response. The jury situation today is like having a bad immune response. The job of the immune system is to get rid of anything that does not belong in the body.

A similar job in a society is to continuously examine and get rid of bad laws. Otherwise they multiply like bacteria or cancer and wreck society. That is our situation today.

Grotesque examples of bad laws:

- Misinformed and impotent juries. This is discussed above.

- A broken election system. The national Constitution says there will be an election day. Today, thanks to illegal mail-in balloting, elections often last two months! Voting machines are also a horror – simple to rig with computer viruses and other methods of cheating. In the most recent US election, the votes were counted in Venezuela by a corrupt company that is not American-owned!

- Fake money. The national Constitution states that gold and silver shall be the money of the nation. However, this was violated over 100 years ago.

Control of the money was given over to a private group of bankers falsely called The Federal Reserve. Must reading to understand this is our article, Central Banks And the History Of Banking In America. For more details, read the exciting book, The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin (1994-2010).

- Loss of true citizenship. Every American is a Citizen of a state. That is how citizenship was set up in America.

However, after the Civil War, an inferior national citizenship was illegally put into place. Today, all Americans are presumed to be second class “subjects” of the government, not sovereign Citizens. To reclaim your true Citizenship takes a lot of work and is quite a dangerous undertaking. For details, read America Has Two Kinds Of Ctizenship.

- Illegal government agencies. America has 47 government agencies. Every one of them is illegal. They have alphabet soup names such as FDA (Food And Drug Administration), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), TSA (Transportation Safety Administration), USDA (US Department Of Agriculture), SEC (Securities And Exchange Commission), and so on.

They are illegal because according to the national Constitution, the Congress does not have the power to regulate these activities within the 50 states of America.

Also, these agencies make laws, enforce laws and judge laws. These powers are supposed to be divided and given to the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

For details, read our article, The Regulatory State. For more information, read a recent book, Death By Regulation – How We Were Robbed Of A Golden Age Of Health And How To Reclaim It by Dr. Mary Ruwart (2018).


10/3/22. We are sad to say that today going off to a college campus today is very dangerous for your health. The reason is the Rogues are very active on college campuses.

For women, college is a big rape scene. For details, read Rape and The Rape Planet.

In addition, everyone on college campuses receives electronic implants in their heads that assist the rogues to control your thoughts and your activities.

Also, too often you will learn false ideas and be brainwashed with liberal lying thinking.

What to do. If you want a college degree or to learn a skill, whenever possible do it online. For details, read The College Trap.


10/2/22. Dementia is a terrible and growing problem around the world. It is very disabling, costly, and extremely damaging to one's quality of life.

Drugs are not too helpful and most dementia is considered incurable. In light of this, the following is an amazing healing story!

Carl is 60 years old. Over the past six or seven years, his memory has become very poor. He could hardly remember how to speak. He lost his job and cannot find another due to memory impairment.

His temperament became very disagreeable. He shouted and cursed at his wife, who did her best to feed and care for him.

The development program. Carl's wife found the development program almost one year ago. Shortly after starting it, she noticed his energy level was better and he looked brighter. So she continued with the program.

In the past two months, Carl is happier and much less irritable. He shouts and curses less and is remembering how to speak better. This is quite an amazing response.

Most recent hair mineral test. Carl's recent mineral analysis indicates:

A lot of toxic metal elimination. The test indicates Carl's body is eliminating lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and molybdenum.

All toxic metals damage the brain. Lead, aluminum and arsenic, in particular, are associated with dementia.

NOTE: We do not use and do not recommend chelation therapy for toxic metals. It won't work nearly as well. For details, read Toxic Metals and Chelation.

Improvement in the sodium/potassium ratio. This important tissue mineral ratio is associated with the electrical charge on the cell walls, among other things. When low, it is associated with fatigue, infections, tissue breakdown and memory loss.

Carl's ratio of sodium to potassium had been low and increased to normal on this retest. For details, read The Sodium-Potassium Ratio.

Out of his shell. Carl's previous mineral analysis revealed a significant calcium and magnesium shell pattern. These are levels of calcium and magnesium that are very high. Carl's calcium and magnesium levels were about eight times the ideal level of 40 mg%.

Calcium and magnesium are vital minerals for the nervous system. Very high levels indicate a loss of calcium and magnesium from the blood into the soft tissues.

This damages the nerves and leads to a buildup of biounavailable calcium in the tissues. There is a dulling effect upon the nervous system, often with feelings of depression and memory loss.

The process of calcium loss into the soft tissues is extremely important and very common. It is a common cause of irritability, fatigue, depression, memory loss, derealization/depersonalization, brain fog, and osteoporosis.

Unknown. Only a small handful of physicians and nutritionists understand the problem of calcium loss into the tissues. It cannot be seen on blood tests, but it is easy to assess with a hair mineral test if one knows how to interpret the test, which is rare. It is a very important reason why hair mineral testing should be done on everyone.

On the new mineral test, Carl's calcium level decreased to 45 mg%, which is almost perfect! This much of a decrease in the calcium level in six months is unusual and an excellent sign of deep healing.

NOTE: A problem with dementia is that those with dementia usually cannot follow the development program by themselves. They need someone to shop and prepare meals, and to help them remember to take supplements and do the procedures.

In this case, Carl is fortunate that his wife takes care of him. For details, read Calcium and The Calcium Shell.


10/2/22. Coco is a 16-year-old, 19-pound dog. Coco is on the development program. His owner feeds him properly with cooked dark meat chicken and cooked preferred vegetables, and no dog food! He also takes a few supplements and gets reflexology therapy on his ears.

Over the past several weeks, Coco developed a lump that started out soft, but became harder and larger. His owner wondered whether to take him to a veterinarian.

We tuned in and learned that the lump was a cyst filled with poison that the dog was eliminating from his tissues. The issue was retracing and nothing more.

Cleaning the area and then sticking a pin into the cyst drained it and Coco is fine. A trip to the veterinarian would have resulted in x-rays, toxic drugs and perhaps costly surgery. For details, read Care Of Dogs With The Development Program.


10/2/22. Do not drink distilled water – it is too low in minerals. However, distilled water works well for part of the water for a coffee enema. We would add a little clean tap water or spring water, ideally, as well for coffee enemas.

Contaminated. Recently we found that distilled water that one buys in the supermarket has a toxin added to it and should be avoided. We hope this will change.

Home distillers. An alternative is to make your own distilled water for coffee enemas. We recently bought a home water distiller from Megahome. It was costly – almost $300.00. However, it works well, is fairly easy to clean, and appears to be well made. It makes about a gallon of water in five hours.


10/1/22. I am told that there exists a wonderful, very ancient language spoken throughout the universe by trillions of human beings and fine matter creatures. It is called Ebre.

Over the past 1000 years, there has been an effort to bring it to planet earth through the English language. Many, though not all words, are similar in the two languages.

I have been asked to write about the basics of this language. The article is not perfect, but if you are interested, read Ebre.


10/1/22. The president of the United States just “ordered” 171 million doses of a new Wuhan flu (covid-19) booster shot without proper testing and in spite of studies that show it will hurt many more people than it will help.

This is probably just an effort to reduce the population. Use your head – stay away. To boost your immune system, follow the development program.


9/30/22. The buffering principle is that whatever you eat, the body can only absorb part of it because to absorb more would excessively unbalance body chemistry and be dangerous. It is called the buffering principle because any time you eat, the body must buffer things to keep the body balanced.

This is a major principle of development science, but not of most other dietary systems. In fact, most health authorities have never heard of this important principle.

For example, cooked vegetables are very high in a wonderful form of potassium. However, too much of anything, including even the best potassium compound, will unbalance body chemistry. Therefore, the body absorbs only a certain amount of any nutrient you eat.

Implications. Healing is slower because even if you eat the very best food, only a part of it can be absorbed.

- Eating always upsets and unbalances the body to some degree. This is because the body must many various nutrients that are not in perfect proportions.

- Resting after meals is excellent to help the body restore its chemical balance.

- Certain foods contain a better balance of nutrients than others. For example, meats and cooked vegetables contain among the best balance of nutrients for the body. Some grains also have a good balance of nutrients. Thus eating these foods in proper amounts is easiest and most relaxing for the body.

In contrast, fruit has an improper balance of nutrients, even organic fruit. This is more upsetting for the body. For details, read Fruit-Eating.

- Snacking is not good. The reason is that usually when one snacks, one eats just one or two foods and this does not provide a good balance of nutrients. For details, read Snacking.

- Drinking smoothies and shakes is not good. These usually contain food concentrates or isolated nutrients. As a result, they are usually quite unbalanced in their nutrient content compared to eating a regular meal.

This is just one problem with smoothies. Most of them are also very poor quality food combinations and they all contain too much liquid that interferes with digestion. For details, read Smoothies.

- Supplement programs need to be done in a way that does not include excessive amounts of any nutrient. Otherwise, supplements will be wasted or will upset the body a lot.

- A healthy body can handle the “upset of eating” much better than an unhealthy body. As a result, a healthy body absorbs many more nutrients than an unhealthy body.

This is just one reason a healthy body absorbs nutrients better. Other reasons are better digestion and more efficient absorption of nutrients.

- Toxins are among the worst unbalancers of body chemistry. This is just one reason to avoid chemicals in food, and one reason to avoid most “enriched” foods such as white flour.

Refined flour has been stripped of hundreds of nutrients, unbalancing its nutrient content. Then they unbalance it more by adding back just three nutrients. This is required by our wise, all-knowing government.

- To absorb more of your food, eat a variety of foods together at one meal. The reason for this is that eating a variety of foods together will give you a better balance of nutrients, making absorption less unbalancing for your body.

NOTE: This is the opposite of what we recommended some years ago, which was to limit meals to just a few foods. A variety of foods at a meal works better, even if it is more difficult to digest.

To ease digestion, eat protein first. Wait two minutes and then eat cooked vegetables. Then wait two minutes and then eat a few blue corn chips, with a little butter if you wish. Also, eat slowly, sit down, relax, and don't eat while working or driving. Also, take a digestive aid such as GB-3.


9/28/22. We suggest avoiding the covid-19 “vaccines” and boosters. They are among the most dangerous “vaccines”. The truth about them is not being told.

We put the word vaccines in quotes because they are not vaccines. They are just poisons. We suggest staying away. Insist upon an exemption or quit your job if you must to avoid the shots.


9/28/22. This is a continuation of the Outer Space Update of 925/22. I am told that our planet and many surrounding ones are still moving “upward” through space. This is a direction toward more ether in space.

The source of the ether is the thoughts of an enormous being in space. That is how ether is made. This ether is a life-giving substance, which means that thoughts are creative and life-giving.

We will do our best to keep you informed regarding this journey. I am told it is real, but possibly it is some sort of illusion.


9/28/22. We would not eat canned anything now except for sardines. The canning factories are using a poison to line the cans and I became ill from eating canned soldier beans. We plan to let you know when this problem ends.


9/27/22. We don't recommend eating many foods out of cans. However, now and then a can of cooked beans, especially European Soldier Beans, is good.

When you open the can, before eating the beans, put the beans in a strainer and run water over them. This is necessary because the lining of the can is somewhat toxic. The beans are cooked for several hours with this chemical. Rinsing removes most of the toxic chemical.

Sardines. We highly recommend eating canned sardines. The main reasons are their excellent nutrition and because they are very low in mercury due to their small size. Sadly, other fish contain too much mercury today to be safe.

Rinsing sardines before eating them is not necessary because sardines are cooked for only about a minute in the can. For more details, read Sardines.


9/27/22. In this newsletter and website, the word twins may have somewhat unusual meanings. This is because the souls use the term twins in special ways.

NOTE: The Bible is a main source of information about souls. However, it does not discuss the concept of twins. The following is thus different from the standard Christian and Hebrew teaching about souls. We hope it will not offend anyone and we are told it is correct.

The standard meaning of twins. Most people think of twins as two people who developed inside the same mother at the same time. If the two have the same DNA or genetic configuration, they are called identical twins. In this case, they are both male or both female.

They can also have different DNA. In this case, they may both be male or female. However, one can be male and the other can be female.

Soul meanings. I am told that all souls are birthed from a mother soul using eggs. Furthermore, they are always birthed in male-and-female pairs. The souls call these pairs twins and sometimes call them genetic twins.

Twin souls remain connected at all times by a tiny wire. These twins usually get along very well and usually communicate with each other easily.

Creature meanings. The souls also use the word twins in another way. They can refer to a male and a female creature, or a man and a woman, whose bodies each contain one of a pair of twin souls.

Usually, but not always, the man or male creature contains the male twin soul and the woman or female creature contains the female twin soul. These people or creatures often get along well and usually like living together.

Fine matter twins. Fine matter creatures are those whose bodies are made of a less dense form of matter. Few people can see them, but they are real. For example, they include angels and elves. Young girls can see them most easily.

Most fine matter creatures find and live with another of their kind who has as their main or entity soul the twin of their main or entity soul.

These are always a male and a female, and they always consider themselves “married” or mates.

The male creature almost always has inside himself the male of the twin souls and the female creature has inside herself the female of the pair of twin souls. For details about fine matter creatures, read Bodies – Their Structure And Activities.

Twin souls among human beings. Human male-female couples very,very rarely contain twin entity souls. Be extremely wary of anyone who claims to be your “twin soul” or “soul mate”. It is usually a trick used to deceive you!

Soul “friends”. Souls also use the word twins in another way. They can refer to any two human beings or other living creatures whose souls are “friends”. By this they mean the souls have lived or worked together at an earlier time.

Such humans often get along well. They can be a male and a female, but they may be a man and a woman. For more details, read Twins.


9/26/22. We continue to point out that elections in the United States and many other nations are rigged and have been for years. Unless changes are made, we consider the election system completely broken and thus Western civilization in perilous condition. Here are the main problems:

1. Voting machines are very easy to rig and tamper with. They should never be used.

2. Mail-in ballots invite cheating and fraud. For example, there were numerous lawsuits filed after the 2020 election in the United States regarding fake mail-in ballots.

3. Strict voter identification is essential and often missing.

4. There needs to be a test before one is allowed to vote. The reason is that the principles of Western civilization and limited government are no longer being taught enough in school and elsewhere.

Unless one understands capitalism, socialism, communism, limited government, self government, basic economics and more, it is easy to fool people into voting away their rights.

5. We are very sad to say that women must not be allowed to vote. This is because so far, in our research, all women are beaten, raped and told to vote Democrat or liberal. When they go to the polls, some hear a voice and feel a headache to remind them they are being watched and will be tortured more if they vote “wrong”.

Many women are well aware of their conditioning or brainwashing, which is the work of the Rogues - or what many call “the men”. The Bible calls them Satan.

All women (and men, too) need to do at least three things: take good care of themselves, listen for guidance, and pray properly all day long, including the Lord's Prayer from the New Testament of the Bible. See the Rogue Update below.


9/26/22. I am told that several thousand years ago some limitations were placed upon the alien group we call the rogues.

The reason was to give us a fighting chance against them. However, they have been violating the rules more and more – mainly using very dangerous and very enormous weapons.

Recently, they were told either they must observe the rules or we will attack and destroy them. They decided they will not follow the rules. As a result, I am told that as of today a more organized uprising against the rogues has begun.


9/25/22. Our planet continues to move “higher up” within space. It is being pushed along by very large fine matter creatures.

We are told that the planet is returning to its proper position in space from which it was taken many thousands of years ago. This is quite exciting and we hope it will cause improvements of many kinds on the planet.


9/25/22. We know this sounds discouraging, but at this time, all dating is very dangerous for women. The reason is the Rogues are using dates as setups for rapes and beatings. Until this changes, we would not do any dating. We hope this will change soon.


9/24/22. This is a continuation of the post from 9/22/22. Another way to understand why the development program is so effective is that it is at least eight programs in one, packaged in a way that the programs do not interfere with each other.

For example, the diet is not just an excellent source of nutrition. It is a warming or more yang diet, a parasympathetic diet, and a downward-moving energy diet.

The supplement program does not just supply extra nutrients. It also assists digestion, makes the body warmer or more yang, makes the body more parasympathetic, moves subtle energy downward, balances the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio, helps the thyroid and adrenals, and more. It does all of this without parts of it interfering with other parts, as occurs with most other supplement programs.

The procedures are also multi-purpose and like a program in themselves. For example, the Pulling Down Procedure opens the energy channels, spins and balances the energy centers, brings in development souls, balances the nervous system, and more. Please do it each day. It becomes easier and more fun with practice.


9/24/22. At this time, certain foods are contaminated in some way. One of our clients bought organic milk and it was not okay. The Rogues sometimes poison organic foods more than others.

Milk is not a daily food or an important food on the development diet. A little is okay. More important is to eat about 8-12 ounces or more per week of plain goat cheese or goat yogurt. These contain special souls that assist development.

Another food that has been sprayed with something toxic is Mauna Loa brand of dry roasted Macadamia nuts.

Nuts are difficult to digest, and this is why the development diet includes almond butter and ground up sesame seeds rather than whole nuts and seeds. When one is more developed, a few whole nuts can be eaten.


9/24/22. Another good fermented food is tamari, which is traditional Japanese soy sauce. It is available in some stores and on the internet.

NOTE: I believe that most brands of soy sauce in the supermarket is not fermented.

I also learned that most tofu sold in the markets is not fermented. It is possible to obtain fermented tofu, but it is not a common food item. Tofu and tempeh are foods for occasional use only on the development diet and are not necessary foods.


9/23/22. We greatly improved and updated the article about fermented foods. This subject is much more complex than most people imagine.

Some fermented foods such as butter and cheese have many healing properties. Other fermented foods contain alcohol, aldehydes and other poisons. This is important reading. For details, read Fermented Foods, And Why Be Picky With Them.


9/22/22. The reason is that the development program works closely with the design of the body. The program combines at least two dozen therapeutic methods in an integrated package. These methods include:

- Placing people on what is called the golden path. This includes a healthy lifestyle, clear thinking habits, strong moral values and warning people about the hazards of consumer products, food products and more.

- Reducing exposure to toxic substances in food and elsewhere.

- Restoring the alkaline reserve minerals and hundreds of other nutrients. This can only be done by eating foods that many people do not normally eat such as lamb, sesame tahini, nutritional yeast, almond butter and the vinegar foods.

- Improving digestion, elimination, hydration, circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage.

- Making the body more parasympathetic and much warmer or more yang in macrobiotic terminology.

- Renourishng and balancing the autonomic and voluntary nervous systems.

- Increasing adaptive energy, moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet, and moving the body to a healthier stage of stress.

- Aligning and opening the joints.

- Correcting the electrical balance of the cells by correcting the tissue sodium/potassium ratio.

- Improving the organs of detoxification, which are congested and sluggish in most everyone.

- Balancing the pH, oxidation rate and mineral ratios using the method the body uses.

- Opening and healing the energy channels of the body and spinning the energy centers and dantiens faster and in the correct direction.

- Causing development, a unique and powerful genetic therapy that greatly strengthens the body and extends its life.


9/22/22. Exposure to ionizing radiation is a serious type of poisoning. It can be due to testing or use of atomic bombs, nuclear power plants, medical and dental x-rays, or other exposure.

How radiation damages the body. Ionizing radiation is very high energy particles that travel fast and cause oxidant and other types of damage. They often interfere with DNA transcription or copying of DNA to RNA. This gives rise to genetically mutated cells and impaired cellular activity.

What to do. Prevention is best. Limit your exposure by limiting the number of x-rays you have, especially CT scans, which each expose the body to the equivalent of about 400 flat-plate x-rays.

Minerals. Eating a mineral-rich diet helps shield the body from radiation. Shield minerals include iodine and calcium.

Also, if one supplies the body with trace minerals from food, one will absorb less toxic minerals from the air, water and surrounding environment.

Anti-oxidant therapy. Anti-oxidants protect the body from oxidant damage. Rather than take anti-oxidant supplements, a better idea is to eat a diet high in cooked vegetables. This supplies hundreds of antioxidants, is less costly, and is much more warm or yang in macrobiotic terminology. This advantage is very important today. For details, read Anti-Oxidants.

The development program. This is one of very few healing programs that removes oxide forms of minerals in the body that contribute to oxidant damage. With fewer oxide forms of minerals present, the body's anti-oxidants can concentrate more on preventing the effects of ionizing radiation. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Others and Introduction To The Development Program.

Miso soup. During World War II, eating miso soup protected some Japanese people from the effects of the atom bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Miso is rich in minerals and contains ferments that also may produce substances that shield the body.

Development. The process of development helps prevent radiation damage by speeding up biosynthesis. This reduces the time during which body chemicals are most prone to radiation damage. Development also leads to improved digestion so that one will absorb more protective minerals from one's food.

Heat therapy. Regular use of a sauna can help limit radiation damage by destroying mutated cells. These cells are weaker than other body cells. When one heats the body a few degrees with a sauna, mutated cells are more likely to be killed by the effects of the heat. This prevents these cells from reproducing.

Coffee enemas. These are a great help to dislodge and remove radioactive particles from the body.

Cleanliness. Keeping the body clean with regular bathing helps wipe off radioactive particles that may drop onto one's skin.


9/21/22. The introduction to this newsletter above contains a statement about the new covenant that we believe exists between our Creator and all the people and creatures of the earth. I am told that an additional item is being added to it.

The new item. 8. We agree to help rid the entire universe of the plague of the Rogues. I have added this statement to the introduction to the newsletter.

The rogue empire is enormous. At this time, it appears to permeate all of space.

This new covenant item means that the earth will likely be involved in a lengthy fight. This could affect many aspects of life on earth for years to come.


9/20/22. The biological theory of creation. This newsletter teaches that space is not empty. Instead, it is populated by small and large beings.

These beings are made of a fine type of matter so most people do not see them. Young girls are most likely to see them. Many report seeing creatures such as angels, elves and others in and around planet earth.

A wonderful true story about fine matter beings is the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story (1997). It is well worth renting and viewing.

Movement through space. I am told that our planet, along with a large number of other nearby stars and planets, recently moved to a different location in space. The journey began a few months ago and it is not over.

I am told that at least 50,000 years ago our planet was moved away from where it belongs. This was part of the Rogue takeover of the earth. The journey of the past several months has been to begin to return us to where we belong.

The new location. I am told that our planet is presently inside the head, near the forehead, of an extremely large fine matter being who lives in space. It appears we are part of a neuron, or thinking cell, of the large being.

If we have moved in space, why are the stars still in the same place? The reason is that it takes a long time for light to travel from the stars to our planet. As a result, what we see in the night sky is not the present situation, but a past situation.

For example, it takes light about eight minutes to travel from our sun to the earth. If you look at the sun, you are seeing what it looked like eight minutes ago.

The sun is relatively close to the earth. (93 million miles away). It takes light much longer to travel from distant stars to us. Therefore, if we have moved in space, it will take years for the location of the planets to change.

A glorious day. If the above is true, today is a glorious day that may be recorded in the history of the earth. We will see if it is so. For more details, read The Biological Concept Of Creation And Space, Outer Space, Bodies In Space and The Life Chart.


9/19/22. Yesterday's post is mainly correct. However, it is missing a few steps that are very important. Below is a newly revised version of yesterday's post. The post from yesterday has been removed.


9/19/22. Dozens of clients report how wonderful and amazing coffee enemas are for their health and well-being. This post explains in more detail how coffee interacts with a human body.

Summary. Unlike most foods and beverages, coffee works directly with the souls of the body. This is quite unusual.

It is somewhat similar to the manner in which the vinegar foods work. This was the topic of this newsletter on September 5, 2022.

The first five minutes. Coffee contains very special souls. These souls originate from suns or stars, including a few from our own sun. However, most are from other stars, some quite distant from the earth.

Placing a coffee solution in the colon activates these special souls. They do the following:

1. They discuss the person's health situation with the planning souls. The planning souls are extremely important souls in every person that coordinate and direct all healing in the body. For details, read The Planning Souls.

2. The coffee souls then do their own assessment of the body. They take note of about two dozen types of damage. This includes inflammation, toxic metals, nervous system imbalances, infections, damage from traumas, parasites and many other chemical and nutritional imbalances.

3. A special part of this assessment is to look for two unusual types of damage. These are electrical implants and damage from witchcraft. The latter are similar to homeopathic toxins. These can be in our food, are quite common, and cause a lot of ill health. Coffee enemas are one of the very few ways to remove these unusual toxins.

4. Next they assess the amount of certain special chemicals in the body.

5. The coffee souls notice if there is already some coffee present in the colon from previous enemas that they can use.

6. The coffee souls also note the general condition of the person. They mainly note how well nourished and how rested and relaxed is the person. This influences greatly what the coffee can accomplish in terms of healing.

7. A decision is reached regarding the work to be done this session.

The next five minutes. The souls in the coffee begin their work with the help of the souls of the person's body. The coffee souls ask for protection, provision of chemical substances needed to complete the work, and they ask for helpers.

They also ask for any other information needed to complete the project of the day. The work then begins and usually continues for at least 15 minutes.

Nourishing the nuclei. Coffee in an enema is able to improve biosynthesis or the genetic formation of all body chemicals. Coffee contains a particular selenium compound that is not found in most other foods. To get a lot of it, one must also place the coffee in the large intestine, not in the mouth. Drinking coffee destroys most of the compound.

First, the coffee souls check to see how much of this chemical is needed in the nuclei of each body cell. Then they distribute the amount they have to the cells of the body.

This selenium compound makes it easier for the souls that live and work in the nuclei to access the “page” or part of the DNA code needed to make each body chemical. This is an important step in genetics or biosynthesis.

Enhancing the spin of the energy centers. The coffee souls then help speed up the spinning of the physical energy centers of the body. They do this by nourishing the souls that live in the seven energy centers. Coffee contains a number of chemicals that these souls require.

Enhancing the spin of the energy centers is another huge benefit for a person. One's adaptive energy level increases and this helps heal all conditions and situations in the body. It also assists detoxification of the body in a powerful yet safe manner.

Correcting the direction of spin of the energy centers. In many people, the energy centers spin backward to a degree, especially in girls and women, but also in boys and in most men.

Correcting the direction of the spin is a huge benefit for one's health. It improves many aspects of one's functioning and helps get rid of many serious health conditions. For example, it is very helpful for ridding the body of cancers and most infections.

Increasing energy production. A vital function of each body cell is the production of energy. There are at least seven ways the body produces usable energy from food. Coffee helps activate the better methods of energy production by providing nutrients found in few other foods.

This is another enormous benefit for anyone. The body requires sufficient energy for every bodily activity. For details, read The Seven Energy Systems Of The Body and How To Increase Your Energy.

Enhancing one's overall level of life. The combination of the above four activities causes an increase in the vibratory level of the body. This is very important at this time in history. We cannot emphasize enough how vital this is for the health and safety of every person on earth.

A more toxic day. In a few instances, a very toxic substance needs to be removed from the liver or elsewhere. In these cases, a person may suddenly notice a gurgling sound and sensation, followed by a strong desire to expel the coffee.

We call this a bad toxin day and it can end the enema early. In other cases, the person can handle the pressure to expel the coffee and the enema can continue.

This is not the same as a desire to simply pass some intestinal gas during a coffee enema. It is a stronger desire to expel the enema.

Inspection after about 10 to 15 minutes. The coffee souls do another assessment to make sure the person is left in a stable and balanced condition after the enema. This is easy or more difficult depending upon the healing that was done during the enema session.

It is critical to leave the person in stable condition. Removing toxins is not so simple and can upset the balance of body chemistry. This is a problem with many detoxification methods that we do not recommend, including fasting, baths, and others.

Cleanup. If the person plans to soon expel the coffee, it is time to clean up. Toxins are sent from the body organs to the colon to be eliminated when the person expels the coffee.

The coffee then becomes rather toxic. One may feel this as a slight headache or as a strong desire to go to the toilet and expel the coffee.

Longer enemas. Some types of healing require holding coffee enemas longer than 20 minutes. This is especially true of healing of the brain and digestive tract. These are more extensive and somewhat delicate projects that take more time.

Toxin reabsorption. If one continues the enema longer than about 20-30 minutes, a few toxins are reabsorbed from the colon. However, this problem is usually minor in relation to the benefits that occur from allowing the coffee to remain in the colon longer.

Longer term effects. As one continues to do coffee enemas over a period of months, the body becomes much more efficient in using the coffee. This is a separate subject that we may address in future posts.


9/17/22. Maja, age 57, was always tired, depressed, and had pain in many areas of her body. She never spoke much, even to her two children and her husband.

Maja's childhood was very difficult. She grew up in the Middle East where women are treated very poorly. There had been many traumas and rapes. She moved to the United States with her husband about 30 years ago, which was a great improvement. However, she still never felt well.

Many visits to physicians did not help her. She took numerous medicines for depression, anxiety and pain.

The development program. About eight years ago her son learned about the development program and insisted she try it. She was very hesitant, but he cooked vegetables for her at each meal and insisted she take the nutritional supplements, as well.

Her son noticed a change within a few weeks. He knew his mother was severely malnourished, although she was overweight.

She did not feel much better, at first. Her son insisted she continue and little by little her body pain went away.

Retracing. This is a unique feature of the development program. It is so unusual it is somewhat amazing. Most retracing involves a health condition such as an infection or an injury.

However, Maja has retraced a number of serious traumas. This is more intense, in most instances. We will describe just two of them.

#1. One day, she suddenly felt ten years old. She remembered being beaten by an angry, psychotic parent who is herself beaten and raped, and knows not what she does.

Then the beating was suddenly over. The body straightened up a lot, and she felt less tense. She became happier. She still does not really understand what occurred except that a terrible memory surfaced.

What occurred is that her brain became better nourished and balanced and less toxic. This allowed her brain and her souls to process an old trauma and release it.

#2. A few years later Maja woke up one morning feeling about age 18. She recalled being raped for making a left turn while driving a car in a no-turn zone.

She felt intense pain and fear. The man was very sick and deranged. She cried and screamed while the policeman spit all over her and bit her. She almost lost consciousness with his madness.

Then, suddenly, the memory faded and the retracing was over. It was like a weight lifted off her shoulders. She felt much better all over her body. Her pain is now almost all gone and she feels happy for the first time in 40 years.

This case is rather extreme. Most retracing is not so intense. However, this is a good illustration of what can occur if one has experienced a lot of trauma. For details, read Trauma Retracing and Retracing.


9/16/22. A few months ago we wrote that we thought it was best to hold coffee enemas only for about 20 minutes. This is because the coffee accumulates toxins and it is good to release them.

However, in the past few days we have experimented and found that holding the enema for a longer time brings other benefits. These are enhanced detoxification especially of the digestive tract and the brain. It seems to take much longer for the coffee to penetrate these areas.

New recommendation. Therefore, we will revise our recommendation. Shorter or longer coffee enemas may be best, depending upon the goal of the enema.

If the goal is detoxification and healing of the colon and liver, then 20-minute enemas are best. If the goal is healing of the digestive system and brain, then holding the enema for up to one hour, or perhaps even longer, seems to be best.


9/15/22. The statement that only love is real means that one acknowledges only one force in the universe. It also implies that this is the true order of the universe.

This force is called Love and it is the radiance or thoughts of the Creator. As we think good thoughts, we also add to this one force of love or radiance.

This idea is very simple. Do not complicate it!

Fear is a lack of love. Anything that is not love, such as fear, is just a deficiency of love. A good analogy is that darkness is unreal. Darkness is just a lack of light.

Turn on the light in your room and darkness vanishes. Turn on or receive all the Love of the Creator in your life and your fear, anger and despair will vanish! Try it – it works.

The problem. The problem is that most people live in the realm of two science or two forces. This is the idea that there are two forces in the world. Some call them good and evil, or the light and the darkness. This thinking is not quite right.

The Bible comments on this subject. It states that we must hold fast to the tree of life. (Hint: This is one science or one force). It also says if we ever eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Hint: two forces) then we will surely die.

The Bible also states, “Ask and you shall receive, Knock and the door will open, Seek and you will find”. Another way to say this is that the Love of God waits upon your welcome of it. Decide to receive all of it in your life. Ask for it often and seek it actively.

The down force is the one force of love. This is why we recommend the Pulling Down Procedure so much. Some of our clients understand this and we want everyone to understand it.

There is no up force. If one's energy is not moving downward (from the head to the feet), it is only because there is a deficiency of the down force that you can correct with the pulling down procedure and the down lifestyle – down walking, down eating, down hugging, down sex and more. Coffee in enemas, and the other development procedures, are helpers.

Read this message a number of times and it will become clearer. For details, read Love As Radiance and The Real Self. We just improved the Love As Radiance article.


9/14/22. A very common health condition is mild anemia due to copper imbalance. It is especially common among young women. We have written about it for forty years.

It is confusing because:

- It is associated with a deficiency of bioavailable copper, but the hair and perhaps the blood level of copper may be high due to excess biounavailable copper.

- It looks just like iron deficiency anemia on a blood test, so physicians routinely confuse the two conditions. If one visits any type of physician, he or she often recommends taking iron, but this does not work well and tends to worsen one's health!

- Blood, urine and other tests for copper, ceruloplasm, ferritin and other factors may be normal.

Solution. The development program is one of the few ways to corrects this condition. It is one reason people feel better when they follow the development program. For details, read Anemia and Copper And Copper Imbalance. We just updated the Copper And Copper Imbalance article.

NOTE: Dr. Mercola just wrote a confusing article about this topic. It says that that one should take vitamin C to increase copper in the body. It is true that vitamin C can assist adrenal gland activity. However, vitamin C also chelates copper and can lower its level in the body.


9/14/22. We suggest avoiding this product. It is being marketed heavily and is a stimulant, so one may feel better using it for a while. However, it does not rebuild the body and is harmful.


9/13/22. This is a philosophical idea. It means that to overcome anything one must first allow it, embrace it, and then you will transcend it. This is the opposite of what is often taught – to try your best to ignore or suppress what you don't like about yourself or others.

An example. A good example of this is the way the development program works compared to much of conventional medical or even natural health care. The development program nourishes, balances, cleans and detoxifies the body.

This process allows one to uncover hidden infections, toxic metal deposits, and other imbalances. The nutrients and balancing of the body then allow a person to go in and heal the imbalances.

In contrast, standard medical and even most natural health does not properly nourish and rebuild the body. Instead, remedies are used to “kill” or suppress symptoms such as high blood pressure or others. For details, read Love Is The Answer.


9/12/22. Hermes was a Greek scientist who lived about four thousand years ago. His name today is associated with a very important physics principle – As Above, So Below.

Meaning. This means that the way life is organized on a large scale is mirrored or is the same as the way life is organized at a smaller or lower level of life. For example, the organs of a tiny animal function similarly to the way the organs function on a human being. For details, read As Above, So Below.


9/12/22. Many older and Native cultures on earth revere and worship beings that they call grandfather and grandmother. They say they communicate with these beings.

This is similar to the concept discussed on this website that there exist large beings in space called the Fathers. The Hebrew and Christian religions use this term, perhaps because originally the people communicated with a very large, ancient being who lives in space.

Not ancestor worship. The Native worship of the grandmothers and grandfathers is sometimes called ancestor worship. However, this is incorrect. The true ancient system of worship is not about their ancestors.

It is about communication and reverence for a set of large beings who live in outer space. One of the most important of this group call themselves the grandfathers and the grandmothers.

If you are interested in this subject, I am learning about them, and how they can help us on earth. For details, read The Grandmothers And Grandfathers.


9/11/22. There was an effort to destroy The Boy Scouts Of America. However, they are reorganizing and will be back. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts organizations teach good values and many survival skills to children.


9/11/22. To have very clean hard floors, first vacuum or sweep the floor. Then spray white vinegar full strength on the floor. Then use a steam mop on the floor. The water used in the steam mop needs to be distilled or filtered by reverse osmosis so as not to clog up the mop.


9/10/22. A key feature of the development program is that you will experience the unusual phenomenon of retracing. This is a temporary flare-up of symptoms that occurs as the body heals itself deeply. These flare-ups occur all the time during the development program, although many are very mild.

Causes. Purification reactions are due to a special type of inflammation that occurs with deep healing. They can also be due to the elimination of a toxic metal or chemical, killing of bacteria, yeast, fungus or parasites, or some other shift in body chemistry.

A feature of the bio-energetic nature of the development program. At an energetic level, retracing is caused by an increase in the vitality of the body that occurs with the development program. Very few other healing programs work this way, so they do not produce these reactions.

Other names. Retracing is sometimes called healing reactions, purification reactions, aggravations or just flare-ups. These are all the same. A name used in medical care is Jax-Herzheimer reactions – named after two psychiatrists who lived about 100 years ago.

The basic protocol during a reaction. Purification reactions are almost always benign and short-lived. If one occurs, in general drink plenty of water, eat mostly cooked vegetables, and rest a lot.

More of the detoxification procedures is often helpful such as coffee enemas, foot rubs, spinal twist and saunas. Usually, one does not need the regular supplement program during a healing reaction and it is better to discontinue it.

Occasionally, we recommend a remedy during a reaction. If you are not sure what to do, submit a question to your Helper and we will check. If a reaction is very severe, call me directly to save time.

Visiting physicians. Some people consult a physician during a purification reaction. This is okay, provided you realize there are several problems with it.

First, physicians do not understand the development program and most all do not understand retracing. They often confuse the symptoms of retracing with the onset of a disease, which it is not. In fact, it is the opposite of disease, though it can look like a disease.

Then physicians often improperly diagnosis a disease, and often recommend unnecessary drugs and medical procedures. These just tend to slow things down. In some cases, the physician tells our client to stop the program because it is harming them, when this is not true.

Physicians also often alarm and scare clients, although this is also the opposite of what they need. So beware of visiting physicians during healing reactions.

Trauma Retracing – an unusual type of purification reaction. Many purification reactions are mainly physical in nature such as a headache, sore throat, a rash or a a pain somewhere in the body. A more complex type occurs when one retraces a trauma, which everyone has. In these cases, one may experience quickly changing physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual symptoms.

Spiritual symptoms mean that one becomes unsure of one's identity, or of one's relationship with the creator, or of the meaning of life itself. This can be very disorienting, but is usually an excellent sign of deep healing. For details, read Retracing and Trauma Retracing. We just updated and improved the Retracing article.


9/9/22. Love is the most important theme of this newsletter. Love is not romance or sex.

Love is a radiance or energy. It is generated by your thoughts. The more you heal and develop yourself, the more of this radiance you produce.

For details, read Love As Radiance, Loving Versus Destructive Relationships And Discerning The Differences, Self-Love, Understanding The Word L-O-V-E, Broadcasting, Maturity For Women, How To Love Using the 7 System, Kinds Of Love According To The 7 System, The Real Self, 14 Stages of A Romantic Relationship, Love Without End – Book Review, Only Love Heals, and a more philosophical article, The Love Tetra.


9/8/22. We discussed vinegar foods on 9/5/22. Two more foods that are somewhat similar to the vinegar foods are butter and corned beef.

Butter seems like a simple food. However, it is not. It is actually a type of fermented food. As one churns cream, a chemical change occurs that creates butter. It is high in certain souls that are needed today by many people as they develop.

Not everyone needs butter. This is especially true of those in slow oxidation. Slow oxidizers do not do as well eating fats. However, it is worth trying some butter in your diet because some people will feel better including some in their diet.

Corned beef. This is another interesting food. It is a special preparation of beef. It is particularly popular in the Irish, British and Jewish cultures. It also contains special souls that some people require, especially as they develop.

Buying good quality corned beef is difficult. Proper preparation must begin with excellent quality beef, usually beef brisket. The beef is mixed with sea salt and certain spices and left to cure for at least five days.

Chemical additives. Some corned beef contains nitrates or nitrites. This gives it a pink color, but the chemicals are harmful. If possible, avoid pink-colored corned beef.

Recommendation. We do not recommend eating a lot of beef. However, once or twice a week a small portion (4-5 ounces for adults) of good quality beef is excellent and it can be corned beef. To obtain good quality, you may have to make it yourself and recipes are on the internet.


9/7/22. The problem. For success with coffee enemas, the coffee must be ground finely. If not, the coffee will be too weak. At times, even coffee that is sold already ground is not ground fine enough.

Solutions. 1.Buy whole coffee beans and grind them finely yourself. This is best. Some stores that sell coffee have coffee grinding machines and you can set the fineness of the grind.

2. Buy the coffee already ground. This is a little easier. However, two problems are 1) it won't be as fresh and 2) it may not be ground fine enough.

To achieve a finer grind, you could run the ground coffee through a commercial coffee grinder again with the grinder set to a fine setting. An alternative is to use a small home coffee grinder and leave it on for at least 20 seconds. This should produce a fine grind.

Storing the coffee. Always store coffee in a closed container in the freezer, if possible, especially if it is already ground. Storing it in the refrigerator is better than storing it at room temperature, but not as good as the freezer.

Cooking the coffee. The best methods are boiling or pressure-cooking. Using a coffee maker is next best. The newer spray or Keurig method is not quite as good.


9/6/22. The Pulling Down Procedure is one of the most interesting and exciting of the healing procedures. It is a sort of “mental workout” that moves a lot of subtle energy downward through the body – or from the head to the feet.

Please don't skip it. Here are details about what you will feel.

What you will feel. You want to create a feeling of a vacuum inside the body by pulling downward from your feet. This is very important for rapid development.

Creating a vacuum or emptiness is a great secret of doing the procedure correctly and powerfully. It is also The Trim-Tab Concept.

It is an unusual feeling – you just create an emptiness at your feet. The subtle energy rushes into the head and down the body to fill the vacuum. You may or may not feel this energy and many just feel the vacuum or emptiness. As you practice the procedure each day forcefully, it becomes easier to do.

Heating up and release. As channels heal and open, an area of the body may heat up a little. Then you may feel a release as the energy flows more easily through that area.

The order of healing - The eyes. The first area I felt was a flow of energy through the eyes. It felt like someone was gently poking me in the eyes. I thought it was strange and was happy that the feeling soon went away. For details about this problem area, read Head Congestion Syndrome.

The neck. Next, in many people the neck is congested and tight. You may feel the subtle energy trying to move through there.

Gently turning your head as you do the exercise may help it move through. The neck pull procedure may also be helpful.

The upper abdomen. After the neck is worked on for a few weeks or perhaps months, the next area where you may feel the energy is often the upper abdomen and diaphragm. This area is also very stuck on most people.

If you have a protruding or hard belly, moving subtle energy through this area will eventually get rid of it.

The third center. There may be some churning, discomfort or tenderness in the area of the solar plexus, also known as the third energy center. This center is quite damaged on most people and usually spins backwards.

As the spin corrects and the center opens and balances, any sensations of discomfort slowly go away. For more details, Third Center Pain and The Four Pains Of Development.

Opening the central channel. Once the third center has opened and healed to some degree, one day you may suddenly feel that your body is more balanced, centered and grounded. This is a wonderful feeling!

When this milestone of development occurs, You will be much less affected by the words and actions of others because your energy will remain inside you and more centered and grounded. For details, read The Central Channel.

We could go on, but this is enough for now for most people. It is the way healing of the energy channels and energy centers proceeds using the development program and especially the Pulling Down Procedure.

NOTE: Just pull down. Do not decide which part of the body should be worked on next. Simply do the pulling down procedure and the body will decide where to focus.


9/5/22. A new category of foods for rapid development are those that contain vinegar. These foods include sauerkraut, kosher dill pickles, olives packed in red wine vinegar, vinegar salad dressings, and a few other foods such as pickled herring.

What is vinegar? Vinegar is often made from fruits or vegetables. The food is fermented in a certain way that leaves weak acetic acid as the main ingredient. While this is a good chemical explanation of vinegar, in reality it is much more.

Cleaning up food. Vinegar also contains many souls that are attracted to its qualities. These souls specialize in cleaning the body and in cleaning the food that the vinegar is made from.

Cleansing is the main action of vinegar. This is extremely helpful today because all the food contains toxic chemicals that impair healing and development.

Improving digestion. The weak acidic nature of vinegar also helps balance the digestive system. Bacteria in the vinegar act like a probiotic. This is also very helpful today.

A healthy preservative. Vinegar also acts as a food preservative. This chemical action prolongs the life of a number of foods.

How to use vinegar foods. As one moves into the higher stages of development, vinegar foods become more important. One reason is that vinegar foods often contain some aldehydes. These are liver poisons, so one must be careful with vinegar foods. At this time, we only recommend three vinegar foods for most people:

- Sauerkraut. Plain sauerkraut, preferably Bubbie's brand if you can find it, can be added to any meal. Have just one to two tablespoons with a meal. We recommend having a little at least once a day.

- Olives. You may have about 3 black kalmata olives per week that are packed in red wine vinegar. In some ways, these are better than our earlier recommendation to try to find some black Peruvian botija olives and have a few of them per week. Do not do both – have either the kalmata olives, which are easier to find and very good, or the botija olives. Avoid green olives.

- Pure red wine vinegar. This can be used as an occasional food as a topping for cooked vegetables or any other food.

Comments on apple cider vinegar. This is a popular health food store product. It contains some beneficial bacteria and other compounds. However, it is too cold (or yin in macrobiotic terminology) to use on a regular basis, so we cannot recommend it. For details, read Yin And Yang Foods, Yin And Yang Healing, and Yin Disease.

We added a section about vinegar foods to the Food For Daily Use article. We also cleaned up this article.

Other uses for white vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning compound to use around the house. Some professional house cleaners will only use vinegar for cleaning because it is non-toxic and very effective.

An excellent idea is to add a few cups of white vinegar to the laundry when you put your clothes in the washing machine. It will freshen the laundry.


9/5/22. We don't write often about movement of our planet through space because it is difficult to confirm the truth of the information.

Basic information. It appears that space is absolute enormous, much larger than one might imagine. Also, space appears to be populated by many fine matter beings, some of whom are extremely large.

The group we call the Rogues have infiltrated these large beings and damaged some of their body systems. We are discovering how the smaller fine matter creatures interact to maintain the physiology of the very large beings.

Movement. At this time, we believe the earth, the entire solar system, and many nearby stars and planets are moving to a healthier region of space. It appears that we were moved away from our true home in space and we are now moving back toward where we belong. If this is true, it is a positive sign that may help reduce the rogue influence on earth.


9/4/22. Lamb is one of the most wonderful foods for development.

Iron. Lamb is a red meat, but it is not as high in iron as beef. This is a benefit for most people because most people have too much iron in the liver and elsewhere, which slows development. Development involves reducing one's iron level.

Less hybridized. Lamb is also less hybridized than beef, another benefit. Some beef cattle today are hardly recognizable as cows and are quite unhealthy. Not so with lamb.

Development souls. Lamb is very high in development souls. These are special souls that help one with all aspects of the process of development. This includes moving energy downward through the body from the head to the feet. The development souls also help undo traumas that slow development.

Raising lamb. One reason lamb is an excellent food is that one cannot just feed grain to lambs. One must allow them to eat fresh pasture grasses. Traditionally, the grasses of Australia and New Zealand were excellent places to raise lamb. However, in the past 10 to 20 years, more lamb is raised in other nations and this works well, too.

Taste. Lamb has a slight wild game or “lamby” flavor. This is due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content. Putting some salt on your lamb helps take away this taste if you don't like it.

Cooking. It is important not to overcook lamb, although most people do overcook it. The best method is braising. This is light cooking of a thin patty or slice on one side with water. Then turn the lamb over and cook it lightly on the other side, and then immediately eat the lamb.

Braising leaves the meat somewhat uncooked in the middle. This is not safe to do with most beef or chicken. However, it is generally safe with lamb because lamb is lower in bacteria than most beef or supermarket chicken.

Packaging. Fresh lamb is best, but not necessary. Frozen lamb is okay if that is all you can find.

Shrink-wrapped lamb does not test as well as lamb packed simply in a paper or plastic wrapper. We are not sure if chemicals are added when it is shrink-wrapped.

Cuts. Any cut of lamb is good. The easiest to work with is ground lamb, which is widely available. Just form it into a fairly thin patty and braise the meat. Lamb chops are delicious and usually need a cut or two in the meat if you want to cook it fast.

Storing lamb. Keep fresh lamb in the lower bin of your refrigerator. It will last a little longer this way.

Cost. A disadvantage of lamb is its cost. However, it is worth the money to have a small portion twice a week. Have 3 to 5 ounces twice a week for adults and less for children. Ground lamb is often less expensive than some other cuts and is fine.

Salting lamb. It is excellent to put a little sea salt on your lamb just before eating it. It will enhance the flavor and the extra salt is excellent for digestion. The stomach uses salt by converting it to hydrochloric acid (NaCl > HCl). Plenty of HCl is needed for proper digestion.


9/4/22. The Ukrainian people continue to oppose communist Russian aggression, a very old problem for Europe. The conflict has gone on for over six months, and really much longer because the Russians invaded the Crimea almost ten years ago.

I am also told that the American president, Mr. Biden, lies when he says he supports Ukraine financially or otherwise. In fact, he really does little to nothing for them.

However, our contact in Ukraine says that all of Europe is spoiled by past American military defense and needs to learn to defend itself. So the lack of American backing is not all bad. Your prayers and support are much needed for Ukraine and indeed all of Europe, which is now under threat of attack.


9/3/22. This post is about an advanced healing topic that is very important, but not often discussed.

The channel system. The way life works is that living bodies have thousands of very tiny tubes or channels through which flows a subtle energy that some call ether or chi. This is a life-giving energy that is required for life and health. We are ether-powered beings.

The channels run vertically through our bodies from the head to the feet. Some healers such as acupuncturists are aware of these channels. Certain groups of these channels they call the meridians. However, channel therapy is not part of most health care.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we don't recommend acupuncture much because most of it is too symptomatic.

Today's bodies. Everyone is born with some of the channels missing or damaged. Some channels are malnourished, toxic, clogged, congested, infected, crushed or implanted.

Also, moving the ether through some areas of the body is just more difficult. These areas include the neck because the channels have to bunch together to get through a more narrow space. Moving the ether through the joints is also more work. This is why we highly recommend the Pulls, Pops, Twists and Kicks procedure and the Pulling Down Procedure.

Problems in the channel system is a hidden cause of poor health that very few healing programs address. Development and the development program focus on this system. For more details, read the Channel System.

The coffee souls. Coffee enemas have many benefits. I am told that one of them is that it contains a large number of highly advanced souls who know how to clean up the entire body. They know how to clean out infections, cancers, parasites, yeast overgrowth, electronic implants, and more.

The cleanup souls in the coffee understand how to assess the channels and how to heal them. They have special equipment to unclog and open the channels.

They also have powerful cleaning chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and soap. They also know how to safely move many different types of toxins out of the body.


9/2/22. At this time, I am told that a cleanup of planet earth and the surrounding space is occurring. The goal is to reduce the Rogue presence on earth. I hope this is correct and that there won't be much disruption, although it is possible.


9/2/22. A covenant is an agreement in which a leader states that he or she will protect others. In return, the others agree to follow certain rules and procedures. The most famous covenant is found in the Old Testament of the Bible between the Creator and the Hebrew people.

We believe there is a new covenant today between the Creator and everyone on earth. The rules we are to follow are the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses and The Golden Rule.

In addition, we are to seek out and speak only the truth whenever possible. Also, all boys and men are to be circumcised, ideally on the eighth day of life. In addition, we are all to follow the new development program which is described on this website. For details, read The Covenant.


9/1/22. We improved an important article on the website. The subject is how couples can and do assist each other and our planet at this time in history.

This is a basic or core article about relationships on a topic that is not mentioned often enough. For details, read Balancing Couples and Empathic Blending.


8/31/22. Shui Chen does not work with us, no matter what she claims. We suggest avoiding her.


8/31/22. We improved and updated a core article about healing and development. It explains a lot about the design of the development program and why it works very well. For details, read Downward-Moving Energy And Healing.


8/30/22. The development program is mechanical. This means that if one follows the program, one will heal and develop.

NOTE: This is not true of other healing methods – what I call remedy methods. These methods, which include the medical system and natural health care, work for some and not for others.

The procedures. Not only are the Development Diet and the Pulling Down Procedure very important. We are realizing that one develops a little each time one does a Coffee Enema, a Genital Bath, uses a Bidet properly, or does the The Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks found in the article of this name.

Development. Development is nothing less than unlocking the full genetic potential of a human being or creature. I am told it is the healing method used by the souls and by the high-level spiritual beings that rule our world.

For this reason, the wise way to live is to find ways to do the above development procedures each day.

In the past, teaching development to the pubic was not permitted. This has apparently changed and we are honored to teach it at this website and in this newsletter.


8/20/22. We cleaned up and improved the article about the many therapeutic uses of a bidet. For details, read The Bidet Healing And Development Procedure.


8/29/22. This is a very upsetting message. However, writing about it hopefully is the first step to stopping it.

Rogue beatings, rapes and brainwashing of most all women on earth cause woman's vaginas to become too open and active. This is one of the nastiest aspects of the rogue presence on earth.

The torture is done using special rapes and beatings, and by placing a small vibration machine inside the vagina for an hour or more.

No memory. Most women have no memory of this torture. The rogues use high-tech methods of hypnosis and brainwashing to cause most women to forget what was done.

The effects. Women lose some of their natural inhibitions about having sex. The result is they will go along much easier with sex on a date, for example, and will object less to a rape. This is the goal. Some women develop a craving for sex and some become sexually aggressive.

Opening the vagina also damages the woman's balance and her thinking. It instills intense fear, shame and anger. Other effects are to make women much less self-confident and to cause them to hate their parents and hate God.

Vaginal torture has a powerful cooling or yin effect upon the body. To understand this, read Yin Disease.

It also damages the central energy channel of the body, also called the conception vessel in acupuncture. This slows a woman's development and impairs her general health and well-being. For details, read The Central Channel.

Vaginal torture and rape also damage the subtle energy center called the lower dantien. For details, read The Dantiens.

Rapes and other vaginal torture also cause slight flattening of the sulci or ridges of the surface of the brain. For details, read Anchors And Pivots. The section about Anchors discusses healing of the sulci with the development program.

The larger picture. Open vagina syndrome is also part of a larger, highly secretive rogue effort. Its goals are to condition women to sex, harden the vaginal tissues, deplete the bodies of nutrients, and completely filth up women's bodies.

This spreads dozens of diseases to their sexual partners to weaken men. It also weakens all the women's future children. It is also a campaign to terrorize women, ruin all their relationships, turn women into liars, and they are forced to become enemy agents.

Who does this affect? We are researching this, but so far the torture is done to ALL girls or young women. It occurs as early as age seven or eight. In some women, it occurs during the teenage years or later.

Where is it done? Many girls are taken to special rooms that have been set up in schools. This is an important reasons we recommend keeping girls out of all schools at this time. Also, girls must be closely watched and supervised at all times!

The rogues can use high-tech methods to enter women's bedrooms. They also use trickery to lure girls and women to parties, beaches, camping trips, overnight visits with friends, fake dates and other places where they are raped and tortured.

Cell phones and long hair. The cell phone system is rogue technology! If one carries a cell phone, it automatically tells the rogues where you are at all times, making you much easier to assault and rape. Keeping the cell phone turned off with the battery out may not affect this. The phone would have to be kept in a specially shielded box to avoid tracking.

Wearing your hair long also makes grabbing you much easier.

Reversing the damage. The development program is most helpful. For details and to begin the program, read Introduction To The Development Program.

The pulling down procedure is particularly good because the torture tends to cause subtle energy to flow upward instead of downward.

Coffee enemas are very helpful because they move energy correctly and for other reasons. The Genital Bath done several times daily is also excellent to undo the damage.

For more details, read Rape, Beatings and The Rape Planet.


8/29/22. NOTE: We are slowly changing the background color of the website articles. For a while, some will have the new white background, while others have not yet been updated.


8/28/22. Several principles unite in the development program to create a very powerful program:

1. Whole system thinking. The medical and natural healing groups think in terms of body systems. This is not sufficient.

There is a higher level of systems thinking required for deep healing. It is whole system thinking. We are one system, not a set of body systems. For details, read Systems Theory and General Systems Theory And Healing.

Whole system thinking means thinking in terms of at least seven levels of body functioning. These levels are physical, emotional/sexual, ego level, social, creative, intellectual and spiritual. For details, read Basics Of The Seven System.

Moving the body/mind to a healthier stage of stress according to the stress theory of disease. The stress theory of diseases is an important aspect of general systems theory applied to the body. For details, read Understanding Stress and The Stress Theory Of Disease.

Love. The word love can and must refer to a whole system concept, not simply an emotion or thought. This love is not romantic or about individuals. It is the basic emanation of life force. For details, read Love As Radiance.

2. A dietary and supplement program for all age groups that provides hundreds of nutrients, excellent quality protein, easily digested carbohydrates and necessary fats and oils. For details, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use and Forbidden Food.

Minerals are at the heart of the program: measuring them, restoring many, upgrading the compounds, and balancing their levels, ratios and patterns. For details, read Minerals For Life, Minerals And The Seven System and The Anthropomorphic Qualities of Minerals.

The program takes into account the drastic decline in nutritional quality of earth food over the past 100 years. For details, read Organic Agriculture and Superphospates.

3. Deep detoxification. This has two main aspects: toxin avoidance and toxin release. The program causes the release of two dozen toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, physical and mental traumas, and more. For details, read Healthy Lifestyle, Toxic Metals, Detoxification and Detoxification Protocols.

4. Restoring a high level of adaptive energy. The body uses this energy to heal and activate all of its systems. For details, read The Energy Concersion Methods and Implications For Diet and Restoring the Body's Energy.

5. Balancing. Restoring the balance and proper functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system. For details, read Autonomic Nervous System Health.

6. Balancing. Working directly with the complementary opposite forces of warm and cold, also called yang and yin. For details, read Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease.

7. Healing the channel system so as to bring more ether into the body and circulate it properly. For details read Reflexology and The Pulling Down Procedure.

8. Genetic activation, also called development. This is the growth in the size and complexity of the energy field of the body, with resultant healing at many levels. Genetics and Introduction To Development.

The program also promotes and teaches the basic vectors or motions associated with development. For details, read The Seven Movements Of Development Science.

9. Soul and rogue perspectives. The development program uses the same system of measurement and many of the same principles of healing used by the souls of the body. For details, read The Planning Souls and Soul Science.

The program also takes into account the effects of the group sometimes called the negs, the otros or the rogues. For details, read The Rogues, Rape and The Rape Planet and Healing Rape.

10. Teaching maturity with the path concept. The program is a path upon which one will experience the phenomenon of retracing. This is a unique and fully individualized recognition and undoing of one's misperceptions, fixed and false ideas, unforgiveness, and other mental and spiritual blocks. For more details, read The Path Concept, Retracing and Trauma Release.


8/27/22. I want to apologize because this post about the development program is a bit technical.

The ether. Life is not just dependent upon breathing air and eating food. It also requires a subtle energy sometimes called ether or life force. In some older languages, it is called qi or chi.

We are born with a supply of this energy. As time passes, the ether is used up. This is the primary cause of aging, disease and death of the body.

Extending life. If one wishes to heal the body and extend life, one needs to maintain and absorb more ether. The four ways to do this are:

1. Conserve your ether. Don't waste your ether. The main way to do this is to live a healthful lifestyle with plenty of rest and sleep, gentle exercise, healthy diet, retention of most of your sexual fluid, and thinking positive, happy thoughts. For more details, read Healthy Lifestyle.

2. Move your ether through your body efficiently. The ether moves through millions of tiny channels that run from your head to your feet. In everyone, some of these channels are crushed, twisted, clogged, and infected with bacteria and parasites. Some channels are not even fully formed.

Malnutrition, tissue blockages, congestion and disease impair the channels. Important areas are tight or misaligned joints, tight and adhered fascia, and the general density of the body.

For example, muscle tissue is a more dense tissue. Having too much of it actually slows the ether flow for this reason. This is why we do not recommend vigorous exercise and physical workouts.

Channel therapies. To help move your ether efficiently, follow the channel-restoring development diet. Open and align your joints each day using the spinal twist procedure and foot reflexology. These are what are called channel therapies.

Coffee enemas also supply channel nutrients. Fine matter creatures in the coffee also heal the channels.

Red heat lamp therapy supplies a frequency that greatly assists the channels.

The supplements we use are also channel therapy, especially the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and trumethylglycine.

3. Absorb environmental ether. To extend life, bring more ether into the body with deep breathing, breathing clean air, sitting in the sun, and eating a high-ether development diet. These will supply some extra ether.

The development diet is the highest ether diet we have found. Coffee taken in an enema also supplies a lot of extra ether.

4. Directly draw more ether into the body. To do this, do the pulling down procedure. The more you do this procedure, providing your do it correctly, the more life force you bring in to the body, and the faster you will heal.

The vacuum or emptying idea. The most efficient way to move anything is to create a vacuum or void in such a way that the object or substance to be moved will fill the void or vacuum. This is the secret to doing the pulling down procedure correctly.

Examples. To turn a huge ocean liner, one creates a small vacuum by turning the rudder while the ship is moving forward. The entire ship then turns to fill the vacuum.

To lift an airplane off the ground, one creates a vacuum above the wings by tilting the wings and moving the plane forward at the same time. The entire plane then rises into the air to fill the vacuum.

Bernoulli's principle. To create the vacuum, one moves the water or air faster where one wants to create the vacuum. Moving air or water reduces the pressure and this creates the vacuum. This is why the ocean liner or aircraft must be moving in order to steer the ship or lift the plane.

Apply the same principle to move ether into the body for healing. The secret of the pull down procedure is to move the ether downward very fast with your mind while focusing your attention below your feet.

This reduces the ether pressure below your feet, creating a vacuum or emptiness. If you do it correctly, you will feel it as an air vacuum.

This, in turn, causes new ether to be drawn forcefully into the body. This is the great secret. For many more details, read The Ether.


8/26/22. Symptoms when Fred began the program. Fred is 62 years old. He had suffered with very low energy, acid reflux, and significant joint pain for at least 30 years. He also had high blood pressure. He had become discouraged and decided that life was basically over for him.

Beginning the development program. Fred found out about the development program about five years go. He liked the website articles and thought there might be something to the development program. He began the program by changing his diet.

The development diet. Fortunately, Fred loves cooked vegetables. He immediately began adding many more cooked vegetables to his diet. Soon he felt a little more energy. He also realized that he was also moving a little better and was more relaxed.

One of the worst oversights of the medical and many natural healing practitioners is to underestimate the importance of proper diet. It is the 2000-pound elephant sitting in the middle of the room that no one wants to talk about.

Our sick food supply. Our food may look good, but its vital mineral levels are about 20% or much less of what they were 100 years ago. This is well-documented in books such as Food For Naught, The Decline In Nutrition by Ross Hume Hall. As a result, the bodies need 8 to 9 cups of cooked vegetables daily.

The toxic killers. In addition, our food is high in toxic oxide forms of many minerals. For details, read the The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Others.

The green revolution. A major cause of depletion is the 'green revolution' in which up to ten times the amount of food is grown on the same amount of land. To do this, farmers use growth stimulants called superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers. These are subtle killers and millions of pounds of them are dumped on our food every year, including organic food.

Rogue food policy. Also, the alien group we call the Rogues are very active in agriculture. The Bible calls them Satan. We have discovered that their rapists and other operatives, many of whom live underground, eat excellent food. But for the “earths”, as they call us, no pure or mineral-rich food is allowed.

Fruit. Fruit has been affected the worst by the green revolution. Most all of it is loaded up with residues of N-P-K fertilizers, as well as other agricultural chemicals, no matter how the fruit is labeled.

Autonomic health. The effect of the program on the autonomic nervous system is one of its most interesting and powerful effects. It is a key to healing that is not taught much.

The cooked vegetable diet, along with a carefully set up supplement program and other procedures such as the red heat lamp sauna, foot reflexology and coffee enemas, have a powerful parasympathetic effect. This reverses many pathologies in the body. This is related to the work of Hans Selye, MD and is overlooked by almost all medical and natural practitioners.

Most recent mineral test. The hair tissue mineral test is nothing short of amazing. It is not just another test. It reveals patterns of life in their essence. It is completely different from blood tests, which have their place but do not provide the same information.

Mineral patterns. Fred's new hair mineral test reveals a number of excellent patterns. NOTE: These patterns are only valid if one follows the correct program and does it faithfully. Patterns on the new mineral analysis include:

Coming alive. This is present when the levels of the first four or second four minerals all increase of remain the same. This metabolic pattern is associated with greater vitality. For details, read Coming Alive.

Seven anchor patterns. This pattern is present when certain mineral levels either do not change, or change very little within certain criteria. We formerly believed that lack of change of a mineral level on a retest only meant that the person did not follow the program. However, in the past several years we learned that little change in a mineral level has an unusual meaning if one follows a program that is set up correctly.

Anchors are associated with deepening of the sulci of the brain. This is an important healing of the central nervous system that is difficult to achieve. Fred's new test reveals seven anchors, which we call a new brain.

Both right and left pivots. This is a rather unusual pattern that indicates an insight and change of mind. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.

Lead and other toxin elimination. Fred's lead level increased 30-fold!

Dumping the killers. Fred's test also indicated an elimination of 10 other minerals. This is an excellent sign of detoxification, provided one follows the proper program and does it well.

Report. Fred wrote “Acid reflux is significantly improved (rare flare-ups). Energy level is good, despite needing less sleep.” Blood pressure is also lower.

To begin the development program, we can only recommend the Helpers listed on this website at Find A Helper. Beware, there are many imitators, some of whom are malicious and deliberately set up program incorrectly.


8/25/22. We are learning much more about healing from the multiple rapes and beatings that most women experience from the Rogues. A few facts are:

- Healthy women are superb communicators and we will write more about this in the future. The rogue beatings and rapes are intended to destroy this ability.

- Women's orgasms are harmful and spin subtle energy to the left. For this reason, women require Down Hugging or Down Sex, not ordinary sex.

- While it sounds unusual, women can actually undo orgasms. When they do, there can be a sensation of spinning to the right. Do not be afraid of this sensation.

- If healing occurs fast enough, one can become a little dizzy from the right spin sensation. This is normal and, in fact, is an excellent sign of healing.


8/25/22. Each time you drink a glass of water today, you are getting a small dose of heart drugs, hormones, birth control pills, and dozens of other medical drugs. This even applies to spring water, although it is usually purer than standard city water.

This is a serious environmental problem that few talk about. It may be the reason for more transgender feelings and other unusual behavior today. Source:


8/24/22. This post is an expansion of the post of August 21, 2022 that described a bad toxin day when doing a coffee enema. In fact, many experiences occur when one does regular coffee enemas:

- An easy day. Coffee goes in easily, is easy to retain, and comes out easily. One does not have too much intestinal gas and there is little pain or other sensations. On these days, the body is usually focused on building new tissue rather than eliminating toxins.

- Physical healing. At times, clients report a healing experience during a coffee enema. For example, a colonic diverticulum may heal. Some people have chronic appendicitis pain – a dull pain in the lower right abdomen. This may suddenly go away and never return.

Other pain or discomfort in the colon may abate as the body releases old food debris, parasites, or a yeast colony in the colon or even in the small intestine.

Breakthroughs can occur anywhere in the body. One may begin to breathe more easily as a chronic lung and bronchial condition clears. A skin condition may improve as the body releases toxins that are responsible for a rash or roughness of the skin. Any type of healing may occur because the coffee enema has many systemic effects.

- Mental insight. Clients report that coffee enemas often clear their thinking and they gain insights about themselves, about others, or about situations in their lives. Many people welcome the quiet time of lying down and retaining the enema as a way to help with mental processing.

This is one reason we do not recommend walking around, talking on the telephone, or other distractions while holding an enema.

- Trauma release. Implanting coffee in the rectum can remind a person of a traumatic experience one has had in the pelvic region of the body such as a rape or beating. This may seem scary and keeps some people from doing coffee enemas.

However, it is a form of Psychodrama that may be extremely healing. Psychodrama is a method of healing in which one imitates, in a mild and safe manner, a trauma situation.

- A coffee high. A few people report a euphoric feeling when they do a coffee enema. This may be due to a substance in the coffee such as caffeine. However, it may be due to balancing the body when one does coffee enemas. The coffee enemas definitely has this effect upon the body.

- A mild sexual tickle. This is probably due to injecting coffee near the first and second energy centers of the body. These energy centers are responsible for sexual feelings.

- Spiritual integration and development. This is an unusual effect of coffee. Coffee, especially when taken in an enema, changes one's consciousness. In part, this is a nutritional effect. In part, it is a powerful detoxification effect. And, it is subtle but very safe energetic or auric herbal healing effect.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this effect at this time in history. There is a need for the mind of mankind to change and develop in a spiritual way. The coffee enemas assist this process in a powerful and yet safe manner.

- Trouble putting coffee in. This is uncommon, but can occur if for some reason the body wants the coffee to be introduced slowly. It can also be due to a blockage in the enema tube.

- Trouble retaining the enema. This is usually due to intestinal gas or the body is eliminating a toxic substance and wants the coffee out of the body at once. When extreme, this is the bad toxin day we spoke of in the post of 8/21/22.

- Trouble expelling the coffee. This may be due to dehydration. If it occurs often, drink more water before doing a coffee enema. Trouble expelling may also occur because the body needs some substance that is in the coffee. In these instances, it may take longer to eliminate the coffee or the coffee may remain and be absorbed.

- A lot of fecal elimination when coffee comes out. This occurs when the body uses the coffee enema to release a large amount of poison. It can seem as though one's entire intestinal tract empties out. There may be unusual odors and one may eliminate a high volume of fecal material. This may be called a deep toxin day.

- Abdominal irritation or bloating. This may occur with the release of certain toxins that irritate the lining of the colon or small intestine. Rubbing the tops of the toes and rubbing all of one's feet may relieve the irritation.

- Headache #1 perhaps with nausea, dizziness or weakness. This is more common in those who are just starting coffee enemas. One's body is quite toxic. The enema stirs up the toxins, but the body is unable to eliminate them.

As a result, the toxins circulate in the blood, causing a headache or perhaps some nausea, dizziness or weakness. The solution is usually to do a second enema right away. This helps clear the toxins and often relieves the headache and other symptoms of toxicity.

- Headache #2. As one retains a coffee enema, the coffee slowly fills up with certain toxins from the body. If one holds a coffee enema too long – especially more than about 20 to 30 minutes - one may develop a mild headache.

This headache often goes away when one expels the coffee. However, in some instances, the headache may persist for a few hours until the body can clear the toxins.

- A Jittery feeling. This can be due to using too much coffee. For adults, we recommend using three tablespoons of regular coffee if you use a coffee maker or two tablespoons of coffee if you boil it or pressure cook it.

Another situation, especially when starting coffee enemas, is that the colon is damaged and too permeable. As a result, toxins from the coffee such as caffeine enter the body and cause a jittery feeling or occasionally other symptoms.

In this instance, one needs to use less coffee at first. Wait a few weeks and then try increasing the amount of coffee. As the colon heals, you will be able to use more coffee.


8/23/22. - Dissonance. When saying the Lord's prayer, realize that you may cause a phenomenon called dissonance. It is the idea that saying the prayer will bring up for you any thought that is in conflict or differs from the thoughts in the prayer.

Dissonance can be disturbing. However, it is important because it is often the only way to get in touch with negative thinking that is hidden or subtle in one's mind. This is one purpose of prayer.

- Our Father. The word Father at the beginning of the prayer is very special. It means one with whom one can have a close, personal relationship. This is an important teaching in the prayer that is often not emphasized. One can go directly to God and one does not need the intervention of an authority figure such as a priest, rabbi, pastor or other.

- Hallowed be Thy name. Why is this in the prayer? Because naming something means thinking about it and thoughts are powerful. This is similar to the phrase in the Old Testament of the Bible that “in the beginning was the Word, and (from) the word was made flesh”. This, too, means that creation always begins with a thought.

- Worship the Father. Jesus gave the Lord's Prayer. Of interest is that he did not say to worship him. He said to praise and worship the Father.

- Thy kingdom come. This sentence may not refer to a time or place in the future. We are learning that there exist higher brain centers which the group we call the Rogues attempt to remove or destroy. They help us to think correctly. One of them is called the kingdom of heaven or the house of the Lord. So when prayers use these words and one repeats the prayer, one is asking for the healing of one's mind and body.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In many instances, the only way to deeply rebuild a brain is with the process of development and the development program.

The reason for this is that brain tissue, once destroyed, often does not easily regenerate. This is a quality of brain tissue. Development - and this process alone - can speed up the regeneration of brain tissue. This offers hope for those with brain damage, which we believe includes everyone!

For details, we just updated and improved two articles: Introduction To Development and Introduction To the Development Program.


8/22/22. About the best prayer for daily use is the Lord's Prayer found in the New Testament. It contains a number of EXCELLENT spiritual lessons or principles:

- Thy Will be done. This is a most important spiritual principle. It will take you far if you continue to ask for it in all conditions and situations.

- Forgive us as we forgive. This is a second spiritual principle that is a key to a happy and healthy life. It is not taught enough, even in many religions. It is truly a key to happiness.

- On earth, as it is already done in heaven. This is the critical principle of moving subtle energy or aether downward, not upward. One brings God or Thy Will down from the heavens toward the earth. This means if one is standing up or sitting, one moves subtle energy from the head area to below the feet.

This is not only a healing exercise for the earth. It is also the correct electrical polarity and electrical flow of energy through the human and animal body. Restoring it is essential for health and for all healing. This is overlooked by most healing sciences and needs to be restored to its place of greatest importance. The Lord's prayer helps achieve this.

We call this the Pulling Down Procedure. It is the most important development procedure. Please do it every day without fail for at least two hours if you want to develop quickly.

Combining. You can combine the pulling down procedure with a coffee enema or a sauna session. You can also combine it with a genital bath, another excellent and very simple healing procedure.

Do the genital bath in the shower, for example. Just sit under the shower with your legs spread and the cool water hitting the genital area. You can also do it sitting on the side of a bathtub and spraying or splashing cold water on the genital area. This is more work than doing it in the shower.

- Give us this day all that we need”. This is the critical idea of asking each day for what you really need and want. You don't need a long list – just ask for all that you need with that one simple sentence.

It is another statement of the principle of Ask And You Shall Receive. Most people do not ask often enough.

- I and the Father are One. You might not think this spiritual principle is in the prayer, but it is. It is at the end, when it says For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

This means that everything is of God. By declaring it, you accept it into your life and you declare that you, too, are part of the kingdom, the power and the glory. That is, you are part of God and one with God at all times. It cannot be otherwise, no matter what is occurring in your life. Remembering the principle will save your life.

- The freedom principle. The prayer says “Lead us not into temptation”. This means help us to make good choices and implies that we are given a lot of freedom, including the freedom to think and live wrongly.

This is about personal power and freedom. Wrong thinking and improper behavior are nothing but temptations, meaning choices one can make each day and each hour. We always have this freedom and it is wise to cherish it and honor it. For more details, read the older article, The Lord's Prayer. (Part II of this post is coming soon.)


8/22/22. If at all possible, don't use a cell phone. They emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies, even when turned off. The rogues also use them to monitor your body and to send you subliminal messages all day and all night for brainwashing and conditioning. The cell phone charger also can cause problems.

If you must have a cell phone, do not carry it around. Leave it on the floor and use it only when you must. An alternative if you don't have telephone wires at your home is a VOIP or internet phone. One of the best and least expensive is at

If you live outside of the United States, you won't be able to buy a Magicjack, but someone from the United States can send you one.


8/21/22. Coffee enemas cause very powerful healing and elimination of hundreds of toxic substances. A bad toxin day occurs when the body either eliminates more toxins than usual or eliminates particularly poisonous chemicals. As these pass through the intestines they cause symptoms.

Do not fear and do not quit. Bad toxin days are normal, beneficial, and not a problem. In fact, it is best to look forward to such days because they mean you are making good progress with your detoxification and healing.

The worst situation. This is when a bad toxin day occurs when one first begins the development program. This causes some people to believe the program is harmful or not for them.

Bad toxin days become less common as one moves along on one's development program.

NOTE: Bad toxin days can occur during the development program even if one does not do coffee enemas.

NOTE: The toxins may originate within your body. However, toxins may be from someone else's body. An interesting effect of coffee in an enema is that it connects one to others, to a degree.

When this occurs, some people take on and eliminate toxins for others whose bodies are less able to do so. This is a form of correspondence or empathic healing. For details, read Empathic Blending.

Symptoms. 1. The coffee enema is usually more difficult to retain. 2. The colon and perhaps even the small intestinal area may become inflamed and somewhat painful. 3. One may experience other symptoms such as a headache, rash, stomach ache, dizziness, or nausea. Symptoms may also include The Four Pain That Are Common During The Development Program. 4. One may notice unusual odors or may pass unusual-looking fecal material. 5. You may have insights regarding yourself or others. This occurs because releasing deep toxins clears the mind and increases your awareness.

Symptoms may pass quickly. However, in women, in particular, they may last a few days.

What to do. One may have to release the enema early if there is too much pressure to release it. Also, be sure to drink enough water. This can help flush out the toxin.

Doing another coffee enema right after the first one might also help finish the elimination if you sense it is not yet over. Doing reflexology (pressing) on the top of the toes and perhaps rubbing the entire foot, both feet, can help rebalance the body. You may also need more rest to help finish the elimination. Very rarely, one needs to begin with less coffee.

Remember, you are not becoming worse, even if it feels that way. This is just a feature of the golden path of development. For more details, read Coffee Enemas.


8/20/22. One of the most common health conditions today is yeast overgrowth. It affects millions of people, including children and even babies. It impacts more women than men. Very few physicians diagnose it or know how to heal it.

The setup. Three common situations cause yeast overgrowth: 1) a deranged energy production system that requires sugars to burn as fuel, 2) an inability to control yeast in the body, and 3) eating sweets or starches, 4) a trauma such as a rape or beating. This depletes nutrients.

The alcohol connection. When the above conditions exist, as in most people, yeast organisms such as candida albicans ferment sugars and starches one eats. This produces alcohol and aldehydes.

Dry drunk syndrome. As a result, one becomes slightly drunk, even if one drinks no alcohol. The body quickly gets used to the pleasant feeling of a slightly elevated alcohol level. For details, read Dry Drunk Syndrome.

Addiction. Even worse, if one decides to quit eating sweets or starches, one goes through alcohol withdrawal. This can be very unpleasant, so one ends up addicted to fruit or other sugars or starches!

Die-off symptoms. Symptoms of yeast die-off and alcohol withdrawal can include shaking, shivering, sweating, weakness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and fever. Some of these symptoms are due to an unstable blood sugar level or hypoglycemia.

Dehydration. Some of the symptoms are due to dehydration. For details, read Hydration and The Dehydration Diet.

Delerium tremens. Some people also experience delerium tremens. This is confusion, nightmares, agitation, irregular heart beat, hallucinations, and rarely seizures. Some have visions of insects, snakes or rats. Some people call it the shakes, the heebie jeebies, pink elephants, pink spiders and riding the ghost train.

Also, alcohol blocks awareness and dulls the emotions. If one quits or even reduces sweets and starches, one may see aspects of one's life that one does not like and some people become extremely angry, anxious or depressed.

NAFLD and NASH (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis). We find that yeast overgrowth with alcohol production is the main cause of (so-called) non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. For details, read Liver Disease.

Autointoxication. Production of alcohol and aldehydes from yeast inside the body is a type of self-poisoning or auto-intoxication. For details, read Auto-intoxication.

Yin disease. Also, alcohol is an extremely cold or yin chemical in macrobiotic terminology. Yeast overgrowth makes the body more and more yin. This is a subtle, but very harmful condition. Yin disease is associated with cancer, heart problems, diabetes, anxiety, depression and early death. For details, read Yin Disease.

Aldehydes. Yeasts also manufacture very toxic chemicals called aldehydes. These poison the liver and eventually poison the entire body. For details, read Aldehydes.

The rape connection. I am told that Rogue rapists can smell yeasty bodies and are very attracted to them. This puts women in great danger.

Causes. Simple factors that cause yeast overgrowth are: 1) eating any sugars, including fruit, fruit juices, dried fruit, honey, maple syrup, refined sugar, or any sweet food. 2) Overeating on starches of any kind such as potatoes, rice, corn, other grains, sweet potatoes or any other starchy foods.

More complex causes are derangements of the body's advanced energy production systems so that the body only runs on sugars and starches. This causes cravings for sweets and if one does not eat them, one feels exhausted, weak and ill.

Trauma. In some cases, all it takes to upset body chemistry is a shock or trauma such as an accident, a beating or a rape. This deplete nutrients within seconds.

What to do. The development program is one of very few programs that corrects yeast overgrowth without the need for any drugs or remedies. It does this in many ways:

One must eliminate fruit from the diet and reduce all sweets. The program slowly rebuilds the energy system of the body and restores the body's natural defenses against yeast. This involves balancing copper and dozens of other minerals. These are powerful yeast killers when in the right compounds.

The program also heals yin disease and causes the amazing process of Development. These also help correct yeast overgrowth.

How long does healing take? Even with the development program, healing yeast overgrowth can take ten years. So be patient and persistent. For more details, read Chronic Yeast Infections.


8/19/22. This post is a summary of some unusual events occurring on earth at this time. Few people are aware of them. However, they are extremely positive signs of change on our world.

1. Return of the fine matter beings. Trillions of fine matter plants and creatures are returning to the earth. The process began about 10 months ago. We consider it a very positive sign of healing of the earth.

Few people can see these plants and creatures because the bodies are made of a less dense type of matter. However, I am told they are real and are very much needed to heal our planet.

The creatures include angels, elves, souls and thousands of other types. For details about fine matter beings, read Bodies In Space.

2. Movement of our sector of space. I am told that our entire solar system and many other stars and planets in our area of space are moving to a healthier region of space. We know this sounds very unusual. However, I am told it is true.

Space is not just empty and random. It is actually an enormous living being that the souls call the Father being. This is a religious concept as well as a scientific one. It is called The Biological Concept Of Creation And Space.

I am told that the earth and other planets are not where they belong within this being. This problem is being corrected, and this is another very positive sign of change.

3. A much better healing system. I am told that we have stumbled upon the system of healing used by the souls. We call it development science and the development program.

If it seems strange, it is because we don't fully understand it. However, it works on anyone who bothers to follow it and it is superior in its safety and power compared to all other healing methods currently available on earth. I know it sounds arrogant, but I am told it is true.

This is very positive for the future of the people of the earth. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.

4. Openly teaching development. Development is a genetic upgrade of a human or other being. Development offers the possibility of much better health, an Extended Life Span, and healing of serious traumas such as Rapes and Beatings.

This knowledge has been taught for thousands of years in a few monasteries and convents. However, over the past 10 years I have been allowed to teach it openly on this website and newsletter. This is very positive for humanity. For details, read Introduction To Development.

5. The Center For Development. In 2007, a foundation was set up to promote development. The foundation allows younger women and children to follow the development program who otherwise could not afford it. This is absolutely needed to bring about a healthier new generation of people on earth.

We much appreciate donations of any size to help the foundation continue and grow. To donate, go to Donate.


8/18/22. The voting process, the bedrock or basis for a free nation, is completely corrupt in America. Here are just three of probably one hundred methods used to corrupt our elections. It saddens me greatly that very few speak or write about these problems:

1. Voting machines in the United States are rigged. This is easy to do with computer viruses. At least 100 lawsuits were filed regarding voter fraud in the United States in the 2020 election. Most were dismissed by the corrupt and treasonous US Supreme Court. The current American government took power while these lawsuits were pending. This is also illegal and treasonous.

2. Multiple state voter registration. I live near the road that connects our state with the neighboring state. A procession of cars with out-of-state license plates has begun to appear on the road into the city, and does so before each election.

I am told that thousands of mainly women are told by the Rogues to drive to at least 10 American states. When they arrive, first they get a rape to check the status of their brainwashing.

Then they are given fake names, addresses, phone numbers and identification papers. Then they register to vote. At times, they are told to talk to a particular person at the voter registration office. They get a mail-in ballot, and are told they must vote Democrat.

Then they move on to another state, where they repeat the fraudulent scheme. They report any problems to the Rogues, who threaten and may kill anyone who interferes with the voter fraud. They say the rogues are thoroughly brutal.

3. Women all told to vote Democrat. We believe that most all women in the United States and in most Western nations are raped and beaten. It is part of the rogue plan to control the earth.

During the beatings, they are told the must vote Democratic or Liberal in Europe or they will be beaten and raped even more. For details, read Rape and The Rape Planet.


8/17/22. On June 21-22, 2022, headlines appeared on a number of American websites announcing that a new report shows that vitamins are a waste of money. The almost identical headlines cited a study by the US Preventive Services Task Force (the USPTF, whatever that is). The offending websites included WebMD, CNN Health, The New Scientist and CBS News Ticker. (good ones to avoid.)

Fakery. If one checks the source of the stories, the government report did not say vitamins are a waste of money. The report stated that “the USPTF concludes that the evidence is insufficient to determine the balance of benefits and harms of supplementation for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.”

Also, if you read the actual studies the report was based upon, in several, they used the cheapest multivitamin one can buy. Even so, there were benefits of supplementation, but the government report dismissed the benefits. Source: The Townsend Letter, #469/470, August/September 2022.


8/18/22. The same issue of the Townsend Letter mentioned above also published a short version of our article about the trophoblast, the cause of cancer. This is an important article not only to understand cancer. It can also help one to understand the development program.

For details, read either the longer original article, The Trophoblast And Cancer or the shorter published article, The Trophoblast Theory Of Cancer (published in The Townsend Letter, #469/470).


8/17/22. We just had a report of a way to help undo women's programming due to rapes and beatings. Women need to take many peroxide baths containing as much peroxide as one can tolerate.

Peroxide on the face. Make sure peroxide reaches the face and entire head. One way to do this is to turn over in the bathtub and put the face in the water. This will work for women who are smaller in height. Another method is that during the bath, one can spray the face and head with a spray bottle of peroxide. This is best for taller women.

Use little water. To save peroxide and to make the bath more yang, don't put too much water in the bath. Just put enough to cover half the legs. If one is short in height, lie on one's back for about 15 minutes and then turn over and lie on one's stomach to soak the whole body.

Taller women will not be able to turn over and lie face down in a bathtub. They, too, should not use too much water. But they need to use a spray bottle to get the peroxide all over the body.

How often and for how long. It can take a year or more of taking these baths daily to slowly undo a woman's fears and programming. Normally, we recommend baths only twice a week. However, if the amount of water is minimal, we now believe daily peroxide baths are okay.

Crying. Done correctly, the baths cause a lot of crying. This is needed and beneficial. It indicates a release of emotion and programming.

Different than the peroxide cleanup. The peroxide bath procedure is different than the vaginal peroxide implant procedure. The baths undo programming, but will not clean up the inside of the vagina too well.

For cleaning up the vagina, the vaginal peroxide implant procedure is best. At this time, we think most women need both procedures. For more details, read The Peroxide Bath and The Vaginal Peroxide Implant Procedure.


8/16/22. We cleaned up the website page that lists the Approved Helpers and basic information about the development program.

It is very important that the practitioner you work with on the development program is listed on this page. For details, go to the List Of Helpers Page. If I have forgotten to list anyone, please let me know.


8/16/22. This newsletter and website have discussed the unusual subject of angels in the past. They are real and are fine matter creatures of various sizes. There are many on and around the earth. Some are helpful and some are not.

The Bible warns about worshipping angels because some are not helpful. However, I am told that one can ask each day for protection from angels of love. If I learn more about this subject, I will pass it on.


8/16/22. One of our clients reported that Ms. Shu-i Chen is attempting to steal away our clients. Apparently, she tells people she knows our program, which she does not.

According to the report, she also tells people she knows the program better than I do and I am wrong about some things. She is one of at least 50 imposters that offer “nutritional balancing”, but they are malicious in their intent. Always check the List of Helpers to make sure anyone who offers the development program is really working with us.


8/15/22. This is a product recommendation. Laura Chenel Spreadable Goat Cheese is a very good product. It comes in a red and white plastic tub.


8/15/22. Use a lot of caution at farmers markets. Food sold there is not necessarily of good quality. I bought some vegetables at our local farmers market and found out they were not good quality and contained harmful pesticides.

Another problem is that even if you ask if food is organically grown, the answer may not be truthful. For details, read Deceptive Farmers Markets.


8/15/22. The war in Ukraine highlights a serious problem with nuclear power plants. The Russians attacked several nuclear power plant in Ukraine. One can only hope they don't cause a meltdown or radiation leak that would sicken everyone, every animal and every plant on planet earth.

Cars and all equipment can be run on water. Even better power systems – sometimes called free energy systems - exist, as well.

Nuclear power is unnecessary, very costly and very dangerous. All the nuclear plants put our low dose radiation and in a war, they are even more dangerous. For details, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives.


8/14/22. This is a very unusual post about new brain research. I have just been told that every person has a tiny location board in the brain. It is an indicator or signaling system in the brain that tells where that person ideally should live. Here are questions and answers about it.

How does the indicator work? The location is indicated by a number that is usually three or four digits. Curiously, the shape of the digits is the same as those in the English language. Many other languages also use the same digit system to write numbers.

The numbers on the location board are made by very small dots that either stick out and are visible or they are flat and cannot be seen. This is similar to an LED display of numbers that is a composite of dots or areas that either light up or don't light up.

Is it important? If the location board is true, which we currently believe it is, it indicates that the souls are much more in touch with each other than we thought.

It may also help a person who is feeling alone, alienated, or just uncomfortable where they live to find a better living situation.

How do the souls decide where a person should live? I am told it can depend upon many factors, including one's safety, future work, relationships, temperament, cultural factors, and more.

Can the location where one is to live change? Yes. I am told the location can change if conditions change in your life or if conditions change on earth. For example, a location that was once safe may no longer be as safe. Also, a marriage or a job might require a move.

Finding your location. At times, clients ask if we can 'tune in' and find out if they are living in the right place. Until now, this has been very difficult and not too reliable. However, now that our healing team is aware of the location board, we hope to be able to give an answer.

What if I don't like the answer? That is possible. It is just a piece of information to consider.

When do we find out this information? Please don't ask me to check your location immediately. It is not easy to do and we are just learning about it. We plan to do it when we review your new hair mineral chart.

Is this a ridiculous idea? Some will say the location board makes no sense. However, I am told it is a method used by the souls to help move a person to the best place for their continued development and future life. Our healing team is researching it and we will keep you informed.


8/13/22. The marriage contract is a way to get to know another person much better and a way to clarify what you are looking for in a marriage and a partner. It is do-it-yourself marriage counseling. We strongly recommend it.

We improved the article about the marriage contract. For details, read The Marriage Contract Or Checklist.


8/13/22. Learning to forgive is essential for success with the development program. The principles are:

1. Everyone needs to forgive.

2. One needs to forgive everyone for everything, with no exceptions.

3. Forgive even if you are not sure what occurred.

4. Forgive repeatedly (the Bible says seven times seventy times – or perhaps more!)

5. Commit to forgiving and don't waiver in your commitment.

Commitment to anything occurs in stages. To read about the stages of commitment, read The Seven Levels Of Commitment – With A Focus On Development.


8/12/22. Today is the peak of an annual event in the sky, the Perseid meteor showers. Meteors are small rocks traveling at very high speed that glow brightly as they burn up when they enter the earth's atmosphere. Very few, if any of them, land on earth so there is no danger of being hit by one of them.

I am told that at this time of year there is also a review of conditions on earth by a group of developed men and women who live on a distant world. They observe the earth carefully and report their findings.

I am told that this year the message is positive - for the first time in hundreds of years. They say a cycle is changing. Also, some have worked very hard this past year to correct certain problems on earth and the hard work is paying off. I hope they are right!


8/12/22. If you do not feel well after a coffee enema, a possible problem is using tap water or another type of water that is not clean enough. Try using Icelandic Glacial Spring Water, quite a clean spring water.

Distilled water can work, but only if you have a distiller and make it yourself. We recently found that distilled water that one purchases at the supermarket may be contaminated.


8/11/22. Two clients wrote to me that they get headaches when they do the pulling down procedure. I answered that perhaps they do the procedure incorrectly.

However, that is not necessarily correct. I just had the problem. It was due to rogue interference. I had to ask for a cleanup to get rid of their equipment. Then the problem went away.

If you experience headaches while doing the pulling down procedure correctly, and if asking for cleanup does not stop it in a day or two, send a request for cleanup to your Helper. Hopefully, a team can be sent to you to intervene and correct the problem. For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.


8/11/22. Two days ago, agents from the American Justice Department raided the home of Donald Trump. They said they were looking for evidence of wrongdoing on a minor matter.

This is called a “fishing expedition”. It means the ex-president committed no crime. The agents were just looking for anything at all that they could blame on him. Such searches and raids are thoroughly illegal in America.

It is more evidence of the illegality of the present American government. They fear Mr. Trump, who may run for president again in two years.

A government lesson. There should be no national “justice department”. The executive branch of the American government is supposed to carry out the laws, and that is all. If a crime is committed, it is up to the local police to investigate it and charge the person with a crime.


8/11/22. Here are some unusual ideas about religion:

- Religion is about development. The Bible and other holy books contain many stories about developed people and offer advice about what this website calls the development lifestyle.

- Religion is about activating your seventh energy center and those above it. This area is also called the crown center because it sits like a crown on your head.

The seventh center connects you with higher levels of reality and the divine world. For example, it is probably no accident that older paintings of Jesus often depict him with a halo or light around his head. It means his seventh center was active. Some people could see this.

Music and the seventh center. Hearing or playing major seventh chords on a piano or organ can help heal and open the seventh center. Some popular songs contain many of these chords.

NOTE: If you only like classical or traditional music, you won't like the following. However, they may help open the seventh center:

Examples: Day By Day is a song from the somewhat unusual Broadway musical and movie, Godspell. It is based upon the gospel according to Matthew and has many major seventh chords.

Another song with a lot of major seventh chords is The Impossible Dream from the play, The Man Of La Mancha. Another is Somewhere Out There from the movie, An American Tail (1986). Another is the popular song, Alfie, by Burt Bacharach, from the 1966 movie, Alfie. For more details, read The Energy Centers.


8/10/22. We updated and improved the article about the open position procedure. Please try this excellent procedure!

This is one of the newer development procedures. It consists of placing the body in an “open” position.

The open position procedure is deceptively simple. However, our clients report it is helpful in many ways – to improve posture and breathing, to learn broadcasting, to retrace traumas, and more. For details, read The Open Position Procedure.


8/9/22. We have known for some years that iron poisoning is a huge problem on earth. We are learning that one cause is that the Rogues want to poison the people of earth with certain forms of iron. Here is how they do it:

- Iron in foods. The rogues spray toxic forms of iron on many fields, streams and in the ocean. It finds its way into our vegetables, fruit and dairy products. It is one reason we only recommend goat dairy products – they are lower in iron.

In addition, the governments of many nations require that iron be added to white flour. More recently, we found that some restaurants are adding iron to their food, particularly fast food chain restaurants.

Eating too much red meat or too many eggs also gives one too much iron. One should only eat a four-to-five ounce portion of red meat (beef, lamb or goat) twice a week. Some people can eat a little more if one is in late pregnancy or if a woman has very heavy menstrual periods.

We find that women can eat only up to 6 eggs per week and men can eat only up to 8 eggs per week. Otherwise, they accumulate an iron-containing toxin in their livers.

- Medical iron pills and shots. Most people who are anemia do not need iron. They have a copper imbalance. They need a corrective development program to heal the anemia. However, physicians often recommend iron, which just poisons the person more. For details, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome and Anemia.

- Vaccines. Newer vaccines contain iron. The covid-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide. This is a fancy word for a form of iron. Some authorities say all they contain is iron. It is quite toxic and contributes to the disability and death that the vaccines are causing.

- Iron in vitamins. This is a common source of excessive and often poor quality iron. Among the worst are prenatal vitamins.

- Black or dark colors of everything. This includes black or dark colored clothing, appliances, machines, packaging, and more. Iron is in the black pigment and dyes. Some rubs off on your hands when you touch anything that is dark in color. Do not wear dark colored clothing and do not buy things that are dark in color.

- Tatoo ink. Iron is in the ink, especially dark-colored tatoo and other ink.

- Blood used in rapes and beatings. When women experience rapes and beatings, rogue men at times pour blood on them. They tell the women it is their own blood, but it is not. It is blood meal sold as plant food. The men buy it and mix it with water. The blood is that of cows or pigs. It is very high in iron, which the women absorb through their skin.

- Slowing or stopping menstrual bleeding. Menstruation helps protect young women from iron poisoning. The rogues are able to reduce or stop some women's menstrual periods with drugs. This puts the women in more danger of iron toxicity.

Why poison people with iron? Too much iron weakens the brain and other organs such as the liver and the heart. Iron also supports bacterial growth and in this way filths up our world. Iron is also an electrical conductor and the rogues use the iron in common objects to enable them to monitor, spy, communicate and condition the people of earth.

Iron removal. The development programs we set up slowly remove toxic iron from the body. Other healing programs do not do this as well, and often at all.

Beware of others offering “nutritional balancing”, “functional medicine” or “hair analysis”. They often say they know our work. Sadly, some are malicious and most do not set up programs correctly.

For more details, read Iron Overload and The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum, (and others).


8/8/22. On August 6, 2022 we wrote about the rail gun visualization to use with the pulling down procedure. It works well, but may be a little tricky to visualize. Here are details:

1. The arrangement of the electromagnets. They are shaped like donuts, and each is about 2 inches in diameter. Five or six of them are in a stack or column below your feet, slightly separated from each other. They are parallel to each other.

2. Turning on the rail gun. A little computer hooked to a power supply first turns on the electromagnet closest to your feet. The effect is to pull subtle energy downward from your body into the magnet. Then that magnet turns off and the second magnet turns on, pulling the energy downward faster.

Then the second one turns off and the third magnet activates. As each magnet turns on in sequence, subtle energy moves downward from your head to your feet faster and more powerfully.

3. Repetition. After the last magnet furthest from your feet turns on, the sequence starts all over again.

That is, the magnet closest to your feet activates, followed by activation of the second magnet, and so on. The sequence quickly repeats over and over again. The effect is to create a power unit or thruster.

At first, when you do the visualization, the action will be slow and jerky. However, with practice, the pulling action becomes smooth and very powerful.


8/7/22. Two into three. Each coffee enema gives a person a “development boost”. This is a small, but significant movement of development and it is excellent.

A way to take advantage of this fact is to prepare enough coffee for two back-to-back enemas, but divide it into three portions. It means your enema session will take a little more time, but the advantage is you will get an extra development boost from it.

To do this, first make enough coffee for two enemas. This requires four to six tablespoons of coffee for most adults and a little less for children, and about 4 cups of water. (Use less coffee if you boil or pressure-cook your coffee. Use more coffee if you use a coffeemaker to make coffee.)

Dividing the coffee. Pour 1/3 of the coffee mixture into an enema bag or bucket. Add about 2/3 of a cup of water. This is necessary to have enough water volume in your enema. Insert and hold this enema for 15-20 minutes. Then expel the coffee.

Then pour the second third of the coffee into the bucket or bag. Add 2/3 cup of water, and insert and hold a second enema. After 15-20 minutes expel this enema.

Then pour the rest of the coffee into the enema bag or bucket, add about 2/3 cup of water, and hold a third enema for 15-20 minutes. This method will give you an extra development boost.

Latex tubing. Most tubing used in enemas is made of plastic. Another option is to use an enema tube made of 1/4” inside-diameter latex (or rubber).

Latex is slightly more costly, but it works well. It is more flexible than plastic tubing. The latex I found in a hardware store is brownish in color and slightly transparent so you can see the coffee in the tube.

A problem. Eventually, the latex stretches and loosens where the enema tip attaches to it. This can cause the tip to fall off. The answer is to remove the tip, cut off the final ½ inch of tubing, and then reattach the tip to the latex tubing.


8/6/22. This is a new visualization to help one do the pulling down procedure. It is very powerful and enjoyable!

Rail guns. To do the visualization, first one needs to understand a rail gun. It is a superb modern weapon that, sadly, we are not allowed to buy in a gun store, so far.

It is totally silent, extremely powerful, and inexpensive to build! They also require no explosives, so they are safer weapons to use. Some of the world's armies have them and the alien group, the Rogues, use them.

A rail gun consists of a tube or barrel and a set of about a dozen circular electromagnets around the tube. They look like rings along the length of the tube. A small computer turns on the first electromagnet, then the second, then the third, and so on. (This is a different method than what is on several Youtube videos.)

This propels an iron bullet or other iron projectile down the barrel and out the gun. The magnetic pulses are timed so that each one pulls the bullet along faster and faster as it moves down the barrel of the gun. It is simple, but very powerful.

The visualization is to imagine a set of ring-shaped electromagnets one on top of the next, below your feet. They can be small – two inches in diameter, and they form a tube or column below your feet.

You turn on the rail gun. The first magnet that activates is about two feet below your feet. Then the next one activates. It is a little further below the feet. Then the next one activates. It is even little further below your feet.

Each magnet accelerates ether or subtle energy more and more, creating a powerful downward pull. Visualize having at least half a dozen of the ring-shaped magnets. When you finish activating the magnets, you start over activating the one nearest your feet first.

Variants. #1 – whole body. If you wish, you can visualize having the magnets inside your entire body, not just below your feet. Have a “tube” of them that runs from the top of your head through the center of your body to the feet. The tube-shaped configuration must extend to below your feet.

#2 – black holes. Instead of magnets, you can visualize a set of small black holes arranged parallel to each other under your feet. These are special ring-shaped anomalies in space that powerfully attract everything to themselves. The internet has photos of these amazing structures.

For the visualization to work, you need to understand the power of a rail gun. It is much more powerful than a black powder hand gun or rifle. I welcome your feedback about this visualization. For many more details, read the updated Pulling Down Procedure.


8/5/22. Only certain foods are on the development diet. One of the reasons is that only certain foods today contain a lot of the special souls called life force souls.

Fixing the factories. These souls assist our bodies to make the chemicals needed to build and operate the human body.

Occurs in the cell nuclei. Making body chemicals is called biosynthesis. It occurs in the nucleus of every cell in our bodies. Exactly how it is done is called the science of geneticsa term that just means to make things.

We explain exactly how it works in the article entitled Genetics – Making The Chemicals The Body Needs. There is too much hocus-pocus and nonsense taught about genetics, so we want to clarify it and make sure everyone understands it.

Factory problems. In most people, the cellular factories operate too slowly, raw materials are often missing, and the electrical system of the cell is damaged. As a result, the bodies make poor quality chemicals. This causes bad health and prevents development.

Life force souls to the rescue. The life force souls help in a number of ways:

- They help the souls who live and work in the factories. These are called the nuclear souls (because they live in the nuclei of our cells).

Life force souls help the nuclear souls in at least two ways: They add to their numbers and they help heal them.

- The life force souls also help gather the ingredients needed to make the chemicals the body requires.

- They also help mix together the ingredients used to make the chemicals.

- They also help operate the electrical equipment needed for biosynthesis – the generators and the batteries.

Eat the foods that contain life force souls. To be healthy and develop quickly, one must eat the foods that contain lots of life force souls. These are:

- Plenty of cooked, not raw vegetables. Life force souls are found in large numbers in certain cooked vegetables. These include all onions, shallots, green onions or scallions, carrots, rutabaga (called swede in some European nations), Brussels sprouts, white or daikon radish, purple daikon, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, a little celery, ginger, horseradish root, and a few others. A complete list of the preferred vegetables that we keep updated is found in the article Food For Daily Use.

All vegetables must be cooked. Otherwise, most of the nutrients and the life force souls are locked in the tough fibers of the vegetables and will pass right through your body without being absorbed. So do not eat salads!

- No fruit, except for a few black olives packed in red wine vinegar each week. This is for many reasons. One of them is that fruit contains almost no life force souls. In fact, today's fruit is harmful for the life force souls. Fruit absorbs too much toxic potassium from chemical fertilizers, and is often too sugary. For details, read Fruit-Eating.

- Goat cheese and goat yogurt, not other dairy products.

- Fresh meats, especially lamb, dark meat chicken, and some turkey and goat meat if you wish. Beef is not as good, especially standard feedlot of CAFO beef. Natural, grass fed and organic beef is better. However, most people overeat on beef and could use more lamb.

- Blue corn chips, rather than any bread or wheat products. Wheat is very hybridized today and contains very few life force souls. Bread is also cooked at high temperature, which drives off life force souls. Avoid most high-temperature cooking such as baking, broiling, roasting and deep frying.

- Sardines, but not other fish and not shellfish or seafood. Unfortunately, most food from the sea contains too much mercury and other toxic metals. These keep the life force souls out.

- Some almond butter and sesame tahini each day. These two foods are rich in life force souls. Other nuts and seeds contain many fewer of them.

- Nutritional yeast. This product contains a lot of life force souls.

- Challenge brand of butter if you can find it. If not, any quality butter is okay, although most butter is not of good enough quality. If butter comes packaged in metal foil, take the foil off and wrap the butter in wax paper or leave it unwrapped.

- Some fresh, soft-cooked eggs are excellent each week. Good quality, fresh eggs are a good source of life force souls. Eggs from small, local farms are usually quite superior.

Eggs are slightly toxic. For this reason, do not eat more than six eggs per week for women or eight per week for men.

Light cooking only. Hard-cooked eggs lose their life force souls and become more toxic. Only eat eggs soft-boiled, poached or lightly fried so that the yolks are runny, not solid. Do not eat hard-boiled eggs, baked egg dishes such as quiche, or even most scrambled eggs unless they are mushy.

- Natural sea salt. This contains lots of life force souls. Eat plenty of it.

AVOID TABLE SALT. It is one of the worst junk foods. Most of its vital trace minerals have been removed, and most contains added aluminum, a deadly poison.

- Drink mainly water, not other beverages. Every adult needs 2-3 quarts or liters of water daily. Most people are somewhat dehydrated. This damages health and causes many health problems.

Spring water tends to contain the most life force souls. Carbon-filtered tap water is okay in many nations, but not all. We do not recommend demineralized water, which contains few life force souls. This includes reverse osmosis water and distilled water.

Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and relax at meals. This will help you absorb much more of your food.


8/4/22. America just had a primary election. I am told that according to exit polls, there was plenty of cheating.

We have written many times that the election system is broken in America and elsewhere. Voting machines and mail-in ballots just invite cheating. This should be obvious.

Also, many women are told by the 'men' that they must vote Democratic. If they don't, they will be beaten and raped. The 'men' can check to make sure that women vote as they told. We are sad that more people are not speaking up about election problems.


8/4/22. Hints to help children eat the development diet are:

- Imitation. Parents must be the role model and eat correctly. Often, this is enough to cause children to follow along.

- Fun. Parents need to enjoy the diet and make it fun. Children like things made fun.

- Conversation. Babies and young children, in particular, know that eating is a conversation with the souls in food. Children need time to eat and may need to play a little with their food.

- Names. Giving foods and combinations of foods fun names sometimes helps children to eat the food.

- Relax at meals. Parents and children need to relax at mealtime. Don't be in a hurry and don't force things. If a child will not eat a certain food, don't fuss too much. Try to stay relaxed. The situation may change on its own.

- Negotiate. At times, it is okay to negotiate with children: you eat your vegetables and we will take a walk in the park or do what the child would like.

- Disguises. At times, for some children, disguising food works well. It does not work for all children. For example, some can smell the sardines or whatever you have tried to disguise.

- Time. Malnourished children often have a poor appetite. For example, zinc deficiency is widespread and reduces one's sense of taste and smell. As the child becomes better nourished, appetite often improves. For more details, read Pregnancy, Childhood Nutrition and Children And Development, The Baby Manual and Childbirth.

- Choices. Always try to give children choices about food. Children like to make these decisions. However, the choices should be between several healthy and preferred development foods.

- Love. Tell children the reason we don't give them junk food, including fruit, salad and other less preferred foods is that we love you so much. And make this the truth in your home.

- School problems. Schools are a problem because the school may serve food we don't like, other children often bring poor quality food to school, and there may be parties with junk food. These are just a few reasons we strongly discourage sending children to school. If at all possible, teach your children at home!


8/3/22. Certain foods contain a lot of a particular type of souls called life force souls. These are more advanced souls that assist with healing and development more than most others. We will write more about them.

Sources of life force souls.

Coffee. Among the foods that are very rich in these souls is coffee. One gets a few of them drinking coffee. However, one gets many more of them by using coffee in an enema. This is one reason for doing coffee enemas and we apologize that they are somewhat messy. With practice, they become much easier and cleaner!

Chicken bone marrow is another food that contains many life force souls. To get them into the body, one needs to eat a little bone marrow when one eats chicken. One bites off the cartilage at the end of the thigh or leg bone and then eats a little of the marrow that is exposed.

Just drinking one broth does not work. In the past, we recommended bone broth, but this is not working as well, so we no longer recommend it.

Butter. Butter is another food rich in life force souls, particularly the Challenge brand of butter found in many supermarkets in the United States. We don't know if this brand is available in other nations.

Blue corn chips are also contain many life force souls. Cooked vegetables contain quite a few, as well. Roasted sesame tahini and roasted almond butter also contain a lot of them. This is one reason we so highly recommend these foods on a daily basis.

Message from the life force souls: We are here to help and serve humanity. Most people need many more of us, so please eat the foods in which we are found.

We primarily assist the souls who are responsible for biosynthesis - the production of all chemicals needed in the body. Biosynthesis occurs in the nuclei of the cells of the body.

For details, read the updated and improved major article about genetics: Basic Genetics – How The Body Makes Things.

Children. We love children. They are the future of humanity. The children desperately need more of us, so please feed children the development diet and teach it widely.

We want all of humanity to know about us. We were formerly locked up in a prison in space. This prison was recently opened so we are now able to help humans and animals heal and develop.


8/2/22. The path of development touches every aspect of life. Rapid development requires attention to all levels of life. This is also called living in integrity.

The 7 system is a way to understand life more fully. It can help you to follow the program better and make faster progress. The following 7 levels of life correspond to the seven main energy centers found on the body.

1. Physical level. Rapid development depends upon following the development diet, taking supplements, and doing the healing and development procedures each day. Caring for your basic health and safety, and resting enough, are also needed.

2. Emotional/sexual level. Holding on to one's sexual fluid is very important for rapid development. Cultivating positive emotions and learning emotional control are also very helpful.

3. Ego/power and control. Keeping the ego in check, but also feeling in control of your life, helps development.

4. Social level. Proper interactions with others, including friendship and companionship, assist development. This can be tricky because while others can assist you, they can also slow you down by distracting you and taking up your time.

5. Self-expression and teamwork. Living creatively and working with others in productive ways assists development.

6. Intellectual level. Deepening your understanding of development by reading the many articles about it on this website is very helpful to speed along development. We wish there were more websites that discuss it, but there are not, at this time.

7. Spiritual/religious level. Living The Development Lifestyle and making it central in your life helps move development along much faster. The spiritual level also has to do with your moral values.

For more details, read 7 Levels Of Living and Integrity – What It Means.


8/1/22. Audrey is 71 years old. She has been on the path of development about four years. She began the program slowly. She added more of it in the past two years.

Symptoms. When she began the program at age 67, her main symptoms were terrible fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a very negative mental attitude.

The rapes. Most of her symptoms, especially her attitude, was the result of a series of rapes and beatings many years ago. These damaged her health in many ways and left her with an inability to think clearly.

The rapes were done by the group we call the Rogues. They are responsible for most rapes on earth. For details, read The Rape Planet and Rape.

Most recent hair mineral test. Audrey's newest mineral analysis revealed several important patterns:

Seven anchor patterns. These occur when the levels of minerals do not change at all or change only slightly on a retest mineral analysis. One must also be following the development program carefully.

This anchor pattern indicates deepening of the ridges or sulci of the brain. Rapes and beatings cause the sulci to become shallower.

Seven anchor patterns on one retest is an excellent indicator that we call a new brain. The same term is used in advanced acupuncture, a science which is rarely taught on earth. For details, read Anchors And Pivots.

A Standard surge. This is a rise in the level of sodium and potassium on a retest mineral analysis. It may indicate an improvement in adrenal and thyroid activity. It can also indicate an elimination of toxic forms of sodium and potassium.

Toxic compounds of potassium are now found in all types of food. This is the result of the widespread use of mineral fertilizers, also called superphosphates or N-P-K fertilizers.

Growth stimulants. These chemicals are really not fertilizers. They are growth stimulants that are quite harmful. They are allowed to be used even on organically grown food – a mistake, in our view. For details, read Superphosphates and The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum, And Others.

The development program is one of the few ways to remove toxic forms of potassium from the body.

The guide creatures. The removal of toxic sodium and potassium always requires the assistance of advanced, fine matter creatures. They are called the guide creatures, specifically the ones called the aliot.

We believe these important creatures are described in the Bible, in The Vision of Ezekiel. They will assist anyone who stays on the path of development by following the development program carefully.

Results. On July 15, 2022, Audrey wrote that she has “better focus, more energy, relaxed, sleep much better, less negativity. (Also) much easier to manage my diabetes the closer I follow the diet.”

Discussion. Coffee enemas. Audrey faithfully does coffee enemas each day, usually two, back-to-back. We find this is extremely helpful, quite safe, and often necessary to achieve excellent results.

The coffee enemas are unique in their ability to move people to a higher level of health. We encourage everyone to use this method of nourishing and detoxifying the body. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

Older people. In our experience, the development program can work very well in older people such as Audrey. This is not as true of other healing and medical programs.

In our experience, visiting doctors as one gets older is more dangerous. Their methods do not work as well and some of their tests and procedures, such as CT scans, are harmful.


8/1/22. I am told that today the forces defending our planet located and began rehabilitating about two hundred fine matter creatures they call chiefs. They are part of the immune system of the large being in space of which we are a part, sometimes called The Father.

When the Bible says “I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever” (-23rd psalm), we believe it is referring to the fact that we always dwell inside a large living creature in space.

The chiefs are part of the large being's immune system, similar to the T and B-killer cells of the human immune system. I am told that outer space is not empty. It is a living being. This concept is called The Biological Concept Of Creation And Space.


7/31/22. A current theme of this newsletter is that the earth is under attack by the high-tech alien group we call the rogues. The Bible calls this group Satan.

This is not conspiracy theory or paranoia. It is just the truth. They want it kept secret, but we want everyone to know about it in order to stop it. I am told the effort to stop it is well underway.

Women. The rogues fear women. Women are quite special and get in the way of their hateful agenda to take over planets.

So they hurt women. The reasons are to weaken and sicken all the children on earth, to damage male-female relationships, and to weaken society, in general. They subject all or most women to rapes and beatings of a horrible nature.

Captures. Another major rogue activity is to capture and basically enslave thousands of women. Rogue men force the women to live with them. Some are forced to marry and have children with a rapist.

We updated and greatly improved the article about captures. For details, read Captures.


7/30/22. I have been asked to write about Pele. She has lived on earth for several thousand years and is far along the path of development. She works constantly to help maintain our planet's climate, and the spin and timing of the earth's days and nights.

If you look up Pele on Wikipedia, there is much information about her in Hawaiian mythology. However, I am told a lot of it is exaggerated.

However, she is real and wants everyone to know about her work. For more details, read The Women Masters and The Sacredness Of Women. I apologize that the second article is incomplete, but the theme is there. It is a major theme of this newsletter and website.


7/30/22. Butter is a wonderful food and should be wrapped in wax paper. Recently, some companies are wrapping their butter in metal foil. This damages the butter.

When you buy butter, if you notice it is wrapped in metal foil, remove the foil and wrap it in wax paper or just store it in a plastic tub.


7/29/22. Setting up your lifestyle for rapid development is one of the most important aspects of the golden path, or the path of development.

We updated and improved the core article about how to live so as to develop safely and most rapidly. For details, read The Development Lifestyle.


7/28/22. The development program appears to be a set of healing techniques or remedies. However, it is really a modern version of an ancient concept called the golden path.

The golden path is a lifestyle that corrects many bad habits and compensates for some strange conditions on earth today. It includes:

- Take deep breaths, go to bed early, and get plenty of rest and sleep.

- Eat a very special diet. For details, read Food For Daily Use.

- Think only loving thoughts and realize that we are all loved by the creator. Love is not sex! It is caring, respect and honoring others.

- Learn to control the emotions and the ego.

- Hold on to most of your sexual fluids. This is done by abstaining from sex or doing Down Sex rather than ordinary sex.

- Orgasms are bad for health, no matter what anyone tells you. Instead, moving subtle energy downward through the body will give you a healthy tickle all day long.

- Everyone needs to clean up the colon and liver using daily coffee enemas.

- Everyone needs to align the joints each day with the spinal twist and other simple maneuvers.

- Everyone needs to activate the energy channels each day with reflexology.

- Everyone needs to expose the skin daily to unusual frequencies that are found only in reddish heat lamps.

- Everyone must move energy correctly through the body using the pulling down procedure.

The compensation. The development program also compensates or helps offset some really unusual conditions on our planet today. These are mainly the result of an invasion of our planet by an alien group that some call the negs, scav, troph or satan.

This website calls them the Rogues. We have discussed them many times in this newsletter, so we won't repeat ourselves much. It will suffice to say:

- They deliberately poison all the food, the air and the water supplies on earth to some degree.

- They beat all the babies and many children.

- They rape and torture all or most women on earth. As a result, all the women are filthy and all need to clean up. This is not easy and requires the development program, not other health programs.

- They apply poisons to the bodies and put tiny electronic implants in everyone's head so they can talk to you. For details, read Implants.

- They influence every aspect of society and corrupt them all. For example, so-called “health care” today consists mainly of taking poison drugs and toxic herbs that further filth up the bodies. Drug and vaccine residues have found their way into most water supplies on earth, so even if you don't take the drugs, you get some anyway.

- They love ionizing radiation and make sure everyone on earth is exposed to too much of it from atomic bomb tests, nuclear power plant emissions, and medical and dental x-rays. Also, food irradiation is very widespread. Many food items are overtly or secretly irradiated today.

- They encourage exposure to harmful radio, microwave and other electromagnetic frequencies. This includes emissions from cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, television sets, wifi and more.

The golden path must compensate as best we can for these conditions, most of which are very poorly known or understood. For more details, read The Path Concept.


7/28/22. We don't like to sound negative. However, there are no fair and free elections in the United States or elsewhere. The Rogues torture all the women and tell them to vote Democrat or Liberal, or the rapes and beatings will be worse.

In addition, the rogues control the voting machines, which are totally rigged. This is very easy to do.

In addition, the rogues are printing up thousands of fake mail-in ballots which they will make sure are counted along with the real ones.

These are just a few of the many ways they rig elections. There are efforts to rid the planet of the rogues, and this is really the only answer. You can help with your prayers, by helping the planet, and by caring properly for yourself to become strong, developed and well-informed.


7/27/22. We wrote a short article about several interesting concepts in mineral test interpretation: early and late patterns, velocity and intensity. For details, read Early And Late Patterns and The Concepts Of Velocity And Intensity.


7/27/22. Your prayers and support for the people and nation of Ukraine are still very much needed.

Mr. Putin continues his unprovoked military aggression against this smaller nation. Most news media are not covering this story to nearly the degree that it deserves.


7/26/22. Hyperthyroidism or Grave's disease is a common health condition. The standard therapy is to control it with drugs, surgically remove the thyroid gland, or destroy the gland with radiation therapy. This is called radioactive iodine therapy or RAI.

The development program offers an alternative to this often barbaric approach by undoing the cause of the condition. Toxic metals and nutrient deficiencies are always involved.

Tom received a diagnosis of Grave's disease about 12 years ago. He did not like the idea of permanent destruction of his thyroid gland. He controlled the condition with drugs, despite of pressure from doctors to have surgery or RAI.

Three years ago, he began the development program. At first, he did about half the program. He noticed a few improvements, but the thyroid symptoms and abnormal blood tests persisted.

In the past six months or so, Tom became more serious about the development program. He began to feel much better. His most recent blood tests reveal that his thyroid gland is now functioning normally.

Recent hair test. The hair mineral test does not directly measure thyroid activity. The mineral analysis is a metabolic assessment, not a medical diagnostic test.

We do not diagnose, treat, prescribe for or 'cure' diseases. Our approach is to renourish, balance and detoxify the body. The body does the rest. Tom's most recent mineral analysis indicates:

Everything coming out pattern. The levels of 14 minerals increased on this test. This indicates much better elimination of toxic metals, which can be a cause of Grave's disease.

Among the metals that increased dramatically were lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and nickel. Other toxic forms of minerals that he eliminated included calcium iron, copper and manganese.

Elimination of the “irritants” or amigos – iron, manganese and aluminum. This is an excellent indicator. Oxide forms of these minerals cause oxidant damage and severely irritate the body tissues.

This is a very important concept that we hope will be taught more widely in the future. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum.

Emerging from a four low pattern. Tom also came out of the exhaustion state called four lows. For details, read Four Lows.

An intervention. I am told Tom also received help from four guide creatures. These are very advanced, fine matter creatures that use dozens of methods to help heal our bodies. When one follows the development program faithfully, they often intervene and greatly assist healing.

We believe the unusual passage in the Bible called the vision of Ezekiel is about these creatures. For details, read The Vision of Ezekiel and Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


7/25/22. One can use the mineral biopsy to assess a quality of life called movement. Movement patterns are the way in which a person's souls are causing the person to interact with life.

(Movement is a rather advanced and unusual concept about life that can explain rapes, accidents, disease and much more. For details, read The Movement Concept.) We put this paragraph in parentheses because it is not required to understand death patterns, but it is interesting.

For example, a low sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral chart, provided the hair is not washed at the laboratory, generally indicates giving up and moving toward death. The abnormality of the ratio can be mild (between 2.4 and about 1) or extreme (less than 1).

The pattern can also be doubled, tripled or quadrupled, which means repeated elsewhere on the hair chart. This is an even stronger death pattern. (For details, read Double Patterns On Hair Mineral Analyses.)


7/24/22. Our client with sickle cell disease, Daniel, continues to do very well. He has not visited a hospital in five years and is symptom-free unless he overdoes. Then gets mild symptoms and needs to rest.

We are learning that sickle cell disease may not really be a disease. It is a genetic trait that produces a very sensitive human being. Due to the toxicity of the planet at this time, these people cannot tolerate the planet well and easily become ill. The trait is known to protect against malaria and perhaps against other diseases.

If you know anyone with sickle cell disease, we can help. Also, we would like to work with more cases for research purposes. Our foundation, The Center For Development, may also be able to help support a child or woman up to the age of 30 if the person cannot afford the program. For details, read The Center For Development and Sickle-Cell Disease.


7/24/22. To keep women from speaking about their rapes and beatings, the Rogues may actually poke the eyes out, break or crush bones or other horrible tortures. Then they make the woman repeat that she will never tell anyone about the rapes.

Then they rewind the body, putting it back together before her eyes! They tell the woman that if she ever tells, they will hurt her again and not rewind it. For details, read Rewind Technology.


7/24/22. We just learned that each person has advanced brain centers with names like Thy Will, The Kingdom Of Heaven, and House Of The Lord.

These centers are located deep in the brain and have to do with spiritual qualities. The Rogues damage these centers. The development program helps open, enlarge and heal these brain centers.

There are also brain centers named after the 72 names of God mentioned in the Kabalah. They also have to do with spiritual qualities of a human being.


7/23/22. I am told there are souls that assess how safe a person is, especially one's safety from the men. These souls call themselves safety souls. You can ask for them. To stay safe, they recommend:

1) The development program (and not other programs). Follow the development program very well, including do at least two coffee enemas each day. These will move you to a higher and safer level of creation. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

2) Prayer. Each day, pray for hours for the earth and for all her people. Don't pray for yourself. For details, read Prayer and The Lord's Prayer.

3) Unsexy. Think, act and dress unsexy. For details, read the newly improved article - How And Why To Be Unsexy. This is a very important article.

4) Be unselfish. Think about the welfare of others, not mainly that of yourself. If you do this, you will be taken care of. For details, read Selfishness and Unselfishness.


7/22/22. We updated and improved four older and important articles. They are: 1) How To Succeed With The Development Program, 2) The Twists, Pops, Pulls And Kicks, 3) Progress Indicators On The Development Program, and 4) How To Speed Up Your Progress.


7/21/22. The illegitimate and treasonous American president, Mr. Biden, may announce a “climate change emergency”. However, one needs to know that under the Constitution of the United States, there is no such thing as an emergency.

The idea of emergency powers is not found in the American Constitution and directly violates the Constitution. Declaring emergencies is just an old trick of dictators as an excuse to take away the people's rights. Do not fall for it, whether the excuse is a disease or anything else!

There was legislation passed many years ago giving the American president “emergency powers”. However, all such legislation is thoroughly illegal and unconstitutional.

Mr. Biden is an illegal and treasonous president because he took power while there were pending Supreme Court cases challenging the election results. There was widespread cheating in the 2020 election and there were over 100 lawsuits filed challenging the election.

Most of the cases were never heard in court. This was a very serious treasonous act that should result in the resignation and possibly hanging of all members of the American Supreme Court.

Most Americans do not believe Mr. Biden won the election. Mail-in ballots and voting machines invite cheating and must not be used!

And there is no “climate emergency”. The climate always changes and has NOTHING AT ALL to do with driving your car or 'carbon footprints'. That is all completely false information designed to scare you and restrict your freedom.

The climate of the earth is carefully regulated by large, fine matter beings. They take careful measurements every day to assess the distance from the earth to the sun. Then they adjust the orbit of the earth to maintain the proper warmth of the earth.

If there is a need for an ice age, which, for example, was used to get rid of the dinosaurs on earth, the fine matter beings cause it – not driving a car or burning coal. The car technology is terrible, but it is not the cause of climate change. To read about the mess that is car regulations, read The Regulatory State.

The climate must always be carefully regulated because asteroids, meteors and comets often hit the earth. Even one hit can knock the earth out of its orbit – and that could kill us all quickly.

Another insane idea is that if the earth were to warm up a few degrees, it would be a problem. NO! It would be the most wonderful event!!!! We could grow more food and use much more of the planet.

Just ask the millions of people who live in freezing places such as the Northern United States, Canada, Northern Europe, and most of Asia. Most would welcome some climate change.

Fear mongers say the ice caps would melt and all coastal areas would flood. But this is not necessarily true. The same fine matter beings that regulate the climate also regulate the amount of water on earth. They could remove some water to prevent flooding.

Also, in the past, there have been earthquakes and other events that caused coastal areas to flood. While disruptive, the people moved inland and were okay.

So keep a positive focus on your health and development program, and on helping others. For details about climate, read Global Warming and Climate Change.


7/20/22. This is a difficult time to be alive, especially for women. Much of the problem stems from the group we call the Rogues. There are efforts to get rid of them, but it may take awhile. In the meantime, you can learn to live correctly:

Begin by deciding to say NO to them. You will not go along and be one of their slaves, no matter what they do. We know, this is not an easy decision. But they are terrible masters.

Walk with God. But this is not enough. One must also say YES to God and always walk with God.

This means to always think of God and to talk to God, ask for advice often, listen for advice, and do your best to follow it even if it seems unusual.

It means to shape your life around God's principles: the Ten Commandments, The Golden Rule, and As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. These will help keep you safe.

Do not model your life on the principles of materialism and secularism, false Gods that millions of people worship today.

Walking with God means always strive to help others, and not just to make money or care for yourself. Yes, you must love yourself, but then ask God what to do next.

Then become quiet and often you will hear answers. They won't come from a fancy voice – just simple answers.

If you are not sure about the answers or they don't make sense, ask again and again. The guidance must conform to the principles of the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and As You Sow, So Shall You Reap. For more details, see the messages below.


7/20/22. This principle of behavior is for all boys and men. It means you must always look out for the welfare of girls and women and never use them for selfish purposes. It means protecting them from your own selfishness, and that of others.

It means realizing that women's lives are often somewhat hellish, but the women often cannot talk about it. Real men and boys always strive to make their lives better, not worse.

Five types. There are five types of men, but only the first is decent: 1) Protectors of women, 2) Loose, 3) Opportunists, 4) Predators, and 5) Rapists. All boys and men must make sure they remain in the first category, and none of the others.


7/20/22. Schools, particularly public or government schools, today are often very unwholesome places. They have changed greatly over the past 50 years or so.

There is often bullying, drugs, teaching false doctrines, and wasting a lot of time. There is often real physical danger, especially for girls and even female teachers.

No need for schools. With modern technology, there is no need for schools. The government could pay one parent to remain at home and teach the children everything they need to know. We think and hope that this is the future.

Stay close to God. In the meantime, some children end up in schools. To survive and thrive, always walk with God. Ask sincerely at all times what to do and what not to do.

Remember the wands. These are special fine matter creatures that are placed around a person who helps out our sick planet and her unhealthy people. You want as many of them around you as possible because they will protect you!

Follow the development diet and do the procedures as well as you can. Your brain and body will work better and better until you are so smart you will be amazed. Also, you will gain protection in unusual ways, so just keep it up.

Don't hate. Try not to hate school or to hate anyone, no matter how they treat you. Talk to your parents often about the problems at school and your need to get out.

Do your best to be a light to others and to radiate happy thoughts and real love to others. It does not matter if they respond – just do it. They will feel it.


7/20/22. The crutches. When one begins the development program, the adrenals are usually very nutritionally depleted and toxic. The mineral test may not reveal this because one usually has dozens of crutches.

These are toxic metals and chemicals the body uses to keep the adrenals functioning. An important group of them we call the amigos, or the oxides or irritants. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese, Aluminum And Others.

Improvement. As one follows the development program, the adrenal glands improve. As this occurs, the adrenal ratio, the sodium/magnesium ratio, increases.

But then the body removes a few crutches because they are no longer needed. When this occurs, the adrenal ratio drops down again. So it seems there is no progress, but really you are getting well!

Helping Others. Also, I am told that everyone who follows the development program gets hooked up to all the malnourished people who live around you to help them survive. This is a great service you perform when you follow the development diet.

However, this taxes your adrenal glands to a degree. So it can appear that you are not making good progress, but really you are becoming much healthier - and becoming a light unto the world.


7/19/22. Don has been on the development program for seven years. When he began, his symptoms were insomnia, brain fog, difficulty thinking through problems, very low energy and depression.

Progress. At first, Don did not follow the program too carefully. His progress was somewhat slow. In the past 3 years, he has followed it more closely.

He now reports that he has much better sleep, much more energy, his brain is sharp and he is much happier. He excels at work, where before he had trouble with his job.

His main symptom at this time is frequent urination. This is likely due to the elimination of toxic metals and toxic chemicals. The body wants to get rid of them quickly, so he often has the urge to urinate. It is not a disease and it will likely pass when he eliminates more toxins from the body.

He still gets tired at times, but not as much as before. Development requires a great amount of rest, so periods of fatigue will continue as one develops and heals.

Most recent hair test. Don's new hair mineral test reveals the following patterns:

- Settling down. This is present when the levels of the the first four minerals all decrease or remain the same. One usually feels more relaxed when this pattern is present and it is a positive indicator.

- All down. The levels of ten of certain minerals decreased on this retest. This indicates a building phase of healing. The body often alternates between building and elimination phases of healing during the development program.

- Anchors. The test reveals seven anchor patterns. These indicate deep healing of the brain, specifically a deepening of the sulci and other improvements. Seven anchors on one test is called a new brain pattern.

- Early trauma. This pattern is present when the changes in the levels of the second four minerals occur in a particular way. The iron level decreases, the copper increases, the manganese decreases and the zinc increases. It is movement toward a double low ratio pattern, which is a trauma pattern.

- Calcium elimination. The calcium level almost doubled. This indicates an elimination of toxic or metastatic calcium from the body. This is an excellent pattern.


7/19/22. To help expel the coffee after doing a coffee enema, a trick is to do the pulling down procedure. This will exert a pull downward on the coffee.

At the same time, visualize spinning subtle energy to the right. The muscles of the colon wall naturally impart a right spin when they contract. Visualizing the right spin can help expel more coffee.


7/19/22. The behavior of the police in the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas was nothing short of disgusting. Officers were ordered to wait an hour and half in the hallway outside the classroom where the shooter was shooting before entering and killing the shooter.

One officer, whose daughter was inside the classroom, tried to enter sooner and was restrained by other officers. It was an obvious setup to kill as many children as possible.

I am told that one reason such horrors are allowed by those who run our planet is that they don't like the school system. Children need to be educated at home, not sent off to school.

Many, if not most school shootings could be prevented if the hair mineral test were done on all children and adults with tendencies for violent behavior. Then one could correct imbalances corrected before serious mental problems develop.

We know this because in several shootings, someone had the intelligence to do a hair mineral analysis on the shooter. All of them had a deranged body chemistry. Common imbalances were elevated levels of metals such as iron, manganese, aluminum, lead and/or cadmium.

This is reported in the book, Toxic Metal Syndrome, by H.R. Casdorph and M. Walker, Avery Publishing, 1995, on page 207:

On a warm July afternoon in 1984, James Oliver Huberty opened fire with a rifle at a busy McDonald's Restaurant in San Yisidro, California. He killed 21 and wounded another 19 people.

... Among other tests, the city medical examiner performed an analysis of Mr. Huberty's hair. He found it to contain extraordinarily high levels of lead and cadmium, and an even greater elevation of the essential element manganese.

(The medical examiner's report read that) in fact, the killer's hair mineral analysis “exhibited a trace mineral pattern previously observed only in violent psychopaths”.


7/18/22. A serious problem for millions of people is sensitivity to various foods or supplements. So-called 'leaky gut', which is damage and inflammation of the small intestine, is just one of the causes of this condition.

One of our clients, Arthur, could not eat green beans, broccoli and cauliflower. He also could not take vitamin D.

Eating even a small amount of these foods or supplements gave him severe migraine headaches. They also caused nocturnal emissions, also called wet dreams.

Arthur could also tolerate only 10 minutes of noonday sunshine. More than this caused the appearance of bumps on his skin and nocturnal emissions.

Progress with the development program. Arthur has followed the development program for at least six years. With his most recent hair mineral test, he reports he is now much better able to tolerate foods, vitamin D and sunshine.

Most recent hair mineral test. Important patterns on Arthur's latest mineral analysis are:

- A surge in the levels of sodium and potassium. This is usually due to an elimination of toxic forms of these minerals and is an excellent pattern.

Superphosphates and poisoning with toxic potassium. Toxic potassium poisoning is an enormous problem today that receives very little attention. The cause is the massive use of superphosphate or N-P-K fertilizers on our food, including organic food.

A very serious aspect of poisoning with toxic forms of potassium is that it impairs brain activity and causes a type of immaturity.

Fruit. Another huge problem is that fruit picks up toxic potassium more than other foods. This is one reason we cannot recommend eating fruit today.

For details, read Toxic Potassium – A 'Child' Mineral, Superphosphates, and Organic Agriculture.

The guide creatures. The development program is one of the few ways we know of to remove toxic potassium. We are told its elimination requires the help of several guide creatures, who we are told often assist those who follow the development program faithfully. For details about this unusual phenomenon, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.

- Everything coming out or all out pattern. This is present when the levels of at least six of certain minerals increase on a retest. Nine of these mineral levels increased on Arthur's retest. This indicates much better elimination of toxic metals from the body.

Among the minerals released were iron, manganese and aluminum. When the body releases very irritating oxide forms of these minerals, one often feels much better. For details, read The Amigos – Iron, Manganese and Aluminum.

Toxic metals. Toxic metals cause hundreds of symptoms and “diseases” and are almost completely ignored by most medical and natural healing practitioners. The development program is the best way we know of to eliminate them deeply and safely from the body.

The development program uses more than 20 methods in a coordinated manner to achieve this result. It is far superior to Chelation Therapy, the main method used by both medical and natural healing personnel. We suggest avoiding chelation therapy. For more details, read Toxic Metals.


7/17/22. We have recommended using distilled water for coffee enemas. However, we just became aware that at least some distilled water in the United States contains a subtle nervous system toxin. Until we learn more, we can't recommend using distilled water for enemas or anything else.


7/17/22. Mary is 34 years old. She began the development program eight years ago.

Initial symptoms. These included swelling in the legs, anxiety, poor skin, overweight, fatigue, and muscle tightness, especially in her chest and shoulders. She was sick often, with colds almost every weekend. Holding a job was difficult for her. She also spent three months in a hospital due to a psychotic break.

Initial hair mineral analysis. Mary's first mineral analysis in November 3, 2014 revealed several serious illness patterns:

- Double four lows. Four lows means that the levels of a tetra of minerals are all below their ideal levels. It is a deep exhaustion pattern called two feet in the tunnel of death in advanced acupuncture.

Mary had the pattern on the first four and the second four minerals. Hence the term double four lows. It means it was present at a superficial and at a deeper level of the body.

Four lows is not an easy pattern to emerge from. In Mary's case, the double four lows pattern persisted for six years on the program. Then the superficial layer pattern ended, but the deeper level four lows pattern persisted until more recently.

- Low four lows pattern. This is another poor health indicator. It means that the levels of first four minerals were all very low.

- Low sodium/potassium ratio. This is also a serious illness pattern, especially when combined with the pattern above.

Progress on the program. Mary was serious about the program. Her psychosis improved within a year. Other improvements were gradual.

She became aware of extreme tightness in her chest and shoulders. She went through a number of purification reactions along the way with some nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms.

Most recent hair test – July 2022. This test revealed a number of important healing and development patterns:

- A hill pattern on the first four minerals. This is an achievement and celebration pattern. It is always very positive.

- The phosphorus level increased. We call this pattern perking up. It indicates improvement in the speed of DNA utilization to make all body chemicals. The process of making body chemicals is called biosynthesis.

- A right pivot pattern. This is a visual pattern that is not always easy to see. It indicates a change of mind and insight about oneself and greater self-awareness.

- Ten anchor patterns. Anchor patterns are mineral levels that change very little within certain criteria. This indicates a deepening of the sulci of the brain. Traumas, especially beatings and rapes, flatten the sulci of the brain. This is a serious type of brain damage. Thus anchor patterns are a very excellent sign of healing of the central nervous system.

- Everything coming out pattern with eight minerals. On this retest, the levels of eight minerals are higher. Whenever six more of certain minerals are high, it indicates better toxin elimination. Restoring the body's ability to detoxify is extremely important, so this is a very positive pattern.

- Out of four lows on the second four minerals. The negative pattern called four lows is no longer present on the second four minerals. This is another excellent sign.

- Leaving the cult. This pattern is present when the levels of three or more of certain minerals increase on a retest. Mary's test indicates significant elimination of iron, manganese, chromium and arsenic.

The pattern indicates the release of certain toxic metals or toxic forms of nutrient minerals. These are often placed in the body during beatings and rapes.

- A goalpost pattern. This is a fairly uncommon pattern that indicates an achievement or accomplishing a goal. The name of the pattern comes from its appearance. It looks somewhat like the goalpost of an American football field.

Symptoms. Mary reports she feels quite well most of the time. She is much happier and much calmer, with no anxiety or worrying. She can think much better and can easily hold a job, which was previously difficult. She still feels some old tightness in her chest and shoulders, but no other symptoms.


7/16/22. In an earlier post we said one can use some coffee grounds to enhance coffee enemas. We just learned it is best not to do this. The grounds are somewhat toxic.


7/16/22. I am aware that my telephone and email are controlled, and some people cannot contact me. I don't know how or by whom this is done, but I pray that it stops.


7/16/22. The following are the most important parts of the case history presented two days ago. We believe this is a better way to explain what a number of women are experiencing:

Flashbacks. These are flashes of memory of beatings and encounters with ugly, filthy, disgusting, large men who pull off one's clothes, tie one up and rape the person for hours with penises and with strange machines. Here are more details.

The tube.They use a device that they call the tube. It is an electric vibrator that they put inside the vagina. It vibrates very powerfully until one's whole body shakes uncontrollably.

The plungers and drills. Other devices are massagers, plungers and an electric drill with a thick metal tube instead of a drill bit. They carefully insert this in the vagina and turn on the drill, changing directions every few minutes. At first it is pleasurable but then it turns very painful and causes a lot of bleeding.

Knives. They also cut the women with knives until they bleed all over. Then they make it worse by pouring stinky, warm animal blood all over them. The men may explain that it is the pig blood from the garden store. It is blood meal that they mix with warm water.

Why? Women wonder why anyone would do such a thing? They may be told it s to keep her in a state of fear and terror for the rest of her life.

The men may say they have to do it to control the women of planet earth so they can maintain control. When asked who they are, they say they are sats, which is short for satans. They say they came from a distant planet and they are our masters. For details, read The Sats.


Vaginal pain. Some women report the appearance of sudden pain in the vaginal area that can be so intense one falls down. It comes in the form of attacks of pain, all of a sudden, that pass in a few minutes.

They know it has to do with the flashbacks of the rapes. The satans torture this area of the body the most with rapes and with violent machines that twist the area until it bleeds. Some methods give great sexual pleasure, while others just inflict pain.

Headaches. This is another common symptom that can be part of the purification reactions associated with trauma release. They may have to do with copper toxicity or a copper elimination. Copper buildup in the body is associated with fear. Many women and men have too much biounavailable copper in their bodies. As some is released, one can develop a headache.

Bone pain. Another symptom is pain in the bones. The satans said they need to beat the women all over so that they will forget the rapes and beatings. It is a brainwashing technique.

The beatings are worse than the rapes – much more painful and seem never to end. The strange men watch and continue the beatings until the women lose consciousness and almost die.

Bone pain can be due to the elimination of toxic metals such as lead and cadmium. Cadmium builds up on the coverings of the bones, among other places.

Doom. Another symptom is a sense of impending death. The satans said they like this feeling, so they cultivate it in their slaves, which they call us.

Itching and the grease. Another symptom is severe itching all over the body. Several women report that whenever the men grab them, which can occur anywhere – even while walking down the street – they first strip off their clothes and then they rub grease all over the body.

The grease smells like automotive grease. The men may say it is very similar. They may also say it is a poison designed to quiet her down so they can do what they have to do.

They apply the grease everywhere, even in the eyes, which burn for hours afterwards. They also put it in her hair and deep inside the vagina, where it also burns. It is a dark color and absolutely disgusting. They can use up an entire can of grease for each rape and beating.

Afterwards, they rub it off very roughly with towels, which they throw away. But one leaves greasy and filthy and it takes a few days to clean up. Then one tends to forget the whole incident.


At first, these symptoms are so horrifying they seem unreal. However, as the flashbacks continue, one realizes something did happen and it is the cause of many symptoms. This can be even more frightening because somehow the men erase one's memory of the events.

The men also tell the women while beating them that they must never speak about these events to anyone, not even her husband, or they will kill them immediately. They are told this many times, accompanied by gruesome “deaths”.

The “deaths”. These are sort of imitations of what will happen if the women ever tell anyone about the beatings and rapes, or if they disobey orders.

The “deaths” include freezing, burning, drowning, stabbing, even being being flushed down a toilet. There are over 100 of these “deaths”.

The orders the women are given always include that the women must undress and have sex with whomever the men tell them - anytime, anywhere and with anyone. They must also go along with the beatings and try to enjoy them.

The women also realize that the men come and go at will using sophisticated beaming technology or something similar. This is also frightening to imagine.

They may also realize that it is true – the earth women are purely slaves of these men. They are beaten and raped at will and nothing seems to stop it.


Common mineral patterns include elevated copper, an elevated calcium/magnesium ratio, a calcium shell, double low ratio pattern, and high levels of many toxic metals.


As one stays with the development program, severe fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog and other symptoms improve and one becomes much happier.

Back to life. The feeling of impending death also goes away – quite an amazing difference. The women also smell better and look much healthier. For more details, read Rape, Healing Rape and The Rape Planet.


7/15/22. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT POST. Lots of rest and sleep are absolutely essential for healing and development. The basics are:

- Adults need at least eight and preferably nine or ten hours of sleep each night. Children need this much or more.

- Go to bed between 8 and 9 PM. Do not stay up late. The hours before midnight are excellent for sleep. If you are a night owl, begin now to go bed earlier. For many more details, read Rest And Sleep.


7/14/22. We took down the case history of yesterday and will present it as an opinion piece instead. This is because although it is all true, it came from souls and is thus difficult to verify.


7/13/22. We are learning about pressure-assisted toilets. They flush better and would probably be helpful when doing coffee enemas to keep the toilet cleaner.

Also, I am told that coffee in the colon helps move the entire body to a higher level of reality. This is one reason the enemas work and the reason they seem to help our clients to be free of the visits by the rogue rapists.


7/12/22. If you don't feel well on the development program, there are several possibilities. You may be retracing an infection, a trauma, or toxic metal poisoning. The body may also be changing in some other way that causes fatigue, anxiety or other symptoms.

It is often best to stop taking your supplements in these instances. The reasons are:

1. Supplements are often not needed during healing or purification reactions.

2. Your body chemistry may have changed. Your supplement program is no longer correct and needs updating.

3. Continuing supplements may push you along faster than is ideal, causing more discomfort.

For many more details, read Tips For Taking Nutritional Supplements. We just updated and improved this article.

We also cleaned up and corrected the article, The Sun And Your Health. However, the article will be even better in a few days.